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Advice needed for disciplinary

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Just looking for some advice.

I have a disciplinary this week which I don’t feel is fair, and havearranged for someone from my union (joined after having previous issues withthis company!) to accompany me.

Basically, I had issues last year surrounding sickness. My boss took asudden dislike to my sickness and tried withholding pay etc, even though theyhad never followed a return to work progress or warned me in advance. Longstory short, I raised a Grievance, and was told I was in the wrong. I appealedthe decision and it went in my favour. Boss got a bit of a telling off for notfollowing the process.

At the time, I detested coming to work as it was a long drawn out process of4-5 months where my boss made life hell. He knew I was suffering with healthissues, but seems he set out to make these worse.

Several months down the line, one of my colleagues was promoted to senior,and management now comes through him.

As you can imagine, objectives given to me were not the top of my to do listlast year and I failed to achieve these, resulting in having to go on an"improvement" plan to improve performance.

I had also failed objectives the year before, but because the boss took adislike he never bothered following the process, leading to me failing themagain.

The plan started in April this year, and was supposed to last 12 weeks.every 4 weeks a review should be held and decided at the time whether I havemade sufficient improvement. If sufficient I carry on to 12 weeks. Ifinsufficient I should be sent for a disciplinary. 4 weeks = first warning 8weeks = final warning 12 weeks = dismissal.

So I started this in April, had some objectives set and dates set forreviews.

In my reviews - for every objective he always found something to moan aboutor hold against me. I put the time and effort in to improve, but he wouldalways say "you’ve done well on this, but you could have done that as well"etc etc

He would contradict himself ALL the time - ie "why did you send thatout without getting me to review it" then contradicting another time with"you’re at the level where you shouldnt be asking me to reviewthings".

Despite this, I was making progress and he couldnt argue with this. However he was a bit Jekyll and Hyde. I had weekly catchups with him on top of thereviews, where we also had to go through the objective plan. He would changeweek to week his take on things "your not putting much effort in onthis/doing the bare minimum" to "oh your doing really well on thatone"

So fast forward to now, and I had my 12 week review. I never heard back at 4or 8 weeks whether I had "passed" or "failed" and as such Inever had any disciplinarys.

In my final 12 week review, he picked up on any little thing he could. eg"Oh good job you havent been late to work once, but why are you onlyarriving / leaving 5 minutes before your shift.... you should be showingwilling and working 20 minutes before and after".

I did jobs which took other people 6 weeks to complete - it took me 2 weeksbut "I could have done better and done it faster” The same guy telling methis took over 6 weeks!

I did work which other people passed onto a 3rd party. I took the time to doit myself "Well done, but you should have done this as well"

Everything I did, he counteracted with something which he usually pluckedfrom thin air.

During the 12 week process, he has been rude, ignored requests for help, anddone anything he can to make my life hell.

We are expected to work on call one in every 5 weeks. He would give menotice sometimes 1 or 2 weeks in advance (always used to be a yearly rota) andnot allow me to change or alter if I had things planned that weekend.

He also suggested I should cancel my holidays and any prebooked leave during the 12 week process

He is very good at "pot calling the kettle black" as he would pickme up for not replying to emails sent 5 minutes before I finish, or even 20minutes after I have finished until the next day. Yet I sent him emails askingfor XYZ, and would ask him the week after if he has seen this email.... hisreply "I havent seen it yet".

I was also laughed at for not understanding how something worked, andridiculed eg "Ill draw you a pretty picture". Yet someone else in theteam asked the same question and was explained politely with no question.

My feeling is this guy is out to get me because he took offence when theboss asked me to do something which he wanted to do before he was promoted. Theguy was well known for been late / swearing at people / kicking doors etcbefore the promotion, but he is friends with the boss!

My honest feeling is 3 of the 5 objectives were clear passes. He marked medown as fail on one for the tiniest little thing he could. The other two hemarked as "only just pass" .

The other 2 I had a feeling might fail as I hadnt had time to finish these -although I made every effort I could to. However the week before my review hesaid "you should be OK with those as youve put lots of effort in on theother main objective" guess what though.... he failed me.

Our objectives are usually scored eg 10 points max – 5 points or more is apass, less is a fail. I asked for the scoring for these objectives and he said he“didn’t have to give me these”

I work on a remote site away from boss, and there should be two of us doingmy job. The other guy was sacked last year (by the same senior - who took adislike to him) and I have been on my own ever since as they have struggled toeven find anyone to interview. My feeling is they are either:

Giving me this one disciplinary so a warning is on my file, making it harderfor me to find another job (which they are aware I am trying).

Take it all the way to a final warning so they can easily get rid of me oncethey do find someone else.

I also think my age is a factor. I am the youngest in the team by approx 10years or so, and the way he speaks to me/the way my review is written etc... Iknow he would not do this if I was 10 years older.


So now the old boss (above the senior) is holding myDisciplinary. I know he has had input into these objectives and the finalreview and has already decided I have failed, so I don’t see how this can befair at all…. The disciplinary should decide whether action should be taken ornot etc. He has already decided this, as he had the overall say.



Any help or advice appreciated.

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