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Paypal Case resolution - please help. ***Resolved***


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Hi All


any help would be appreciated.


I have purchased an item on ebay, and the seller asked for payment by Bank transfer.


I (stupidly) sent him £260 from my nationwide account.


He then gave me a fake tracking number for the item, and of course nothing arrived.


I have contacted him about this, telling him I will contact the police etc and he could not give a flying..


. To be fair his English makes me wonder if he is about 7 years old.


contacted my bank.

Won't help, cannot get the money back.


I mean I am guessing my money is gone. Forever.

But I have this guys details from ebay, all the emails, what can I do?


I don't want him to get away with it..

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straight away file a complaint via your ebay account if its within the 30 days of the sale,


choose that the item has not arrived,

if it gives you the option to escalate straight away then do so.


also if you are on twitter,

get in touch with @askebay give them the auction number when you bought the item,

tell them in short whats happened. and ask them to help you with the fraud.


also go and take screen shots of ANY communication you have gained from them and a screen shot of the auction item when you purchased it.


all evidence is helpeful, especially if and when you wish to give more evidence to ebay or more specifically the small claims courts.


and just so you know, ive dealt with buyers and sellers via bank account payment so far not an issue. so ont let that scare you away from other decent sellers, but take this as a learning experience.

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Ok, I have just emailed ebay as they won't let me open a case until 2nd August... I have no clue why, the item said 3-5 day delivery.


I hope they will be able to assist in some way. I wish I could track him down myself. He told me his Dad is in the police originally so he would never do this. GRRRRR

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Ok, I have just emailed ebay as they won't let me open a case until 2nd August... I have no clue why, the item said 3-5 day delivery.


I hope they will be able to assist in some way. I wish I could track him down myself. He told me his Dad is in the police originally so he would never do this. GRRRRR


Maybe you are jumping the gun a bit, don't mean to be rude...


Could be a genuine mistake, I had the same issue today and it turned out that Royal mail hadn't updated their website: The item was dispatched ok... just a thought.


Ebay... Same again, You cant open a case until the 8th day, the reason for this is so you both can argue the toss... if no resolution is agreed between each party then they will play judge Judy.... they are very fair. its the waiting game am afraid


Hope this helps.. I speak from experience. :-x

Abbey Settled 3,600:cool:


Just started battle with


Virgin CC





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Oh! hang on, i thought by the way you were wording it that this seller had done you over after a week etc.


so how longs it been since you bought the item?


i had a recent experience with a seller who no matter what i did would not answer messages, then at the last moment answered the message with a very short but "answered" the question.


when i had an issue with the item, again had a major issue with the seller responding, and took them 3 weeks to respond but only durn the time i had filed a complaint.


now im not saying this is whats happening with you, but thats my recent experience as per "communication" goes.


you also need to understand ebays message system can at times fail, ie messages on both ends may not get though.


check the sellers description to see if they have supplied an email adress/ phone number, and give them a bit of communication, but remember dont take the few they have stuffed you over. be polite, especially if you have literally only just bought the item within the week.


oh and on another bit of communication but this time as per me as the seller. the buyer was incredibly patient, not my fault with the delivery delays, it was all royal mail. I had sent an item 1st class recorded, and took the blooming thing 3 weeks to arrive.

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Hi Again


Ok, so this guy has 0 feedback. He also gave me a tracking number for something sent 2 months ago internationally.


He went on to tell me it must be a mistake on the royal mail receipt. I am not buying that.. They don't print the wrong tracking number.


Plus its now 5 days since I heard anything from the idiot. Despite repeated emails. I have been emailing him direct.


I have his address from ebay, but all it says is his name, and edinburgh. No use.

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General rule of eBay - Avoid sellers that have 0 feedback, especially if they want you to transfer money directly to them. It's most likely a sc am, eBay can't recover your money. This guy is probably only replying to hold back eBay from closing his account, likely doing this to other people.

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Ok, so the item has now been removed by ebay. So the item number comes up blank.


Ebay have replied to me basically to say, the money is gone, nothing they can do, they dont care, this happens.


I figured that was coming. His account is not banned however. I am seething..

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This guy is full of it. He just emailed me back, first time in days, to say 'I got the police on it'




I am losing my cool. This is RIDICULOUS.

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I cant figure out how to add a screenshot... But this is the email trail:




Royal mail says that i never posted anything so i got police


Sent from my Xperia™ smartphone




How can you have the police on it.


If you had sent it, all you would need to do is take the receipt to royal mail and get the money compensated.


You can't send the police on Royal mail that makes no sense.


Please can you refund me. Now.


I sent you 260 quid of my money and I want it back.


Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2014 11:50:43 +0100

Subject: RE: Action

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

To: ME


I have told you i have the police on it


Sent from my Xperia™ smartphone




I am not going to hear anything else from you then?


From: ME

To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subject: RE: Action

Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2014 21:06:43 +0100




Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2014 14:11:37 +0100

Subject: RE: Action

From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Not as yet my dad is working just now im going back way him as he is a police officer he will get ti the bottom of it


Sent from my Xperia™ smartphone


Me wrote:




Any news?

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can i just say that there seems to be a huge chip on your shoulder with all this. instead of taking a step back and trying to see it with a clear head, you are automatically accusing, saying ebay is rubbish etc and so fourth. which i understand dont get me wrong, but thats wrong in a respect that you will just annoy yourself and wont help you deal with the situation.


yes maybe this is a kid that you are dealing with, but your reactions to him isnt going to help matters, you in a way need to give them a false confidence just to get what you are after. think ahead instead of reacting like they just slapped you in the face.


ask them for a direct contact number with his dad, or his dads police station.


and im still waiting for the item number.


also where the message from ebay.


facebook is handy, but you still need to try remain calm instead of being naffed off as it simply wont help you try solve things.

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Hi messedaround


Report the matter to Action Fraud.




Get a reference number from then. Contact the 'idiot' tell him the matter is with the police.


Write to your bank ask them for the banking details of the 'idiot' so you can forward a letter to him through his bank. This person needs to know that you are closing in on them.


You can feed this all back to Action Fraud. You probably aren't the only victim.

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well the item number must be missing a digit etc because it comes up with nothing, and if ebay took it down you would be told this and not just be given a "no results" in the search bar like i just gained.


go back to your purchases and locate the item, click the item and get the number from that.


so ebay havent said go F yourself etc like you said that they pretty much did. they have stated because you didnt pay via paypal they can not refund you straight away or at all under their 30 day money back gaurentee. they also cna not help at this time in reporting it to the police, but i think thats normal for them.


I still havent been told when you bought the item. But you can tell us this when you come back with the actual auction number.


what you can also do is contact your bank and request them to gain as much information via fraud to the person you paid via the transaction.

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I am feeling some hostility from you, which is odd. To be honest, I feel perfectly within reason to be unhappy.


Anyway, that is the auction number, as it also appears in the chat. If you google it, it comes up as a cached page but then does not take you to the item as ebay have removed it.


I paid on July 2nd. I will contact my bank again, and see what they can find out. I will also file with action fraud.


I know you are trying to say maybe this guy is just being slow or is not answering correctly, but I am sorry he is not being honest.


I sent him the money, he then gave me a tracking number for something sent weeks ago overseas. When I try and get any sense out of him he comes back with utter rubbish I mean its simple really, if he never had it I would be happy with my money back, alternatively if he sent it as he says, he would have a proof of postage, which he does not have.

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like i said you need the number from your own ebay account where your purchases are, simply fact we all mess up at times and either you gave ebay the wrong number or ebay gave you the wrong number. but the fact is the number is incorrect.


and for you to have proof of a purchase , you need to show you have proof you even bought the item and paid for it, especially in small claims court.


hence why im stating how you find this number.


and if my helpful advice to you about this number is considered hostile, then ill stay like that as its very useful helpful advice and nothing else.


"but I am sorry he is not being honest" and from an outsider, to be honest neither are you. but thats just because things arent adding up, specially over the item number. and it has only been 7 days, 5 of which are only working days and the 7th day being today, so i would say chill out a bit as its not like i originally thought which was 30 days later.

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That really is the item number..


Have you tried googling it? When you google it it comes up with 'Sony PlayStation 4 (Latest Model)- Killzone Shadow Fall ...

Video Games & Consoles › Consoles

Postage and payments. eBay item number: 201119832782. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Last updated on 30 Jun, 2014 23:03:14 BST View all ...'


But then when you click it, it says 'item 201119832782 is no longer available.'


Also, on my ebay purchase page it says '(201119832782)

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx| 0

Sale date: 02/07/14

Tracking number: --

We had to remove this listing from the site and you're not required to complete the transaction. If you've already sent payment, the sale should process as normal and you don't have anything to worry about. If you have any questions about delivery, please check tracking or contact your seller. If you run into any trouble along the way eBay is here to help. Please visit the Resolution Center to help resolve any problems you may encounter.'


To be honest, it is not the fact that it is a short (ish) amount of time that has passed, but before I bought it, he said it would be sent same day via 24 hour courier.. Plus his answers..

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Ok, think this is where ebay have screwed up...which considering what they have been doign with feedback im not shocked.


it seems to me as if they have gotten rid of his account but at the same time they have now restricted you acess to their details.


go to the purchases and click the item you bought if its still there, if its still there take a screen shot of it, and if they have left contact details, take a shot of that aswell.


you will certainly need to deal with this as per fraud and work with your bank as ebay are also known to be incredibly difficult by saying that you need to go via the courts to get them to help with details.


normally when they take an item down its a totally different page.

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The items still appear in the search. (Top result).



Was his username xxxxxxxxxxxxx?


Looks like they deleted / blocked his account.




Google search of his username also shows a laptop he sold (Although the item also was removed)


Can you let us know what the sort code was you sent the money to? Could be useful in finding out the location?

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