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    • So with a long working history, which she can evidence, it should not be a problem. Still have to go though HRT process for any benefit application, if they have been out of the UK for more than 6 weeks. It won't be a smooth process though. Suggest they try to get advice via Embassy, before they start any journey.
    • Dep Thx Eric's Brother. There was a person on this forum who told me his case was thrown out at the same court because of the contract. I requested more info, but he has disappeared since his case was dismissed.  I was just wondering whether it was worth whacking off a letter to IPS pointing out one of their members, using their logo, is making a claim based on illegal signage and other issues in contravention of their Code of Practice. Would they lean on VCS to withdraw, do you think?
    • Mother and father worked here and then went to SA in about 1978 returning to UK in about 1996 and worked here until 2016 when her husband died at age 66.  He was still working at the time.  She then went to live with daughter in SA.  Mother only claims for her pension. 
    • Thanks, I owe the money, no issue with that, I will SAR the company.  If I need to just pay it and have the CCJ for a few years so be it.  Just thought I'd explore all options
    • By the way you wrote that post, i can see that you are as confused by the situation as someone reading it. Important advice must be not to pay for any flights etc, until they understand the situation fully. Those that have British passports could be entitled to receive UK benefits. However, nothing is that straightforward. The passport does guarantee anything. The daughter could be entitled to Universal Credit ( which includes housing) as a British passport holder, but this can only be confirmed when she has gone through the Habitual Residency test (HRT). So you will need to read about HRT for British passport holders returning to the UK. There will be requirements to provide information about why they are returning to the UK and what work searches have they done to find work on their return to the UK. In regard to the mother who has a British passport, you will be correct in presuming that no council is going to be helpful in paying for the care home fees immediately on arrival in the UK. When did the mother last live in the UK ? When did the mother last work in the UK ? British embassy in South Africa may be able to provide information and assist with applications ? Just getting on a plane, landing in the UK and expecting help to resolve their situation, would be a silly thing to do. I can see the mother ending up in an NHS hospital for a period, while people wondered how they were going to deal with the situation. Probably not the first to do this, but if the mother also has a South African passport, they could put her on a plane back to SA and then the Daughter would be a difficult situation. Embassy in South Africa must be first place of advice.
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Well I have started as off 3 o clock today it will be 6 days .



I decided to quit because Tescos were now charging 9.25 for a pack of 20 ,so off to the doctors and we started on the patches . I must admit they were useless since I was doing as lot of hiking to get myself fit after a back op . hey kept on sleeping off so had a relapse.

Back to the clinic again and they suggested lozenge and the pipe thingy . Tried the lozenge and it seems to suit me . I am already feeling the benefits last sunday I walked up Leith hill and nearly collapsed at the top this Sunday I managed it to the top with a quick breather.



One thing I would point out it might be cheaper for you to pick yp your NRT at the supermarket since my doctors gave me 36 lozenges for £8.10 and went into tescos and they had 96 for £12 . Also they had some deals on the other NRT. I have also taking up hiking which I gave up years ago after my back problems and I am finding that I can do longer and longer hikes . Finally I must admit at the moment I can smell a cigarette at 200 paces at the moment



I was smoking over 30 a day and I am already seeing the benefits I was able to spend quite a bit of money on my niece and nephew when they went to LEGOLAND (They were very happy)



What im saying is never give up get your family to support you as well

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good luck, keep at it. it can be done. you've noticed already the difference. :)

(still no cigs for me (18 mths) :) but, i still do have the odd cigar :sad:)




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still going , funny thing is I am not drinking anywhere near the same amount of coca cola that I did (Mostly drinking water)

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still going strong . mind you this last week was a bit tougher than the other weeks due to the other guy a smoker .

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