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power steering failure - rac warranty

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Hi All,


I am just pre-empting a problem I think I might have!.


Bought a car in Feb, came with 3 months dealer warranty and 6 months RAC warranty.


The steering was heavier than my last car, but it's a 7 seater where my last car was only a 5 so put it down to it being a bigger heavier car.


Then noticed a few weeks ago that the steering was bit heavier, thought maybe I was imagining it, it was a hot day, I was tired, put it down to me just being tired!


Then 2 weeks ago I tried to do a 3 point turn and got stuck in the road, then couldn't parrallel park either .


Phoned the RAC and they told me that the power steering was covered and to take it to a VAT reg garage. I took it back to where I bought it from as it was closest and they have their own garage.


Left it with them, they drove it down the road and back and then told me nothing was wrong, I explained that it was heavy on slow manouveres such as parking or 3 point turns!.


They checked again and called me back to say the power steering pump was failing. They said they would have to get authorisation fomr the warranty co for the part etc.


So they said they'd get back to me.


They got back to me said the repair was authorised and they would do it, they told me it would take a day, 3 days later it was still not done. Told them I really needed the car back, they said the car was fixed but they were waiting for authorisation from the warranty co for the other 2 parts that the car needed. They said they could not release the car to me as who is going to pay for it?


Told them that I did not know about the other two parts! they told me that they replaced the pump but then had to do the rack and something else (i didn't catch it).


Told them I need the car, they told me one day and they had it for 3, I needed it for the weekend.


They said they'd call me back, which they did on Friday. They said they would let me take it but that I have to understand that if the warranty co don't pay then I will have to!


I said there shouldn't be a problem with the warranty should there? but they siad they did not know.


I picked the car up on friday and they said they would call me today and let me know.


Now here is the problem - the steering is still not right, it felt fine when I picked it up, it was a relief to be able to turn round etc, but on sunday I went to go out and when I turned the wheel there was loud high pitch whirring noise, the steering wheel shudders back and forth, I drove down the road and back, and even going in a straight line the is a loudloud high pitch whirring noise. Turning right and the whirring is loud and the sterring whell shudders, you can also hear the whirring in time with the shuddering wheel. so came home.


I am very worried about this now, it feels all wrong. But I am worried that if i take it back to the garage and the warranty co say they will not cover the repair that they've already done, then they will again not let me take it till I have paid.


I have NO MONEY for this repair, as far as I was concerned it was covered by the RAC warranty, they should not have done more than they were approved for, assuming that I would pay.


Any advise please. It need to go back, as it's not fixed but I'm afraid they will hang on to it if the warranty co do not cough up!



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It sounds like the power steering belt needs adjusting a bit tighter that's all. Is the screeching worse when you turn corners? And improving as the car warms up?

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Hi Oddjob


Thanks for replying


Yes, definatley worse when turning corners, not sure about after it's warmed up as I was scared to go too far! But what about the shuddering in the steering wheel?


Also any thoughts about the issue of who pays for the repair, warranty co or me?

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on some cars they are self bleeding to do this start the engine and turn the steering fully to the right then to the left do this about 6 times and see if it helps.

iam presuming there is fluid in the system.

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Hi All,


Just to let you know, I tried Zumbanikki's suggestion last night but I'm afraid it didn't help, but thanks for trying Zumbanikki! :-)


I took the car back to the garage this morning and made them come to the car and I showed them excatly what it was doing, before they had just taken the keys and I left, but this time I pointed it out to two mechanics, both stood there and said that it wasn't right, apologised and said they'd get it sorted. There is also movement and a clicking noise when you move the steering wheel bit to the left or right, like there is something loose!. You can hear the whinning noise even when it's not moving, and when driving in a straight line the whinning gets higher ptiched the faster you go!


It's all a bit weird - I'm not a mechanic, but it sounds like there's a giant sewing machine in the engine!


They have still not said anything about the warrnty covering the whole of the initial repair, so I assume there's no problem.

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No matter who pays for the work to be done, you must ask for an invoice showing the work done and the parts replaced. This is part of the cars service history and will help you when you come to sell it, you are entitled to it.



Ask them what are the two other parts they have replaced, they have an obligation to tell you and if you ask, show you.

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Hi Conniff I will make sure I get a brekdown of what's been done definately.


Just called them today, they told yesterday that it was the steering rack that was the problem and what was making the whinning noise (this was the secodn part which had supposedly already been replaced!) and they ordered a new one which would arrive this morning and so car should be ready this afternoon, told me to call after 2pm.


I rang at about 3pm and was told that they have ordered yet another part! and it will come tomorrow morning.


He was the guy that I showed the problem yesterday and he said he was sorry it was taking so long to sort out and they really want to get it right for me and appreciated my patience which was fine but I am now assuming that none of this is going to be payable my me because surely a garage doing work always rings you beofre ordering parts etc to tell you how much it will be before fitting anything etc so you can say not too.


This has always been the case when I took my old car for services or MOT's, they rang to say it needed something doing and how much it would be and I would give the go ahead.


I am just worried about them calling tomorrow and telling me that I have a big bill to pay!


What do you think?

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Sigh* Called them yesterday, another part is needed whcih they are going to go and pick up as delivery will take too long, I have told them I need my car back today!! I hate sitting around on the weekend, I have kids and they need to get out and about.


They have promised that it will be ready this afternoon.


So bored of this now!

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Hi zumbanikki,


I'm afraid not!. Called them today around 2pm, they told me they were on it now and would be ready to go later today.


I called back at 5.15 and they told me it was nearly done but they don't have time to test drive it, so I'll have to pick it up tomorrow morning! So annoying 😞

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