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£5000 littlewoods debt!!!

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Hello, I'm pretty new to this kind of thing but I'm in a serious mess.


I've read up about what options are available to me regarding this debt of £5000 due to redundancy at work and I need to know how I can tackle it in a proper manner.


I have led an underprivilaged life so when I was accepted with littlewoods I did go on a mad spending spree but was always able to keep up my payments, at the time of redundancy I only owe'd alittle over £2000 and in recent months they have added interest on buy now pay later purchases which have evidently pushed my debt upto a huge £5000, I am now overdrawn with them by about £50 due to penalty charges ect. I am since claiming benefits which due to my age is a minor £140 a fortnight which is barely enough to sustain an average lifestyle.


I have tried to reason with them over the phone by explaining my situation but they insist that I need to pay a minimum of £165 on a temporary repayment plan, they have since passed this debt onto a DCA and they are now requesting the amount again but I insist I am unable to pay so they suggested I should get a form with my in-goings and outgoings on and submit it to them by post. I receive phone calls daily requesting money and paperwork almost every week or so.


I have contacted a debt charity and they are sending me the forms I can use to submit to littlewoods but I have no idea what I'm doing or how things are going to pan out.


I have always been quite good with money and have never really had a skidmark on my credit score untill now, because of the gravity of the debt I am scared this will goto court and things will get harder and evidently cripple my credit score in the long run.


I need some advice and assistance with this matter if anybody is willing to help me, I would really appreciate the advice, obviously not having done anything like this before I am left shaken and worried about the outcome and I feel like I have no support from littlewoods considering my circumstances. Redundancy is an unforseen occurrance and they share no sympathy or empathy to my cause.


Please help!

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Hi ali and welcome to CAG


I have moved your thread to the correct forum.





We could do with some help from you.



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First of all dont panic, this is not as bad as it seems. the penalty cahrges are unenforceable so you wont have to pay them in the long run. write to them offering a repayment of £xx per month, to be reviewed when your circumstances change and tell them that they are to only communicate in writing otherwise you will treat an phone calls as harassment and report them as such. tell them that applies to any debt collectors they wish to pass your details on to as well.

If they reject the offer you make they would be very fooloish to try anything else to recover more money as you cannot pay what you dont have. I wouldnt send them an income and expenditure statement as theat again takes the power of what you pay out of your hands to a certain degree. Just tell them that this is all you can afford at the moment.

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