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    • I've complied this draft letter. What are your thoughts?. Can they during this time put anything in place to get any court proceedings so i would have to travel to Wales?. Check out the Compton Group LTD who are their litigation team. Thanks and good morning. 20th letter dtw pdf.pdf
    • I'm trying to work this out as I go along. The first thing to do is to think about this not as a car – but simply as a £value. This is especially so as you have said that it is not a rare BMW. This means that you could purchase another one and it would mean just the same to you. You bought the car for £16,000 – and presumably that was the value you gave to the insurance when you bought the policy – is that correct? If that is the value you gave to the insurer then on my understanding of these things, that is the maximum you would be entitled to claim. This is the amount you got so although you lost the car (£16,000), it was fully replaced by the payment of £16,000 – minus, of course, the excess – but that was part of the deal anyway. I've looked at the RAC website for the meaning of the various categories - https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/buying-and-selling-guides/changes-to-insurance-write-off-categories/   I see that a Cat S means that there could be structural damage. Cat B means that the car must be broken for parts. You say you would like to get the car back because you consider that it can be repaired. Personally I think I would be very worried about this because if there has been one inspection which is rated it as a breaker and the second one rates it as having possible structural damage – but repairable – it seems to me that there is a huge risk involved. Supposing you got the car back and proceeded to repair it but in fact found that there was some structural distortion so that the geometry of the car made it difficult to drive. You would then have a real lemon on your hands – and of course you would have allowed a fair amount of money and trouble into getting it going. Apart from the fact that Hastings behaviour is all rather suspicious – I'm struggling to see what loss you have taken on this. You would have had to pay the excess anyway – in any event. You have now received £16,000 payment so you are in a zero-loss situation and you could simply go out and hunt around for another car for the same money. The only thing that I could see which could complicate matters is if you come back and tell us that in fact the car was a huge bargain and that it would cost you more than £16,000 to replace it. But in that case I would have to ask why did you only insure it for £16,000? The second complicating factor might be that in the four months that you had it, he spent a lot of money on improvements and you have managed to recover that. Maybe you could let us have your comments on this and also let me know if there is anything which I've misunderstood  
    • Well today is the 20th so let us know if you have had a disclosure by the end of the day.   Of course you can bring a claim for breach of statutory duty – but in order for it to be a small claim you would have to claim an amount in financial compensation. Luckily under the data protection laws you can claim for distress without having to prove any physical damage or economic loss. I happen to know that you have some experience of bringing a successful data protection claim in the past - which was settled quite advantageously out-of-court. If you want to bring a small claim then I would suggest that you would have to alleged the distress and claim for, say, £50 – but it is a bit early to do this. You certainly would have to send them a letter of claim and give them 14 days.
    • What is the name of the car dealership please – I think you have already been asked this. Also, didn't you record the call? You've been here since 2006 and our customer services guide has been around since almost that time. It is always going to be very difficult to get hold of a recording of a conversation which Incriminates the company that you are trying to retrieve it from.
    • Hi.   While we're waiting for the experts, can I ask a couple of questions please?   Can you tell us which documents you've returned to the police? I assume you've admitted to being the driver.   Are you saying you were never asked to produce your licence and insurance at a police station? I don't know if it's still called an HORT/1 but that's what I was given when I needed to show documentation.   I've put some numbering into your first post for the various points you've raised.   HB
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Graphics card failed after 2 years - who is responsible retailer or manufacturer?

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Hi everyone,

I bought an Asus gtx 670 graphics card in May 2012. Asus has a 3 year warranty on most of its electronics AFAIK and I bought it from Dabs.com.

Now, Ive never been in a situation where its been so long after a component has failed but they do have a 3 year policy. I contacted asus (and I know they have a poor customer service rep) but fair dos to them, they got back quite quickly and this is what they sent me:


For the hardware problem, if your retailer is still trading, please send it to your retailer for RMA service first. The retailer has to legally assist the customer, as they are the place of purchase. If they can't do this, please call 08454 04 05 06. They will be able to advise the customer on the legal aspect.

The RMA process is customer – retailer – distributor

But on Dabs website (they havent replied yet) it automatically instructs me to go contact the manufacturer. I can see a potential run around going on which I want to avoid so please advise.

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The retailer is responsible under the Sales of Goods act, regardless of what any warranty or their own Terms and Conditions say.

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