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    • Dx thank you so much for all of your help this year you really are an angel you are a credit to this site and I’m sure 1000’s more would agree with me in saying that you are a perfect example of why nobody should lose hope in humanity the way society is starting to look today. I really can’t find the words to express my gratitude for your gumption. I really can’t apart from say thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
    • In terms of the result, in hindsight, I think that the manifesto possibly went too far.  I think nationalisation of utilities, railways and royal mail is a good thing due to the fact privatisation sucks money out of the system, and things end up being paid for several times over.   I'm not sure nationalisation of BT was such a good thing.  Our network is pretty rubbish and leaving infrastructure projects to private companies is incoherent and inefficient, but that might have been a step too far.   I disagree it's all Corbyn's fault because the Tory's campaigned on a very simple message - "get brexit done".  In effect, their manifesto was very basic, and labour haemorrhaged leave voting labour voters so desperately tired of the process.  There was a hell of a lot of anti Corbyn propaganda from the word go.   I said after the referendum that the Tory's would be screwed because they wouldn't be able to deliver on any of the promises made, and for a long time it looked like that would be the case.  However, I never took into consideration the effect of Boris Johnson would have because he's a very good salesman... I would bet my life on us having a deal by the end of next year, and whatever we're left with will be championed as a massive success... I'm sick of it all if I'm honest.  I've had people banging on about remainers can all shit up now, they lost etc, as if they'd won the lottery.  But when I look at it, it was all still based on nonsense and misinformation, so I think we've all lost.   We're now left with a Tory government that has a huge majority so that they can push through anything they like.  Where's the democracy there?  Leavers wanted more democracy, but Johnson having played a blinder, has secured less democracy and conviced them they're all winners.  Coupled with their promise to "renegotiate the relationship between parliament and the courts" I'm concerned all these leave voters aren't really thinking clearly.  I've also said all along that brexit was about the elite in our country having more overall control, and now they have it.  They've even convinced working class labour voters that it's in their interest.  How did this happen?
    • Hi  Received another scrawled letter this morning ,    just to to inform you that I am still waiting for further instructions from the court.    Please would you you provide me with a copy of my letter, where you have stated In your letter to me , dated 29th November 2019 ,  that my recent letter states I do not wish for you to instruct an expert or make an independent report on our behalf?    You also state that in my letter I also do not want your input in the Instructions letter to the expert.  Please forward a copy of my letter stating this to you.    Please forward where the judge states that I had to forward a written draft letter to you, with the instructions for the expert? Also where it states I needed to send you a copy for you to check to see if it’s appropriate.    Please would you send me the copy of my letter, sent to yourself, where you state , I have written all the above instructions to yourself .    Guessing she’s not kept a copy of the letters she has sent me. Oh dear!     
    • How many more times!!!  It was a global recession!!  Seriously, I feel like I'm in a cuckoo clock.  Answer honestly, surely if the country had been bankrupted the price of food would have shot up and we wouldn't have been able to draw any money out from a cash point?  These things are what I would expect if we had gone under as a country.
    • Has anyone got or had  a Amazon Fire 7 tablet ( with Alexa) Asking as I bought one in October and it is awful battery is useless, have to charge it  twice a day, only use it to play a game on, it also freezes and shuts down, specially when in middle doing something Anyone else ?   Thanks Sandy Got it from Argos
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Fraud car adverts on Autotrader

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I recently was involved in a fraudulent car sale attempt via Autotrader. I wondered if anyone else had been involved in one. My primary aim is to publicise and ensure others aren't conned.

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So what happened, can you tell your story so others are warned pse?

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So what happened was, I was looking for a new (second hand) car and browing the ads on Autotrader. Was looking for a small car for Mrs Presley and a Fiat 500 jumped out from the page as being top-spec, low mileage and a great price. There were quite a lot of photos and good description. One of the photos listed was just a screen-shot of a mobile phone number and email address. I emailed the lady, **Name removed ** asking for more details.


From then on there were various email exchanges where it transpired she was an air hostess that had recently moved from London to the Netherlands and was looking to sell her car. The price was cheap as she wanted a quick sale. I could either fly to Netherlands to view the car or she would have it delivered to the UK, at her expense where I could test drive, check all the registration documents and make a decision either way. All sounded good so far. Googling her name and the car registration checked out OK too.


Where it started to sound suspicious was her "safe payment choice". She said to protect us both, we would use an escrow service. I would pay the funds to Amazon Payments who would hold in for 7 days until I gave the approval to release if I wanted the car and only then would she get the money. Hmmmm.


I was now aware it was an attempted fraud so played along for a bit. She used the following excuses:


She couldn't take phone calls (because she was an air hostess and had to turn her phone off).

It wasn't allowed to drive a right hand drive car in the Netherlands.

She didn't have the registration documents for the car (as she'd already deposited these with Amazon).


She was keen to send pictures of the car and after a week she returned to say the price had dropped £500 too, in a desperate attempt to persaude me to make the payment.


The car is real and the registration is legit, the attempted fraud is that Amazon Payments doesn't exist. The safe payment you make is probably to some dodgy hustler in Eastern Europe or Nigeria. It was pretty well thought out and I was impressed with the background details (The Lady does indeed exist and work in the airline industry). If a deal sounds to good to be true, it probably is. I was grateful I had enough sense not to make any payment for the car but I know a lot of others have been caught out.


The ad came off Autotrader shortly after I saw it, so all my dealings were then with her off-line and direct.


Most consumers would know - never part with cash if you don't actually see the car and the V5 registration documents, but I know others have been duped into believing the story, thinking they were getting a great deal, trusting the escrow payment protection system and paying out.


I actually found it quite amusing in the end, but be warned.


I still have the emails from ST so can upload.

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removed name

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Can't see the sense in removing the name from my post earlier. One of the points is this name stands out in future google searches for people selling dodgy cars.


Can I name a garage if I bought a dodgy car from them?

Can I name a shop that mistreated me?

Can I name an organisation I have an issue with?

Can I name a ficticious person who is attempting to defraud car buyers?


Many other forums are listing the names/email addresses of the fictitious individuals operating these schemes. You can google the name, Mr Joe Bloggs Car Fraud and be made aware of problems. This is not a real person remember!

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Names are removed for the protection of CAG.


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