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    • Lastly, I will go to the site to get updated images, but from google earth, you can see from the pictures the entrance states it is for the hotel parking, which I follwed instructions and gave my details to the hotel. Where I think my car was parked (it was that long ago I'm not exactly sure) there are signs on the opposite wall, but it was 12.30am, pitch black and they could not be seen.
    • I was planning on collecting up other court cases they have lost, to refer to as part of my evidence, I'm not sure if this is worth doing or could just confuse matters? But there seem to be many where the judge has ruled against them because of confusing and not clearly displayed signage, trespass, as well as their charge being £100, which is more than the Bevis case said was reasonable.    A quick search found this article as one example KBT cornwall lose case article.pdf
    • OK, I will do now. I did look to black out certain things, but I was not sure what I should and should not redact and there was nothing on there that was personal enough for me to be concerned with being made public. So I am happy for all to view, but if you are kind enough to redact what is needed as per the forum rules, that would be amazing. Armtrak Defence documents_compressed.pdf
    • yes but have the landowner paid this years contract fee. no evidence they have in the ws. pop it back up now if you wish. the forum is quiet i'll redact it for you so we have the info.   dx  
    • Thank you all so much for taking the time to comment and help, I really do appreciate it.   Just to elaborate a bit more on the background, just because my lack of knowledge of the process might mean I've actually done things along the way that I did not know what they were and so hadn't mention it.    When they decided to go to court, I was offered mediation, which I took. I offered to pay the reduced rate, just to make it go away, but insisted it was not an admission of guilt, it was a goodwill gesture to save us all the effort of court. They refused and wanted £250.    A court date was set, but in Leeds, then a couple weeks later I received another letter saying it had been moved to London.   I was not aware I had any say in which court it would be held at, but I now understand i have good reason to request it is moved to a local one to me, which is also local to the offending place, I will call the court tomorrow and explain that. But so far I have only been told what is happening, I've not been given the choice for anything.   They seem to be going down the route of a contract breach, not trespass which is interesting. There is a document in the evidence which has the agreement between themselves which I assumed meant they can pursue me.    I am going to visit the site again shortly, at midnight the time of the offence and take pictures to build a case file of the route I took to enter the car park, how it is in the hotel grounds and no signs can be seen.    Am I right in saying, the fact they do not actually have any pictures of my car in the location they say it was in, just because all of the pictures they have were at 12/30am and it was pitch black, I am going to say my car was parked correctly in the hotel side, not on their land and it is then up to them to prove otherwise, which they are not able to do, because the burden of proof lies with the claimant I think?
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You know when you are on your annual leave, booked a few months in advance and you have made arrangements to go somewhere, you know, book a coach trip for a day out and all that.

Then a week before you are due your annual leave work puts a notice up stating there is compulsary training to be attended for one day while on AL, do you have to attend. I was on AL last week, and a week before I went off a notice for CT was put up. Well me and the mother had made arrangements to visit family in Wales all the week, so I wrote a note for the manager stating I would not be able to attend, as prior arrangements had been made.


When I got back to work, she was not very happy, now I have noticed on a notice for new training for a few weeks time, it states "all must attend, even when on annual leave". This has never been stated on notices before.


I thought my annual leave was my own to do with as I want, I will gladly go on training any other time of the year. But we always go somewhere when I am on AL, we NEVER stay in town, we either visit family or book trips/ short breaks to go on, and do not see why I must forsake these trips just 2 attend a 2 hour training course in my AL week.


Are they allowed to do this, even when things are arranged months/weeks before any notices go up.


So, say I book my AL and book an actual holiday, months in advance, all paid up for etc. Then months down the line, work decides to put a notice up for CT for the week I am on AL and on this supposed holiday. Would I have to cancel my holiday, who will pay for the loss of deposit/ full payments etc and all that?

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What would be the situation if you were to have planned to go abroad.. say New Zealand/Australia..?


What does it say in your contract ?

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They have never made an issue of it before, others have been on AL when training is required for a few hours, and not attended. Now they seem to be making a point of adding it to the notices now, highlighting it too with a highlighter pen. My house is all up at the moment, we are decorating, so god knows where my contract is at the moment, I shall see if a workmate can show us theirs.

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OK, the example already cited is covered by the Working Time Directive so you were entitled no to attend as they didnt give sufficient notice to you of any requirement to attend, nor did they make an offer for your losses if they considered it mandatory.

Next time, if you have booked holiday well in advance and something like this crops up tell the company they have to pay you for the losses you will incur by having to cancel your holiday and that includes all of you family's costs and point them in the direction of the WTD if they say otherwise. the idea of footing a bill for hundreds of pounds for a 2 hour course should make them think about their priorities. Also make sure that you get the time off in lieu or overtime as well!

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