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Park Motor Finance - disputed debt assigned to Bluestone Credit Management HELP please

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Hi,I am opening a new thread as my existing one,

is old and very long, plus most is irrelvant now and i think the length is putting

people off commenting on my recent develpmets - here is old thread for reference




I took car finance out, paid over a third but missed one payment.


I was never informed of this missed payment, but then received a DN.


The default notice was faulty and they terminated the agreement.


It went to court, was adjourned and whilst waiting for the next hearing, the car was stolen.


The finance company was paid by the insurance, plus they had sold me gap insurance, so paid out by that too.


However they had added on lots of penalty charges for various letters and phone calls,

so there was still a balance.


I have refused to pay this balance as it is penalty charges.



For the last few years I have haeard nothing from them except for default sums notices,

but now I have recived a letter of assignment, assigning it to bluestone credit management.


What I really want to ask you experts, is what should I do now?


I don't want to ignore it, but dont know whether it is best to send a sar, cca or cpr request to bluestone.


I dont want to be dealing with a stat demand or a ccj.


Can anybody help?


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bluestone are chancers at the very least.


there are several threads on them here have a read.


can you scan up the letter you've had please




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Scanners broke, so I'll type it


This letter is to inform you that with effect from april 2014 under a written agreement with park motor fiance limited

your credit agreement referred to above has been purchased by five rivers


this means that park motor finance limited has transferred to five rivers the outstanding balance in respect of your agreement

as at the date above together with all its rights and interest in the agreement with you.

this is out formal letter to you notifying you of the transfer


what action do you need to take?


five rivers has engaged us, bluestone credit management limited to act as its asset manger

and we will mange your agreement on five rivers behalf.


all contact in relation to your agreement should be directed to us with immediate effects,

you can contact us in the following ways:


- bla bla bla


from now on, you must make all payments under your agreement to bluestone.

any formally payment arrangement that you have in place will continue.

please contact bluestone on bla bla if you are paying by diret debit or continuous care payment.


if you are making payment by standing order or bank transfer,

pleased change the beneficiary details to the following before your next payment:


acc number

sort code etc. etc.


if you are not currently making payments,

please contact us on 01142317485 s that we can learn more about your circumstances,

discuss the range of options that are available and find one that is right for you.


payment can be made using the following methods - bla bla bla


Further details


although the transfer does not affect the terms of your agreement,

you should note that from now on, no variation, amendment, release or waiver of your obligation

to make payments may be made or granted without our prior written consent.


please note that any queries relating to the sale of payment protection or gap insurance will still be dealt with by park motor finance


for the purpose of the data protection act 1988, five rivers in now the data controller for your account.


yours sincerely

bluestone credit management limited


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simply a letter of assignment


the OC know theres not a chance in hell of winning.


so they sold it on.


i'd be sendsing them the failed court paperwork if anything at all.


bluestone are bluffers in most cases.


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I think I will send the 'bemused letter' stating that this agreement was terminated by park, maybe with a SAR too, just to see what paperwork they have on me. Also, if they are planning any court action, be it ccj or stat demand, they might think twice as they will know i mean business


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