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    • Hi,   I've recently cancelled a direct debit with this gym and requested to cancel my gym membership but had gone through the same ordeal as previous users on this forum.   I was persistent enough (having read the forums) to have the staff at the gym terminate my membership on their system. See attached image for proof of documentation. Additionally, I have sent Harlands and the gym an email with the image informing them that gym membership has been terminated. I have been given reassurance that they CANNOT reverse the termination.    My question is: 1) Am I still expected to pay that extra 1 month of gym membership? (I was informed this was so, but I requested for an official documentation that states this policy via email without agreeing to pay) 2) Is the screenshot sufficient proof that the membership has been terminated? (date cancelled and time stamp are clearly stated)   Many thanks for the help!
    • Well If I pay British Gas £90 a month they’ll be paid off in about 17 months. That’s a long time but if it’s gunna effect my credit rating until November 2023 why bother paying it off early?    Ive worked out too the PDL default will be 6 years old on the 22/01/2020 so is there a point even doing anything with it? If it gets removed after 6 years does that mean I won’t have to pay it back?    Thanks  Andrew 
    • Minor developments:   a) Notification received that case has been referred to County Court at Chesterfield and we've to await the Judge's directions re allocation etc.    b) The letter I sent on 20th August to the agent (Lambert Smith Hampton) that manages the Berkeley Precinct and has its address on the board at the entrance, has been returned by the Royal Mail National Returns Centre, with a sticker saying the "addressee has gone away"!!   Don't they have an obligation to change the signage if they move, and why wouldn't such a large company have their mail re-directed?   The letter requested assistance in obtaining a copy of the contract between VCS and the landowner. I'm a bit mystified, but have found an additional address, so I could resend the letter and give it another try. 
    • urm.. FmoTl twaddle me thinks followed here
    • 123 Abc efg   22/09/2019 Dear Sir,   Re:  v xyz. Case No: 123456   CPR 31.14 Request   On (date) I received the Claim Form in this case issued by you out of the county court of Salford.      I confirm having returned my acknowledgement of service to the court in which I indicate my intention to contest and counter claim all of your claim.   Please treat this letter as my request made under CPR 31.14 for the disclosure and the production of a verified and legible copy of [each of the following / the] document(s) mentioned in your Particulars of Claim:     1: The agreement/overdraft Facility Confirmation and Terms and Conditions from that date. You will appreciate that in an ordinary case and by reason of the provisions of CPR PD 16 para 7.3, where a claim is based upon a written agreement, a copy of the contract or documents constituting the agreement the original(s) should be available at the hearing. Further, that any general conditions incorporated in the contract should also be attached.   Failure to prove the above will render any claim unenforceable pursuant to section127 and 61b(3) CCA1974   2: The Demand/Termination Notice (Notice served under Sections 76(1) and 98(1) of the CCA1974   3: Notices of Sums in Arrears under running account credit CCA2006 sec 86C   4. Notice of Assignment *   You should ensure compliance with your CPR 31 duties and ensure that the document(s) I have requested are disclosed at your earliest convenience.. Your CPR 31 duties extend to making a reasonable and proportionate search for the originals of the documents I have requested, the better for you to be able to verify the document's authenticity and to provide me with a legible copy. Further, where I have requested a copy of a document, the original of which is now in the possession of another person, you will have a right to possession of that document if you have mentioned it in your case. You must take immediate steps to recover and preserve it for the purpose of this case.   Where I have mentioned a document and there is in your possession more than one version of that same document owing to a modification, obliteration or other marking or feature, each version will be a separate document and you must provide a copy of each version of it to me. Your obligations extend to making a reasonable and proportionate search for any version(s) to include an obligation to recover and preserve such version(s) which are now in the possession of a third party.   In accordance with CPR 31.15© I undertake to be responsible for your reasonable copying costs incurred in complying with this CPR 31.14 request.   If you are unable to comply with this request and believe that you will never be able to comply with this request please confirm in your response.     Yours faithfully   Xyz. is this ok to send. and recorded delivery.
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Is this a damaged passport? Please help!

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My sister travels to Barcelona next weekend for her hen do and


this evening her three year old daughter has used her mum's eyeliner to scribble on her passport.


She has done it on the page to the left of her page with her photo and details on,

NOT the biodata page as gov.uk advertises

but rather if you were to flip the passport as they will at customs control the one directly above it.


Obviously she's very worried and gov.uk's categorization of a damaged passport is not very clear.

It says that one of the definitions of a damaged passport is "any chemical or ink spillage on any page."

Would this cover eyeliner markings on a non-relevant page?


If the worst news is that yes, it's now classified as a damaged passport what does she do?


Can she realistically get a new one by next Saturday?


We already have the details for the Passport Customer Service Centre but can this be done within 5 days

as I know they offer a premium service in which you can obtain a passport within 4 hours directly from the office

but it also seems to suggest you have a waiting period to book that appointment?


Any ideas?

Any help?

Previous experiences welcome.

It's all much appreciated! :)



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why not scan the damage and see if you can email it to the passport office and ask?





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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We contacted the passport office first thing this morning and they have pretty much told us that it is unlikely it will be a problem, but have remained non-committal to a degree because obviously they can't speak for customs control either in the UK or Spain definitely. We did offer to email the photo but they said they couldn't offer us an answer based on that, clearly they want to retain impartiality which is understandable because if she was to be turned away they don't want to then be accused of providing misinformation and possibly being liable for the insurance.


It would seem to me that the worst case scenario is more likely that she is stopped and taken into customs where they will most likely boot it up to a supervisor to inspect the damage and see if it's cause enough of a concern to actually stop her travelling and/or entering/leaving a country. It's unlikely they actually stop her travelling because it isn't defacement that could suggest the passport has been tampered with, it's more likely they instruct her to get it replaced, she maybe gets a bit of a hard time about it but doesn't actually have to get back on in a car or plane going in the opposite direction. She's going for two days and has a big hen party with her. She's about as close to a national security threat as my dog is but obviously rules and regulations are as such and we just want to try and get every base covered for every eventuality.


The only appointment the passport office could offer her was on Friday and she leaves on Saturday. Replacement passports aren't issued same-day unless it's lost or stolen so the trip would be pointless, not to mention she'd be getting the passport changed in June after she's married and takes his name anyway.

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You shouldnt have a problem. Never known spain border control to be really strict.

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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If it's just eyeliner can it not be rubbed off with something non-chemical like a pencil rubber?

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Try wiping it with a baby wipe or eye make up remover.

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