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I am the director of my own LTD Company. The company has three Vehicles one of which

is permanently parked on my drive at my home.


The companies registered address is the same as my home address.

The vehicles are all Registered to and owned by the company.


The council tax is in my name NOT the companies.


I'm having an issue at present where a few years ago i paid the council tax in cash at the the local office

and they have lost the record of the payment and refused to take the receipt they gave me as evidence of me paying it.


In short they have got a liability order and have tried with various different bailiffs to have it enforced.


first Bristow and sutor had it ,

then Equita and

now it is back with Bristow and Sutor.


Bristow and sutor levied the company vehicle , just before xmas.


I wrote them a very strong letter from the company ,

explaining to them that the vehicle was registered and owned by the company

and any attempt to remove or tamper with company property would be very costly on their part.


They replied with the usual rubbish about "levied in good faith"

and that they would hold off on any action whilst they check with DVLA

but the company needs to supply them with proof of ownership.


I replied that the company is whilst not obliged to provide this information would be happy to

once in receipt of the required £50 Administration fee.


Nothing was heard of this matter again ,

although they kept sending me (myself) the usual drivel letters about attending the premises etc etc.


Last week in my abscence a bailiff (i presume the same one)

has put another Levy on the same vehicle as before for the same liability order.


i am in the process of making a complaint from the company about this matter to the courts

but wanted to ask in here about the validity of what they are doing?


The value of the car is much more than the alleged debt.

are they allowed to keep levying a vehicle that they know not to be owned by the alleged debtor ?

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you make a FORMAL COMPLAINT to the CEO of the council

regarding the levy AND the maladministration of your account


you have proof of payment its there incompliance that's put you in this position

and you cant be held responsible for it


put the ceo on notice that you will not be going away any time soon

and if necessary you will be taking your complaint to the ombudsman


are capita the back office provider for the administration and enforcement council tax for your council

they happen to own 2 bailiff firms Equita and Bristow & Suitor.

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I have all that under control at the moment , Noises are being made.


I'm more concerned with the "harassment" of my company at the moment

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