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    • Hi Guys,   My friends wife ignored letters from Horizon Parking and their solicitors and now has a CCJ registered on her credit file.   Stupidiy, she also ignore the claims form which come from Northampton Bulk centre as it looked photocopied and she thought it was fake. At the same time her work colleague did the same.   Her work colleague went to stand as guarantor for her daughters loan and got refused, she has now found out that a CCJ has been registered two months ago, so my friends wife checked her credit file and has the same, from two months ago.   Both received claims forms and didn't fill them in. Neither of them have received notification of judgement however. I am right in saying still that they should of done and would of been given the opportunity to pay the claim within. month at that point and not have a CCJ permanently on their file. If this is the case, what is the way forward? Set a-side ?
    • EXHIBIT K   24th March 2019   Lowell Portfolio I Ltd 9 Savannah Way Leeds LS10 1AB   Dear Sirs   Your Ref: 196951198     MFS Portfolio Limited v Phelan West (2019) I write to draw your attention to recent successful appeal case regarding a personal current account with overdraft facility; the decision was made before HHJ Walden-Smith sitting at Cambridge County Court. In this instant case the Appeal court found the personal Current Account Overdraft agreement to be unenforceable pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act because of lack of evidence of compliance with the requirements of the OFT determination. It was also accepted that Creditors must comply with S 78 Consumer Credit Act 1974 requests relating to personal Current Account Overdrafts, not just credit cards and loans. In this case the Appeal court did find that MFS Portfolio Ltd had complied with the S 78 Consumer Credit Act request. If they hadn’t complied with the statutory request then the personal Current Account Overdraft would have been unenforceable pursuant to s.78 (6) (a) Consumer Credit Act.    In view of foregoing, I note that your company have failed to comply with S78 CCA 1974 therefore your claim is unenforceable. So it is in your own interest (and to save cost) that I demand yourselves to discontinue this matter with immediate effect, otherwise I would be seeking compensation awarded against your company through the court for my time and legal cost to myself for consulting solicitors for advise in defending this claim which I consider not valid since you couldn’t also substantiate it when ask to prove it.   Yours sincerely
    • Hi Micky,   The letter you sent was your Prelim Letter and you should send an LBA before issuing proceedings.   1. Who replied to your letter that was taken in to the Chingford store - eg was it the store manager.   I suggest you send your LBA to the store Head Office enclosing a copy of the original letter and give them a final 14 days to reply and refund.
    • I will just keep quiet. Hopefully it is something she has seen on a credit file. No ones pursued me yet so I will keep fingers crossed.   I feel after 12 years of being divorced these things should have been settled by banks and companies by now.   Like I said it has been so long I have no recollection of it.
    • Hey - thanks for the reply.   So yes they have entered the 6k claim, and I have chosen to defend it.  I think I have a solid case to argue it.   So if I argue successfully and say the judge does side me with the 2k option and I pay it within 28 days it will clear?   Alternatively.  If I fight it and lose, the full 6k will obviously be due....  Again, if I pay that will it be removed within 28 days?
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Press release: Misleading websites to face the squeeze

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Consumer Minister Jenny Willott confirms extra funding for the National Trading Standards Board to investigate misleading websites.



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Here's some advice as to how to best avoid these rogue websites:


Searching and Buying Official Services Safely


  • Do not automatically opt to use the first website(s) you find in a search engine, even if the address seems authentic and you are in a hurry.
  • Instead, take time to look for the official website. You can normally tell that site is official if it ends in ‘.gov.uk’, it has the department, agency or council’s authentic logo and contact details and the prices are cheaper.




Ways to spot a copycat website


There are a number of ways in which you can spot a copycat website. Follow our top tips to avoid falling victim to a copycat website:


  • Is it a paid search engine ad? Look out for paid-for search engine results. These are the boxed adverts displayed at the top of search engine result pages. Quite often the official site is the first or second non paid-for link that appears below these
  • Read the homepage Take a couple of minutes to double-check the site - don’t dive into filling out an application form. Visit the homepage and read the text there. It may even declare the site is not officially affiliated with the official body
  • Check the web address Don’t be fooled by a .org web address - this is no guarantee of an official website. Any website that is claiming to be an official government website should have a .gov.uk address
  • https vs http Although it's not always a guarantee, you can check for 'https' at the beginning of the website address. On pages where you are entering personal information, 'https' acts as an encryption to protect your personal details whereas websites with http don't encrypt your details.

The government has set up a guide to reporting a misleading website to search engines.





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