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Mucky Hall & old Studio default on my file

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I have just signed into Equifax having decided to apply for a mortgage having last been a member a year ago.


I have found that a default has been added to my account January 1st 2012, Mail Order from MacKenzie Hall.


I'm not sure who they are but guessing that they are debt collectors but have no idea why this has been added now.


When I was out of work, I did have a number of accounts that defaulted but I have had no failed payments since returning to work 7 years ago.


I have an idea that it may be Studio Catalogue, however, I know that this was also more than six years ago. Are they able to add the default in this way?


I've struggled to get my credit back on track and now I'm ready to move forward, this has happened and it's really bringing me down.


Any help would be muchly appreciated!!

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Hi and welcome to CAG


Muck Hall are the dregs of the debt collection industry and take on debts that are or very nearly are Statute Barred. When a debt is sold, the default (which would have been placed by the original creditor) is changed to show the new owners name. In this case, MH.


You have to wonder why the default is 2012 as defaults have to be placed in a timely manner and certainly within 6 months of the first missed payment.


You will have to do some investigations to find out who the default is from.


As this debt is (based on your calculations) Statute Barred, it can do no harm in contacting MH to demand the default is removed.


It may be that they will refer you to Studio but that is not the case. They are now responsible.


If they refuse, it may need a formal complaint to the ICO to investigate.


You can also dispute the default with Equifax and they should also investigate. It would also be worth getting your files from Experian, call credit and Noddle (who are part of callcredit but are free.)

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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Thanks for the reply! And the welcome! Sounds like pretty good news that it's likely to be statue barred. I've already logged it with equifax so will check with the others also. Thanks again! Given me a bit of hope that not everything is lost! :-)

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