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    • Morning, I would appreciate some advice if possible. Daughter was recently returning from Alicante to Leeds Bradford with Ryan Air and her flight was delayed for just over 5 hours. I accept the weather around Alicante that night was very bad, and many flights delayed, also Ryan Air were very forthcoming with letters confirming the length of the delay advising the passengers this was to assist them with claims via their travel insurers. I assume from this that Rayan Air will claim the bad weather constitutes exceptional circumstances and they are not liable to pay compensation. Only thing is during the time my daughter was delayed Ryan Air had other flights returning to the UK which took off on time, in fact my daughter and other passengers were made to vacate the gate where they were waiting to allow one of these flights to board. Basically, is it worth submitting a compensation claim or would I be wasting everyone’s time? Many thanks Nosnibor
    • So what would johnson be telling the DUP?   DUP WE are Unionists. A border between us and the rest of the UK is no more an an option than a border between England an Scotland. Even May realised that. ooops Perhaps a bad example, but you get the drift..   Johnson: Don't worry, its just a ploy to get that half baked no deal deal agreed. I would renege on that tout suite with your help as soon as those people the plebs voted in have no option to Remain when I shaft everyone.   DUP Shaft Everyone? So what assurances do we have   Johnson Just trust me.
    • Well it would appear Johnson 'no detail and nothing written down' 'deal is in trouble despite   * no real detail and nothing actually written down and * it only being intended to get the UK into the transition aka out of the EU where there is no other actual default other than no deal hard Brexit.   Not that Johnson will give a damn about the DUP as a general election is likely upcoming and he is hoping that they become redundant again. They have always been more a liability than an asset = but desperate times ...          
    • The complaint is about both, I asked for the bill of sale on Tuesday alongside a breakdown of what has been paid and their charges. Then asked for a full SAR yesterday which they said they would send to me in due course.    I have copies of the agreements I signed on the day but not the bos this was never supplied.    With regards to a previous message about overvaluing the vehicle, the loans were only about £1000 or just over between the two of them, however this would put the fees well over the cost of the vehicle when factoring interest rates, which figures should I be looking at in this regard?   Thanks for all your help, the correspondence I’m getting seems to be being drip fed so will update as and when I can. Hopefully someone else might see all this and benefit from my mistakes!
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Falsely Advertised Discounting?

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Hi there,


I'm about to book a holiday with a company I have used many times before, and this is in fact my fourth trip with them. I do like this company, so don't wish to appear to be putting them in a bad light. Nevertheless, I believe they are not honouring their discounting system. I will explain the situation below - I am simply asking to know what my discount for the trip should be and why.


As I've mentioned, this is my fourth trip, and as such, I qualify for a customer loyalty discount (see the info below).

As a way of saying thank you, every time you book again with us we'll reward you. If you're a family we'll give you 5% off when you book again and another 5% off if you book six months early. If you're one of our adult (worldwide) customers we'll give you the following:


  • 2nd trip £50 outdoor kit & clothing voucher per person if you book within 12 months of returning from your first (£25pp if the booking is under £1,100).
  • 3rd trip £50pp off your trip (£25pp if the booking is under £1,100)
  • 4th trip £100pp off your trip.


There will be two people being booked together on this trip with myself making the actual booking:

  • Me (fourth time booking)
  • My girlfriend (first time booking)


My question is, how much discount off the total cost of the trip should there be in this scenario? Please consider your thoughts before reading mine below - I will post mine as an additional post for impartiality.


Many thanks, Adrian

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My stance:

Since it says "pp", presumed to be short hand for "per person", I read the discounting rule to be "for your fourth trip, you will receive £100 discount per person off the total cost of the booking". I therefore expect £200 discount.


Their stance:

That since I could book with 18 of my friends, each giving them £100 discount that would be ridiculous and that the loyalty scheme was set up to reward repeat customers and not anyone else.


My response:

Whilst I understand who the scheme was intended for and the bad business case of honouring it for potentially so many people, it does say "pp" (per person). They're making an assumption that it will be used with their viewpoint in mind, whereas I'm attempting to read it literally.


So, my generally question is, which stance is officially correct and what should the total discount really be?

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To play with the vagueness of the statement... 5%, assuming you haven't booked 6 months early? - this is based on the fact you and your girlfriend could be classed a family unit?!

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Interestingly, the line...


2nd trip £50 outdoor kit & clothing voucher per person if you book within 12 months of returning from your first (£25pp if the booking is under £1,100).


mentions that PP is per person

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