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I hope this is the right place to post this, if not could someone point me in the right direction.


I recently tried to get solar panels installed free of charge. The company said that there was a government grant schemed to allow free installation and then they get the grant back from the feed in tariff, however I was refused a grant because of my poor credit record and a CCJ.


The CCJ has a charging order attached. The solar company said instead that I could have them installed under a 25 year rent a roof scheme instead, however now the finacne company that got a CCJ and charging order against me have objected so the company say they can't install the panels under this scheme either.


This to me seems ludicrous and I wondered if anyone else had had the same issues. To me if I am looking to save money by geting about £600 of free electric every year that can only be good for the finance company because it increase my income and lets me pay off my debts quicker, so if anyone had any experience of this could they give me any advice, many thanks.

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Considering there is no credit agreement involved ....rather strange....I understand you would be tied into a 25 year contract to keep the panels.


I wonder if the problem is in the following?


" These companies offer to lease your roof for 20-25 years and, in exchange, install and maintain solar PV panels on it. This means you do not have to find any cash upfront for the panels and you benefit from the free electricity produced by the system. "


Further information.







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Thanks Andy for your reply. I suspect that it may be something to do with the lease, if I was to default on the CCJ and was forced to sell my house then I am guessing the finance company may see it as an obstacle to a quick sale.


Still I do think it is grossly unfair but not much I can do about it

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When I looked into them a couple of years ago, rent-a-roof schemes were risky, and less valuable than they were presented to be.


As well as tying you and anyone who bought your house in for 25 years, you were also responsible for any losses made by the company if, for example, your roof needed repairs. Since the loss in feed in tariff is greater than the cost of the electricity, this could be expensive.


£600 saving *if* you have a 4kW system (the biggest domestic system you can get) and *if* you have a south facing roof and *if* you live in a sunny part of the country such as Torbay and *if* you use all the electricity - i.e. you use 4kW in the middle of a sunny day in summer which is unlikely.


(PS. I know this as my installation is in the perfect location in Torquay and it makes about £600 worth of electricity per year).

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