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Sneaky charges applied to Santander 123 Bank account

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I have a Santander Bank account 123.


I have no overdraft on this account (they refused me)

but that's ok as its a little account I have and not my main one.


I have text alerts to say my statement is ready

however I went into m account tonight on line (paperless statements)

to find that I had a charge of £45 taken out.


I called them to be told that in Jan 2014 I spent £26 in a shop on my debit card

and that took me £22 over into an unauthorised overdraft.


They took the charge today and this has caused me to go overdrawn again

(I wouldn't have been if they hadn't applied the charge) .


I have picked this up today and will cover the amount overdrawn tomorrow


however I am totally miffed off that a transaction put through by a shop

and authorised by them has cost me £45.


They said its my responsibility to check

however where was my text asking me if I knew the account had gone into unauthorised O D mode.


I am not able to have Good will Gesture as they told me I had one 2th FEb 2 yrs ago


Am I wrong to be miffed at this sneaky charge.

I want to take it further.

I will be closing the account after the next DDs come out end of the month

not that this will impact them but I will feel better


Views please and advice or pointers.


They have logged a complaint but made it clear I will NOT get them back

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You are not wrong to be miffed but sadly it is in the T&C's.


This happened to me and I complained and complained and went to the Fos who upheld the banks decision,


I asked them to look at it again and they still upheld the banks decision.


They gae me some ballcocks about floor limits and stuff .


Personally i do not believe a word and they will get the money back over my dead body,

even if I have to pay at £1 a month for the rest of my life

Any opinion I give is from personal experience .

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Thank you so much for your reply,


They also told me about floor limits and I told them straight I didn't care about floor limits

they have my number as they text me re statements

therefore they have a duty of care to me as my bank.


I thinks what I am annoyed at is the fact they have taken me overdrawn again with their charge

and wouldn't have told me..


They are a pitiful load of crap with robotic agents who are scripted,


I am fuming would like to swear but respect the site too much.

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They are moth called Satan for nothing. What you need to watch for is them trying to charge you again. Even if you close your account. It has been known.

Any opinion I give is from personal experience .

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The overdraft charges are pre-notified.


It wasn't Santander or the shop that took you into an unarranged overdraft - it was YOUR payment. You took yourself overdrawn.


You also have a duty of care to yourself to manage your own finances adequately. It is your responsibility to check your account and you have so many options to do so: internet banking, ATMs, mobile banking, telephone banking, branches etc.


You can also setup text alerts but you have to proactively so this through internet banking yourself (as not everybody will appreciate them).


The floor limit maybe relevant because it means that your available balances isn't checked before initiating the transaction. This means that the bank can't stop you from going into an unarranged overdraft.


Why not take the time to re-evaluate they way you manage your finances?

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