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Another issue with eBuyer

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Hello again guys,


So I need some help in finding were I stand when it comes to this item and the return process.


I bought a power supply for my gaming rig 13 months ago yesterday and it had gone faulty (The fans bearing has gone and all I can hear is an almighty whirring sound,) first of all they washed there hands of me and fobbed me off saying they only cover it for a year and it was up to the Manufacture to resolve.


I came back with SOGA and they said they would email me in regards to what can be done, after a week no email so I posted a post on the Facebook wall for the second time expressing concerns for their after sales support. Last time I got my issue resolved and compo doing it this way.


So I then got the return authorized and now they are telling me that if they can't repair it I will get a fraction of the price back (around 2/3s,) under SOGA am I not entitled to a replacement of an item of the SAME value or specification just they don't carry this product any more.


Also this fraction of the price on any products returned under warranty after 6 months is this even legal ? It proved to be costly on their part when they tried doing me over with it, I got my item back and around half of it's value in compo.


One more question they are asking for all of the original parts and packaging, I no longer have the box as it was the most flimsy bit of packaging in the work, it was made of thin card and spit when I opened it, sneezing on it would of soaked it through.


Cheers for the help guys, just they are collecting the part Tuesday and want to have it sorted before I potentially never see it again.

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I agree that it is unlikely most people would have kept packaging for over 12 months ! Just ensure that the packaging you place it in is sturdy. It might even be worth purchasing one of the Royal Mail posting boxes with a bit of bubble wrap. If you have a WH Smith or Rymans close to you - they also sell mailing boxes at reasonable prices.

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With regards to the packaging it’s just ebuyer trying to be awkward and make things as difficult as possible for you. Just return it in any box you have with packaging to protect it. Remember to send it tracked so ebuyer can’t say they never received it.


Is the power supply branded, i.e. XFX, Coolermaster etc as it might be better dealing with them directly and have the power supply replaced. I’ve never known a power supply manufacture actually repair them, usually they just swap them for either a new one or a refurb. Ebuyer will not attempt to repair it, they’ll just issue you a proportionate refund which will be far, far less than 2/3’s and depending on what you paid, including the cost of shipping it back to them it might not be worth it. Just some things to consider.


There are a few recent threads on here discussing this issue.


Never trust ebuyer, especially what they tell you over the phone.

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Cheers for the replies.


Yeah I have had an issue with eBuyer before. It wasn't a main branded one, it was by Powercool I think, I can't find much about them online.


They are paying for the collection as they have booked it though Yodel (May never turn up then lol.)


But with the whole offering you less then what you paid is that allowed, can I not insist a full credit to put towards a new one ?



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Ah well if they’re paying for it that’s not too bad even if it is YODEL.


Powercool, I would imagine they’re a generic brand that doesn’t offer a 2-3 year warranty so your only avenue is going back to Ebuyer unfortunately.


I have no idea if it’s legal or not but on items over 12 months old I wouldn’t expect a full refund anyway as you’ve had a full years use.


It’s there stance on returns over 6 months but under 12 months that gets me and the lies they tell you over the phone. Yes no problem, we’ll replace it only for them change their tune once they receive your return and fob you off with a proportionate refund and a link to their T&C’s. They’re a particularly unpleasant bunch to deal with.


I would brace yourself for an insult of refund. I know of one person who returned a Corsair power supply last year, it cost £35 new in 2010 and he only received £10.82 back from ebuyer.


If your after a decent replacement, I highly recommend XFX power supplies, I’ve used their core editions in a number of builds and they all been rock solid, some being used into their 3rd year. PRO450w is only £35 at dabs and they have a 5 year warranty.

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