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MMF Finance - discontinued claim and subsequent harassment

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I'll keep the initial post brief, but can provide more detail if it helps.


Original debt to QuickQuick, I queried interest calculations and heard nothing.

Debt got passed around and eventually ended up with MMF

MMF issued a claim which I defended

Letter from MMF solicitors (Optima) I think saying they were discontinuing the claim as it wasn't viable as they wouldn't be awarded costs on small claims

Constant harrassment ever since (letters, emails, texts, calls)

Today a doorstep visit, I wasn't in but got a hand delivered letter saying he will return.

I'm wouldn't be fussed about that, except I live at home and my mother isn't well. I really don't want the stress of a big argument on the doorstep.

Is there anything I can do to stop them visiting? I would have been happy with the court hearing and would have happily complied with the judges decision, but they backed out.


Thanks a lot.

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Thread moved to Debt Collection Industry in view of the claim being discontinued.





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Hello beemd,

If MMFs solicitors have discontinued their claim as not viable because of the cost, perhaps this can be used as leverage?



I suggest a letter to Mr. Rob Sands, Director of Compliance, MMF Ltd., (mark as Private and Confidential.



Dear Mr Sand,



I refer you to an alleged debt for £xxx.xx originating from an account with QuickQuid having been the subject of a County Court Claim which was discontinued by MMF Ltd., on the grounds that it was not viable to pursue due to cost.



Since this claim was withdrawn I have been inundated with e-mails, text messages and telephone calls the amount and frequency of these calls now amounts to harassment.



I require MMF to cease all contact other than by Royal Mail all other contact must cease immediately.



For you information and for avoidance of any misunderstanding MMF are NOT permitted to send any agent or representative to my home address at ant time.



I will not make any appointments to see such people who have of course absolutely no authority save that to leave the property when instructed to so.



I have seen MMF Ltd., has claimed that such prohibitions do not apply to it as a 'creditor' this is of course totally wrong.



Any person in the employment of or instructed by MMF Ltd will be 'invited ' to leave failure to comply will result in their removal with the assistance of the police if necessary.



No part of this communication is an admission of any liability to MMF Ltd.



Please take note that the only other resident at this address is an elderly lady in poor health any visit would be most traumatic for her.



you could e-mail this but with MMF there is no guarantee it would even be read, so recorded signed for post is best.



Good luck.

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