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Hi Everyone


I have been a BT customer for many years but recently got so fed up with them that I decided to change providers. I was under no contract. One of the reason I was unhappy with them was I suspected I was being overcharged.


Once I cancelled the service I checked online to work out how much I had paid them over a set time. I have bills going back to 11/09/12. At this time, the amount I owed them was '0' as I had just paid my bill. From this date up until 12/12/13 they issued me a bill total of £622.22. I checked on my bank statements and during the same period I had paid them £681.36. which confirmed that I had been overcharged by £59.14. I waited until they sent my final bill which came to £55.56 which then meant that I had actually been overcharged by only £3.58. No big deal as long as the account was settled, I'd forget about it.....


However, I contacted BT customer support via email and explained this, but they continued to chase the final bill of £55.56 and would not except that I had over paid for their services and that they actually owed me a refund. On closer inspection I noticed from my bills that I had also been overcharged on individual bills one was for a duplicate late payment fee of £7.50 and another unexplained admin charge of £8.36. I complained about this and they confirmed I was correct and refunded both charges. They have now deducted these but are still chasing the original final bill of now £39.70 (£55.56 - £7.50 - £8.36). I contacted them confirming that I had received the refunds but it makes no difference to my situation as they still owe me the original £3.58. I am now receiving debt collection letters which threaten legal action maybe taken against me and that my credit rating will be seriously affected if I do not pay them the £39.70.


I am not bothered about the £3.58 they owe me, but I am very concerned about my credit rating which is currently very good. The questions are firstly can they sell the debt to an agency if I am disputing the case. Secondly can they place a default on my credit file and finally should I just issue the £39.70 and forget about it or should I begin my own claim against them just to clear my name and prevent them taking further action. I have been arguing my point via online customer services for over a month and having to go back through my records has cost me hours of time and effort. It seems as though we are in a stale mate type scenario.


I apologise for the long winded post, but can you offer any advice.





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