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    • We never spoke to creation until Harvey’s went into administration. All I know is that they wrote the sofas off and we were told to go to the local Harvey’s to pick out a replacement. We went and picked out the new sofas and were told that they would just do a straight swap 
    • Hi i was the sender to a custom paint shop, hermes lost them on the way. I purchased them as complete drums hence the high shipping cost with insurance by others the main kit came from one seller the snare from another as a complete it its very large, hence i want to claim for the money i spent  on shipping them to me, on top of the purchase value. The shells after stripping down are smaller and stack inside one another.
    • Were the finance company aware at the time it happened that the original 2 sofas, which i will assume are specifically detailed upon the credit agreement signed with creation, were deemed faulty by the retailer under some form of warranty and taken away with a promise to replace them?   you need to be clear that there are two things here.. a supply contract with the retailer, harvey's now Bensons.. a credit agreement with creation 
    • I know that it's probably hard to believe that a bank would compensate people for anything without pressure to do so; but in my mind I actually think that with the current climate. Banks particularly are trying to help people; they are losing money hand over fist because they are losing wealth from people who are suffering due to furloughs and job loss etc. Perhaps it would be more humane to not doubt so quickly and actually believe that although in the most part banks are ravenous scavengers and lets face it £25 is nothing but a token effort I probably could have claimed thousands through the PPI scheme. But I chose not to. Money isn't everything. I have enough going on with my life without filling out unneeded paperwork. Traipsing through my financial history etc. Just bank the damn cheque and don't be a fool lol. £25 buys you a nice bottle of bubbly for Christmas and how many scammers are willing to give you money in order to take it. I work in IT and if you also look at the redirect of the details of the URLs that you were given in the letter they are legitimate and not spoofed. I don't bank with HSBC/First Direct anymore and from the sounds of it neither do many of you. Are you suggesting that hackers could infiltrate every banking network in the world if this is a scam???? 
    • thanks for your comments.   I wondered if you were hinting at a CCJ, so I _just_ checked. There are no records for me at the address I was living at the time, or subsequent. I know that means a CCj could have been made more than 6 years ago so it wouldn't show, but I should have been told about it at the time.   As for HSBC, I just cheeked the final demand that gave a combined total for tthe current AC and CC, it gave the account numbers of each. The cheque received has a different last four digits ie, the account they quote is not know to me.   However, that's by the by. Is there anything I can do to permanently put an end to the processing of my data. I have not had any contact with any creditor/chaser since 2010 after I told them to take it to court, and only the letters I mentioned above since then - one in 2018 and one a few weeks ago.   It's totally unfair that my details are being bandied around 10 years later. They had the chance in 2010 to take it to court and chose not to, but 11 years after the account was closed, my data is still being processed and passed around.   That's what I'm angry and concerned about. I was confident back then I could beat them, what I don't want is the aggro comin back, or them haunting me for evermore.
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Bought an iPhone 5s in November from Apple - it developed a fault problem. Took it back to store - they confirmed it was a fault - but only offered to replace it with a refurbished phone.


Said no - cause i did not want to end up after two months with second hand phone (with new T&Cs).


Also does not feel fair or legal !!


What should i do ? Any ideas





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Hi red-ed


There is no reason at all why you should except a refurbished phone. How did you pay? Assuming it was Credit Card or Visa Debit. Ask to do a chargeback.






Write a Formal Letter of Complaint, mark it as such. Explain that having purchased a new product, for it to be faulty after two months is unacceptable, tell them you want it replaced with a new one or a full refund. If they do replace it, find a way to establish that it's not a 'Refurbished' one.


Send it to :-


Apple UK - Mr Mark Rogers -

Managing Director



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Thank you rebel11 - i will write to Apple as advised. You advise re. checking the replacement phone is not reburbished is also very valid as I no longer trust Apple. FYI - the so called store manager become very unhelpful when i declined the refurbished phone - and then down right rude when dared to suggest that English consumer trumped Apple policy.




PS - i am of the view that big stores deliberately train their staff in policy rather consumer law to try and dupe their customers into accepting rotten resolutions.

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I’ve had this with Apple regarding an iPad.


After 2 months I would want a new replacement, not a refurb. Seeing as Apple are not playing ball change your request to a refund and not a replacement. You might be able to source a replacement cheaper elsewhere.


Their refurbs are better than most though, the casing is brand new it’s only the insides that are second hand.

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Apple claim that it is entirely within their rights to replace a brand new but faulty iPhone with a full warranty a second hand refurbished phone with a limited warranty (just 3 months - and they will replace again with another second had phone) because they class this as a REPAIR not replacement.


Are they being clever are they wrong !!!



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