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confused with defaults and dca

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Hi I have just looked at my credit file (Experian) to find four defaults

One default is with Mbna credit card which I settled and now shows satisfied and dated 30/11/2010.

The second default is with Arrow which is for the same amount and date as the Mbna account, surely you can not have two defaults from two companies for the same account.

The Mbna account is full of information about payments and dates.

The Arrow information consists of 5 lines with no information only that the default balance is exactly that of Mbna!


If I pay off the other defaults will that improve my credit score or just not bother and stick it out for upto six years.


And lastly after six years your defaults are removed from the Experian list (and the other dcas) do you still have to pay the outstanding amounts of the Defaults

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Hi. Sorry you were missed.


The MBNA credit card looks like it has been sold to Arrow and you are correct, 1 debt,1 default. If it is the case that Arrow have bought the debt, the MBNA details must be removed.


paying off a default to improve your credit rating will not work as the default is the one doing the damage. Settled means nothing to potential creditors, only the default.


Pnce the default drops off the file, this does not mean the debt does not exist. That still needs paying. The only time you can claim a debt is Statute Barred is if you have paid nothing in the previous 6 years and not acknowledged the debt in writing.

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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thanks for your quick response


Both Arrow and Mbna details are the same, amount owed and default date

Received a default notice letter from Mbna dated letter on 09/12/20 asking for part payment on or before 30/2010.

Then received letters from four different dca's all chasing payment.

Nothing from Arrrow and certainly no default notice.

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