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    • Thank you Bank Fodder for your reply. Il certainly do that
    • Googled it and Family Money Savers purchased the assets of Key Financial Claims, there’s also threads confirming that they have acted as agents of Key. A firm going into liquidation does not nullify a contract so whether or not you owe the money will depend on when the offer of compensation was made. I would call them in the first instance to question it, all CMCs have to record all calls now, and you can make the subject access request over the phone. The fact that it’s taken 6 and a half years doesn’t make the contract invalid. 
    • the business and assets of Key Financial Claims were bought out of administration on a going-concern basis on 10 December 2015 by connected company Family Money Savers (FMS) for an initial payment of £30,000.   addition, the company is due to receive 10 per cent of FMS' revenues from Key Financial Claims' pipeline and 25 per cent of FMS' own revenues of which the company previously received 15 per cent. ………..     pers i'd ignore them.  
    • Hi, I currently have a Court case going on against Hartley Wintney Motors whereby I am trying to reject a car under the 30-day thing, as the car broke down 29 days after I purchased it. I was notified by the Court that the Judge had ordered for it to be referred to the Motor Ombudsman for dispute resolution. TMO advised that this could take up to 6 months as they are currently dealing with cases older than mine. Yesterday, through the Money Claims portal, I had notification that HWM had made an offer. I am trying to claim back £3,100. That's the cost of the car at £2,500 + the cost of a warranty. So there offer is:  "We can pay £2500 on 23 October. You must deliver the vehicle with all keys, logbook by 23 September. If you are not agreeable, business is closing soon, and any judgement awarded in the small claims court is also unenforceable. You will then need to dispose the vehicle."   So, firstly, why should I have to return the car? It doesn't go. I would have to pay for a truck to get it back to them. If the business is closing why do they want the car? Why would I give them the car a whole month before they pay me? They could scrap the car and there goes my evidence. Is the business closing? Their website still has over 60 cars for sale. Are they just trying to force me to take their reduced offer?  I have checked on Companies House and in June they filed a notice for compulsory strike off. One week later the strike off action had been discontinued. I've also contacted TMO to try and ascertain if this offer is in conjunction with them, as I haven't received any communication from them advising the same. If my matter is still waiting to be dealt with by TMO, why would HWM just randomly make an offer, when from the beginning they have been adamant that I am in the wrong?   I would very much appreciate any thoughts from people.   Thank you.     
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I will go that way one night next week and check to see if there is anyone at the offices, I still think you are barking up a tree that has already been exposed as a fake one, in that the companies do have registered offices and very few staff on site. The recent 'Bank of Dave' programme on payday lenders showed that may companies have no operational staff at these offices - staff who 'dish out the loans'.


The companies business models, way they have multiple trading names on one licence, don''t abide by the OFT Guidelines on Debt Collecting and 'walk into' peoples bank accounts has proven more effective.


I've investigated a couple of other companies alleged operating offices only to find they have had 'reception' staff there three times a week to collect post. Phone calls to the offices were rediverted to other offices and cold callers were actively discouraged. HFO (who now have had their licence revoked) and the PDL company who had their offices in Borough High Street (which is just round the corner from me now) were two of the ones I visited.

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You have vocal confirmation and not actual proof. They do rent offices there full time, but with TF's track record, they probably use them as a 'technical base' and rent an office whenever there is actually a reason for them to have a meeting. We've already had 2-3 people on this site physically go to every address theyve ever said they use.


One was even an empty garage.


You are correct, I do not have a proof and never claimed to have one. Either you are like me or you are not: if I take a loan from this company which led to such pain and stress for my family, only to realize that webloans is probably just moving on under a disguise, then I want to know and I want to expose them to oft. This is what I am trying to get us all! I did manage to find a former employee who was there until late last year. This person told me a lot of things that could not be invented. I believe it. Among the things said are: wlp did have their FULL TIME offices there, Per Gullestrup and his daughter were the people in charge with Jordan Taylor, the person believes that DHR is still in the same building. The person said many other things that I am trying to connect but sound very hard to proof so I shut up. I thought that anything related to physical presence of dhr or any of these individuals at this place would help and could be verified with a little bit of effort. I can go visit greycoat place on weekends but that won't help

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