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Total Ban on Advertising of Gambling, including Television, Internet and Radio.

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Interesting epetition just found.Personally i am sick of seeing gambling adverts on TV.

Trying to draw people in.I have never really looked at it before so just had a quick look round and it is surprising how big some of these companies are.Are more people getting addicted,i do not know,perhaps you do.

Everyone in the adverts is so happy but how many are being taken in,getting into difficulties,do you know.

But the sheer amount of money now being spent on TV advertising must be paying off.It is everywhere you look.

Just in case anyone is interested.Only got 70 signatures .


But so much revenue to be gained by the TV companies.And perhaps causing troubles for some.

Due to what seems to be a booming industry this is why i have started this thread.Have your say.

100,000 signatures is a tall order but at least some of your views or if you have seen any newspaper articles or know anyone in trouble would be interesting.Post them here.A new area for myself,so could do with a little help.

You get a feeling there is something of the night about it all.

Agree or disagree,have your say.Just trying to find out.Which we will.

Just what is going on .



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Many many moons ago it came to light that my then future mother-in-law had been using the rent money to play bingo several times a week. I dread to think what the debt would have been like if she'd been able to play online 24/7. I can fully understand how people can get dragged in and end up spending thousands trying to get back the bit they started with. Petition signed.


"If you want my parking space, please take my disability" Common car park sign in France.

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Hi reallymadwoman.

I have noticed these bingo companies,probably the big boys diversifying from their other ventures advertising big time lately on the TV.

It winds me up seeing them rolling along on their happy coaches etc.

I have noticed one who seem to be filming their adverts in my local town.

Just a observation.I will check them out.See who they are.


To afford this they must be making plenty or trying as hard as they can to direct people to them.To add to their empires.

I will begin to look into who owns them,who regulates them,what help there is for people that get into difficulties next week

And what other countries are doing or not doing about things.See what problems are out there..

I do not think it would be to difficult for some to quickly become addicted to them.

Online gambling i suppose seems different to seeing the pound notes vanish before your eyes as in the bingo halls,casinos,betting shops etc.

A strange thing to say i suppose but in the bingo halls you buy your tickets and have some sort of control.

I believe online you could quickly lose that control.And your bank account could be drained before you know it.

How much can you lose online in a couple of hours or even less.

It will be interesting to look at what is going on and if there is a problem out there or a big problem building.

A learning curve for me which i will find interesting.

I have seen a couple of people borrowing of payday lenders to fund their gambling.There must be more.

I agree with the petition.

There is no need to target the people of Great Britain in these ways.Slick advertising.

Who exactly are they targeting.

There are enough predators out there targeting the people of Great Britain.And enough problems.Without adding to them.

My views what are yours.

Just register and let loose your thoughts.

Agree or disagree it is a free country and you will get a warm welcome:wink:

Just put this on twitter and a gambling institution follows me.You have to laugh.


I will put a link on if you are on the outside looking in so you can join in and have your say.Link below.


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Totally agree.


If someone can get hooked so easily when they have to stop when the cash runs out and they can only go when the physical location is open and during the day whilst all the family were at work and so wouldn't know what she was doing ... In fact, I shudder to think what would have happened even if she'd had a credit or debit card back then instead of cash, never mind payday loans. The temptation to keep trying, for any form of gambling, must be huge if you know you've spent the rent or the gas money or whatever.


I have noticed that adverts for bingo sites almost exclusively seem to target women.


"If you want my parking space, please take my disability" Common car park sign in France.

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Thanks for posting again reallymadwoman.

I have not looked to hard yet but yes women do seem to be targeted.I will find out how the companies are going about this.

Some of the things i am reading do not make pleasant reading and for now a few of them i am not ready to put on.

And the research i am looking at is a few years old.

However for now this statement grabbed my attention.

.A lady said says the mechanical rhythm of electronic gambling – slot and video poker machines – pulls players into a trance-like state, the "machine zone", in which daily worries fade away. But it's different for men and women – men gamble for a cocaine-like rush, women for a methadone-like numbness.


I do not have the knowledge to say much about the above statement. and early days yet in my research but will get to the root of it all.

And get figures and up to date info.

With other peoples help putting articles on and any problems they are having.

Or knowledge of anyone who has been through troubles of this kind.

The companies have their slick advertising and advertising money we can find out what the truth is by talking and researching.

When companies spend money like this they must be getting a result or seeing a potential market.

We are going to find out what problems may be out there.Or potentially building.

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Before bingo was online, my brother had a business. He employed a man (the father of his wife's best friend from school so they felt was very trustworthy) who wanted to work 7 days a week and never wanted to take holiday. They thought they were lucky to have such a dedicated employee.


Over time they realised something wasn't quite right so when they closed did a number of stock takes and checked the takings. Turned out this man was stealing a small amount every day for his wife to go and play bingo.


The man was prosecuted on sample charges and got a suspended sentence. My brother got a whopping bill for VAT on undeclared income to the business that he never got.


I see the bingo and gambling ads now and wonder how many are being drawn in who really can't afford it. I just can't understand how this advertising is allowed.


Happy to sign your petition tawny.


What's Best for You?



The Consumer Action Group is a free help site.

Should you be offered help that requires payment please report it to site team.


Alliance & Leicester Moneyclaim issued 20/1/07 £225.50 full settlement received 29 January 2007

Smile £1,075.50 + interest Email request for payment 24/5/06 received £1,000.50 14/7/06 + £20 30/7/06

Yorkshire Bank Moneyclaim issued 21/6/06 £4,489.39 full settlement received 26 January 2007



Advice & opinions given by Caro are personal, are not endorsed by Consumer Action Group or Bank Action Group, and are offered informally, without prejudice & without liability. Your decisions and actions are your own, and should you be in any doubt, you are advised to seek the opinion of a qualified professional.

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I will sign also as it says free to join but in very small print ( most of the time ) it says deposit £10 and we will match it by x amount. I thought free was free!

If I owe you money, take a number and join the queue. If you owe me money pay up and shut up






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The majority of these companies are offshoots and they reside in Gibraltar and Malta. So don't get a big win and expect it in your bank account the next day, that next day might just be never and then they will close your account.

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I have not had much time to get stuck into the advertising yet but will.A lot to learn and look at.

Gambling advertising is clearly increasing of that there seems to be no doubt.

One bit of gambling advertising that wound me up a touch yesterday was this.

Due to my local football club being sponsored by a payday lender i listen to the football matches on the radio.

Well it seems recently the excellent radio coverage i used to listen to has now changed to a local station which covers every match.

Yesterday during the match the commenter kept interrupting the match with the latest odds for the team to win,what score etc.Told to do this i suppose.Just his job.


So now i have been hit with a double whammy.It will now have to be text only coverage.

I can not listen to this anymore.Some may think a bit extreme perhaps but everyone has a choice how they protest.

Old news perhaps to some but the gambling institutions are clearly sponsoring many things.Notching things up.

And looking at new ways to suck people in.


I am sure as i get more time and learn more this thread will heat up.

And if you know anything or want your say or got any articles,experiences please put them on.

I read them all as many do then research and try to find out more.


And of course i will be going to other countries to see what they are doing about things.

Here is a clip from Australia.As i say early days yet but the advertising seems to be increasing in Great Britain.

My view is i am sick of the predators looking to make a quick buck targeting the people young and old in Great Britain.Trying to draw them in.Agree or disagree have your say.Slick advertising,massive advertising budgets.At a exciting time of the match odds being thrown out to draw people in.





Gillard moves to ban live odds, restrict gambling ads during games



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I will sign also as it says free to join but in very small print ( most of the time ) it says deposit £10 and we will match it by x amount. I thought free was free!


I will look into that.Are these adverts that promise free bets all they say they are.

Or is there small print that you need binoculars to see.

Have you been taken in by these and found things are not quite what they seem.


A article from a few months ago.

Talking about roulette gambling.

Advertising watchdog rejects complaints from Tory MP with links to the bookies



The campaign has recommended that the current maximum stake of £100 should be reduced to £2

The advertisement described FOBTs as “the scourge of the high street”, alleged that they have “addictive roulette content”, that they have been so widespread that they are known as the “crack cocaine of gambling”, that “thousands of families” are affected by FOBT addiction, and that they amount to “exploitation of poorer communities during a time of recession”.

The ASA has announced that it has rejected all five of Mr Davies’ complaints, after the campaign produced evidence to back each claim. Mr Davies is appealing the ASA's decision.



Do you know anyone or have experience of these machines known as the “crack cocaine of gambling”

Have you or a family or friend you know been affected by them.


Who do you complain to about any gambling advertising that you think is misleading.

The ASA it seems.I will put a link on shortly.

To myself complaints in 2012 were not as big as i thought they would be but increasing.

The number of complaints made to the Advertising Standards Authority about gambling ads have increased nearly six fold in a year.

In 2012, a total of 855 complaints about gambling adverts were made to the ASA, compared to 148 in 2011.

How many is it this year.

Gambling advertising rules and regulations




TV gambling adverts increase sixfold since liberalisation


Gambling now accounts for more TV advertising spots than cars, or travel and transport.

Of the 1.4m gambling adverts on television in 2012, 532,000 were for bingo; 411,000 were for online casino and poker services; 355,000 were for lotteries and scratch cards; and 91,000 for sports betting.




Number of young people with gambling problems increases


The number of 18 to 35-year-olds contacting the UK's leading gambling advice service has risen for a third consecutive year.

GamCare's figures show more than 60% of their calls in the past 12 months were from that age group.

It says smartphone and online betting are playing a big part in the rise of young people developing gambling problems.

In total, 8,813 people contacted GamCare for help over the last year.

That's a rise of 8.1% compared to the overall number getting in touch in 2011.

Although the total number of callers stayed the same for 2012, there has been a rise each year in the 18 to 35-year-old category.







Advertising Standards Authority-Details.

If you have a complaint about a gambling advert,fill your boots.Let the ASA know.

You can even complain cross border if the advert comes from other countries.

I think 24 countries are covered.Link below.



How the ASA deal with complaints.



Ways you can send a complaint

Submit your complaint online, or telephone,textphone, or write to us.

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You are more likely to win the lottery ten weeks running than do the absolutely impossible of banning internet advertising of any nature. Any advertisers on UK servers will just go abroad and most already are, Gibraltar and Malta being the favorite domain of the majority, that way they can find a reason not to pay out of that big win and there seems nothing anyone can do the make them pay out.


So go for your petition but delete the bit about the internet.

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Thanks for the post Conniff.

I have just been looking at the problems that these roulette machines seem to be causing for some.

It seems the Labour givt relaxed the rules for these machines.They say they have now learned their lesson and want to tighten things up again.

I have not yet looked at what the present govt think about this subject but will.Do they want things tightening up.

Interesting thoughts about Gibraltar and Malta.

A you say i understand what you are saying about the internet.

I do not know the chap who started the epetition but will try to find out why he started it.

Just seems the right time to find out about the subject and chat about the problems being caused for some.

A couple of articles about these roulette machines coming up.And why they call them the crack cocaine of gambling.

I find it hard how these massive stakes that tempt some are allowed.

I wonder what the people must see who work in these shops.I bet they have some sad stories to tell.The looks they must see when some of the people are cleaned out.

I have heard of one person in my town who gave the machine when he had lost his benefit a damn good beating.Not the only one i suppose..It seems to be addictive even to those who usually can manage to hold back and they can soon lose their wages in a hour or less.


Ed Miliband vows to rid Britain of the crack cocaine of gambling and stop the high-stake 'epidemic'


The Labour party leader described fixed-odds terminals as “dangerously addictive” and the cause of “untold damage” as household budgets were gambled away



I managed to blow £500 in less than an hour on the 'crack cocaine of gambling'


Sunday People political columnist Nigel Nelson found there was no magic in playing the game on a controversial casino-style machine at a bookies



Labour would give councils power to ban roulette machines




Interesting story and comments.And this story is over one year old.What is it like now.

Talk of 50%of profits coming from these machines.

It seems Australia also has a massive if not bigger problem with them.

I will take a look at it.

Brazil seems to have a ban on them.I will see and why this happened.


Escape from gambling hell

As high street betting shops and internet roulette claim ever more victims, Simon Murphy meets the gamers who have beaten the odds in a struggle with addiction


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The US has banned all gambling sites from outside their borders. Mind you, it's probably more to do with protectionism than the gambling itself.

Here's an interesting article - http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2006-10-26/news/27454215_1_internet-gambling-gambling-sites-casinos

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for the interesting post Conniff.It is interesting and i will read it properly today.Only had a quick look at it.

A lot there.

The other day i caught the end of a two part look at online gambling on radio 4.But what i heard in a short while was worrying if you are against the amount of advertising and targeting of communities by them.

Talk of 500,000 problem gamblers,not only affecting themselves but their families,friends even workmates.



Seems Glasgow has been targeted by these companies.Average gambling debt per citizen,mmm better check that again.

Talk of as you said some based in Malta and other places,although paying advertising here taxes are a different thing for them.

I will not say much more till i have listened to it properly.Then edit and add no doubt.

And have your say.

Are you sick of all the gambling adverts on TV, radio wherever.

Has it got to the stage where you turn over to miss them then turn back after a few minutes.I do.

Perhaps i need help.Some of you probably think to true you do.

Flogging suites,double glazing,holidays whatever i can take but trying to flog gambling to people is a step to far for me.

What do you think.

Here is part one.I will put part 2 on in a moment.

The rise of online gambling


First broadcast:Thursday 02 January 2014

Peter White presents the first of a two part investigation into gambling in modern Britain and the price some people pay for it.





Peter White's special report on the largely unregulated world of online gambling.


First broadcast:Friday 03 January 2014

In a second special report, Peter White investigates the politics and protection for users of gambling websites.



A bonus.

Are there to many gambling adverts on TV.



Are they targeting the youth of Great Britain.What do you think.

Who are the bingo boys targeting.Surely not the women of Great Britain.

The amount they are spending on these must be getting results.

Everyone seems to be starting these up.

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I am in a dilemma here. On one hand I hate the idea of the nanny state however on the other hand gambling is a real problem in this country. It is not just these machines in bookies but also the £500 jackpot machines that you see in every service station and every high st. The industry claim to have policies and procedures in place to help people with problems for example having a voluntary banning but the biggest high st company ( Cashino) have no system in place for making this possible over a variety of shops. So, if for example I asked one site in Nuneaton to ban me, there are still 2 other sites in the same small town where I could go.


On the internet it is so easy to sign up and play automated fast bingo or slots or cards.


When I started gambling the machines were 10p a spin with £2 token jackpots , you could play for quite a while and lose a few quid. Now they are up to £2 a spin, auto play £500 jackpot and it is easy to lose several hundred in a hour or so.


I have to say that on balance it is up to the state to protect us against what can be illnesses and addictions that ruin lives

Any opinion I give is from personal experience .

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I agree and what is to stop young ones form doing it, they can possibly quite easy say they are of age? I am aslo sick of hear radio adverts for bingo etc, deposit £10 and we give you blah amount free, that to me is encouraging you to join?

If I owe you money, take a number and join the queue. If you owe me money pay up and shut up






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Gambling: Pleasurable or dangerous?


Duration: 55 minutesFirst broadcast:Tuesday 07 January 2014

If gambling is a pastime that you enjoy and sometimes make some money from, Winifred Robinson wants to hear from you. But call us too if things have got out of control

Broadcast yesterday.People talking about their experiences and problems with gambling.




David Cameron 'shares Ed Miliband's concerns about gambling machines'


Prime minister says there are problems in the betting industry but he will wait for report before acting





I still have not listened to all the broadcasts on gambling but will get round to it.

But in 2005 there were 90,000 adverts.

In 2012 there were 1 million 400,000 adverts.

Or one in 25.Combine that with the payday loan adverts and my mind is made up and brings a strange thought to my mind as sometimes happens on rare occasions.

I am not the most up to date person but i believe you can now start a tv program 5 minutes later and when the adverts come on just flick past them.If this is so all the other advertisers could be losing out to these predators who clearly no matter what they say are targeting the people of all ages of Great Britain.

Women,the young all ages.

I can not be the only one sick of their adverts.Any means of missing them including changing channels for a few minutes i will do.So all the other advertisers could be missing out on sales allowing the gambling adverts and come to think of it the payday loan adverts to be advertised every few minutes.Sick of it.But money talks.50% of profits now come from online.

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I proved a point to a nephew, I deposted £10 and was meant to have £35 to 'play with' but the remaining £25 was only available after I had made a second deposit GREATER than the original £10!


Online gambling is as much a modern day problem as the payday loan companies, and I wonder how many people take out PDLs and gamble with the proceeds, hoping to win big and pay off other debt?

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Hi Sillygirl1.

I was wondering how these free bets work.

It says women would rather gamble online rather than go to a shop or bingo hall.

Also that some while they are playing have online chat facilities.Is this so.Very friendly if so.

The free bet info always seem to fill the screen.The small print you need binoculars for i suppose.

I am not going to ask you if you won,but feel free.

I have seen a few on the Payday Loan forums who have borrowed to gamble.

And i do not expect many signatures for this epetition but hope others follow.

Feel free anyone to add yours.Anyone.Tell them to tackle this increasing problem.

Sick of hearing them.

Total Ban on Advertising of Gambling, including Television, Internet and Radio.


Responsible department: Department for Culture, Media and Sport

We wish the government to bring into force a complete ban on all gambling advertisement in this country. These advertisements not only make television viewing and internet browsing highly unpleasant, but encourage those who do not ordinarily gamble to do so and also encourages those who are trying to stop gambling to continue. In an economy where we need growth through people saving money then spending in the right way and the avoidance of huge personal debt, it would be a step in the right direction all advertisements encouraging people to gamble to be banned.



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No, I didn't win, again proving to him that you need to have about £50 or so to be 'in the top games'... the whole industry is hiding behind offshore companies.


Several former Eastern bloc countries are now hosting some of the servers, which makes it even harder to track who may ultimately have all your financial info stored - and who knows where they may flog all the info to.


I think the chat facilities are on the sites to distract you and make you end up getting even more into debt.

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And the offshore companies that target here pay no tax i suppose just empty peoples pockets.

Advertising costs,not much else.

I am getting old,seeing to much.

Targeting of people and communities whether bingo,roulette,football who is first out of which celebrity show whatever.

And as you say who may end up with your financial info.

And where may your info end up or sold to.

And yes they are targeting the deprived areas just as the payday loan companies do.More on that at a later time.Just warming up.

Anyone with any news articles,experiences,thoughts put them on here.Always interested.


A little about Glasgow's problems no doubt about to if not already spreading.

It's time to end the boom in bookies and payday loan stores

COUNCIL bosses want extra powers to stem Glasgow's boom in betting shops and payday loan stores.

Glasgow gambles more than £800m a year, about £1400 per citizen, more than anywhere else in Scotland.



Liverpool's leaders calling for ban on betting shop machines


The terminals are luring the poorest in the city to gamble hundreds of millions of pounds




Like 'crack cocaine': MPs condemn colossal £1.7billion gambled on betting machines across Greater Manchester






Gambling's crack cocaine: They're the disturbing new face of gambling - betting machines that enslave the poor and earn bookies BILLIONS






UK to Tax Offshore Online Gambling Operators




It was found that all of the top 10 operators in "remote gambling" now headquarter a part or all of their operations in Gibraltar, the Isle of Man or Guernsey – at a cost to the Treasury of £1bn in lost duty since 2009.


Labour seeks cross-party support for vote on high-stakes betting machines


Party softens language in effort to win support for motion demanding action to curb spread of fixed-odds betting terminals






Labour seeks cross-party support for vote on high-stakes betting machines


Party softens language in effort to win support for motion demanding action to curb spread of fixed-odds betting terminals





However, senior Tories and Lib Dems said that while they were sympathetic to Labour's case, the government would wait for a key report – supposed to be laid before parliament early this year – into the machines before taking action.



Let us hope the key report is released as soon as possible or this could drag on into the election year as is the case at the moment with the payday loan fiasco.

Where this next statement came from i do not know but if true does not bring much cheer.

It is about the key report due soon.

However, a precursor to that work warned that researchers had found the initial results to be "data rich, information light" and this "provides insight only into a very narrow range of issues – namely those of financial transactions" rather than that of how players can get addicted.

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Tory adviser Messina takes gambling job – on same day Tories vote against gambling crackdown


David Cameron’s election guru announced he was accepting a job with the main gambling lobbyist in the United States






BBC News Ed Miliband Roulette machines cause debt and misery





David Cameron yesterday signalled the Government would take action on high-stakes gaming machines - but not for several months.

The Prime Minister admitted there was a “problem” with fixed-odds betting terminals which needed “looking at".



Ofcom publishes research on TV gambling adverts



Research findings

The research found that the total number of gambling advertisement spots shown on television increased from 152,000 in 2006 to 537,000 in 2008 after the market was liberalised, reaching 1.39 million in 2012.

Of all gambling advertisements on television in 2012, there were 532,000 bingo adverts; 411,000 adverts for online casino and poker services; 355,000 adverts for lotteries and scratch cards; and 91,000 sports betting adverts.

In terms of shares of each type of gambling service in 2012, bingo accounted for 38.3% of adverts; online casino and poker services were 29.6%; lotteries and scratch cards represented 25.6%; while sports betting adverts accounted for 6.6% of the total.

Gambling accounted for 0.7% of all advertising spots across commercial television in 2006, compared to 1.7% in 2008 and 4.1% in 2012.

The research found that adults’ exposure to gambling advertising has increased over time. In 2006, there were 8 billion ‘impacts’ – the number of times an advert was seen by viewers. This grew to 30.9 billion impacts in 2012, when gambling adverts accounting for 3.2% of all advertising seen by adult viewers.




Britain's taxman catches up with online bookmakers




Total Ban on Advertising of Gambling, including Television, Internet and Radio.



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