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Hi all,

i'm looking into a few things on my credit file would like some help on the following if poss;

1) company called arrow global doing a trace search - question can they do it? and can i remove it off my file?

2)EGG PLC - credit card

start date 2004

default placed on 2006

status on my credit file is (U)

question is should this be in existence since its dated 2004?

3) EGG bank - loan

start date 2005

default placed 2005

status on my file is (U)

should this be on the file?

reason why i ask is that Lowell portfolio has taken these over from egg and placed in 2005 & 2006 defaults of their own.

what’s really funny is that on the statutory report i got from Experian.. none of this is visible! what could be the reason of the discrepancies? if any...:!::!::!:

thanks in advance

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its the date of default that the 6 years goes from.


As for Lowell they often produce there own default dates.


But keep in mind you can only be defaulted once for any account.


You'd need to SAR Egg to see the correct default date and the last time a payment was made toward the alleged account.


First off write to Equifax informing them that the information is incorrect,

they will contact Lowells who more often than not don't reply, s

o after 21 days Equifax remove the data..


.......BUT Lowell at any time in the future can re-register the alleged debt with Equifax.


The alleged debts you have been defaulted on are coming up to there SB date

so expect one last push from the DCA, if alls quiet from them


just contact Equifax as I said above.


But make sure you get the SAR from Egg so you know where you stand on dates.

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cheers for the advice, what happens if EGG do not reply to my SAR? since theres been so much happening with RBS - who are the owners of EGG finance, i'll give that a go, and in the mean time i will write to Equifax saying that the info is incorrect.


cherrs -Red11

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i don't think egg register defaults with experian. they didn't with me, and neither did lowell when they bought the debt.

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may i suggest that you contact equifax and ask them to remove the egg default, as the lowell one is for the same account and they now own it. if you have notices of assignment then send them as proof. equifax said they couldn't remove it without permission from egg but that they'd contact them. egg never replied to their query, so equifax removed it after 21 or 28 days. then once you get your sar reply from egg, look to see if it is enforceable, how many unlawful charges there are, and whether there is missold ppi. this is what i did, and went to town on lowell saying they had no basis to enter a default due to lack of agreement, the value of charges, and mis-sold ppi. also commented on their default failing to adhere to the ICO technical guidance (ie two defaults for one account) and threatened a complaint to the ICO and possible court action for damages for defamation of character. lowell are removing the default. we'll wait and see.


once you get your sar from egg, work out what is wrong, ie unenforceable agreement, mis-sold ppi, charges etc.

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