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    • Hi,   I've been sent a claim form from Hoist finance UK Holdings, after speaking with them I believe it's with Robinson way.   I dont recall ever being sent a letter of claim beforehand, the debt is a Barclaycard and the amount if around £1500.   Speaking to robinson way they are unwilling to negotiate with me and simply told me to return the claim form.    Is there anything I can do to avoid the CCJ, I'm happy to arrange a payment plan with them and certainly would've if a letter of claim was sent.   Thanks 
    • you have to look back a long way to get all the info you need on contract law that covers the contracts offered by the parking co. let us say wha it is if worded properly, it is a unilateral contract, which is basicaly an advertisement of something that by your actions you accept. they are enforceable as such. CARLILL v Carbolic Smake Ball Co is the mainstay on adverts as contracts.   Burden of proof- well that is a 2 way street in this case as they will say that they had lots of signs so you must have read them. we say that they need to be specific to the circumstance of a motorist entering private land in a car so they ahve to be legible and transparent at the point of entry from the public highway or it isnt a proper offer. Get the signage right and the fact that you drive in a manner that would get you nicked by not paying due care and attention wont allow you to claim that you didnt see the signs. the reality is though that the signs are often piddlingly small, hidden or unlit and usually without the necessary planning permissions so thre illegallya dn thus fail to create a contract.   demand for payment  within 14 days at a a time well after the correct NTK/NTD was issued is OK, problem is that many of the original charge notices are duff so no liability exists.   youcnat ask for other people's personal data, only they can. If you were the keeper at the time then it will be you they are chasing but other than that all you can do is get her to name you as the driver ands ee if they want to obey the law and start all over again against you.   Now as the original Northern Parking services were wound up by the govt for being naughty you should look up the original paperwork you still have and see who the creditor was at the time. Also get pictures of the sigange as all of the signs from the Co I have seen fail to mention the new version of the company and that makes the contract offered by the signage void.   so for example the secod letter of calom that is headed Northern Parking Services - no such company, it was wound up and this lot either dont know who they are or are too lazy or stupid to explain themselves. There is no tie between the 2 companies with similar names so why are they passing themselves off as a bunch of out of business crooks I wonder? I suspect that they took over the books of the wound up co and failed to explain themselves to the old clients and just carried on. Now that will be somehting to explore IF they do take you to court.   We really need to see the signs(ideally as they were back then so streetview archive images plus new photos please) if possible along with the original paperwork and an idea of when they dropped through your letter box with reference to the 12+2 days allowed under the POFA.   If you can get that then it will be fairly easy to compose a stinging response to their LBA.
    • The timeplate only relates to the parking bay. The SYL's are governed by the times on the entry signs to the Controlled Parking Zone. I've looked on Croydons website but can't find the restriction times for Zone W. The T-bar is no longer a requirement, but the SYL must be substantially compliant, which from your photo I would say it is.   You need to get a resident permit or at least visitor permits ASAP or you're going to continue to get more pcn's  
    • Please will you tell us the name of the company you are dealing with and also their website link. I suggest that you go and put up some reviews on trustpilot and on Google as well  
    • Have you paid the £40? How did you pay?   Please will you tell us which company you are dealing with and a website link
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Does this constitute assault?

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Hi my sister was shopping Asda recently. She had my 86 year old disabled Aunt with her so used one of the Asda wheelchairs. The footrest on one side was twisted and my sister was unable to get it straight. She asked the security guy, who was the size of a brick outhouse, if he could move it for. The guy went into meltdown. Waving his arms and screaming at her to get away from him, he had to watch the monitors. She said blimey OK mate and walked to customer services where she asked to speak to the manager. The security guy on hearing this, came running over to her shouting and waving his arms about, frightening the life out of my sister in the process. My sister is 50 years old and has been on heart medication since suffering a heart attack at the age of 44. Next thing the security guy grabbed the wheelchair with my terrified aunt in it and started pulling it and pushing it about like a mad man. It took two Asda female staff members to calm him down and get him away from them. Asda have replied with the worst apology you can imagine, effectively calling my sister a liar, although there were witnesses plus CCTV. If she wanted to pursue this, is there a case to answer here?


Any advise greatly appreciated.Thanks

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Depends what you want to get out of it really?


If it was just an apology and they have turned it around and decided that their security staff are more important than their paying customers, then yes, plenty of room to bring about a suitable apology here.


But you need to know what it is you will accept as an apology.


Personally if it were me, and I were pushing my mother around on a shopping trip and this spectacle happened to me, then short of him being sacked on the spot and a free 10 minute trolley dash would only just suffice!


In all seriousness, I would want the store manager to write a letter of apology, along with his confirmation that said employee will either retrain, OR never be employed by that store again.

That and a bunch of flowers for your mum as a means of an apology.


If this isn't forthcoming then report the manager to his area manager, and rock the boat a little, and then never shop there again, vote with your feet, they are only interested in your money, so if you tell them that you are going shop at their biggest rival and increase their profits, they tend to listen. That and giving them bad publicity.

Who ever heard of someone getting a job at the Jobcentre? The unemployed are sent there as penance for their sins, not to help them find work!



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Do you have contact details of witnesses?


Also you can get hold of cctv via an SAR I think.


If you really class this as assault, you should report to the police

CAG has helped me so much since I joined. Based on what I have learnt from others on here and my own experiences, I try to chip in and help others from time to time. I am not an expert and give my opinion only. Always check with the more experienced CAG members before making important decisions.


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