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Final Demand Limited - Letter regarding previous employer and a 'debt'

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Hi All,


I hope someone can help me - I'm new to the CAG site and really have no clue as to what i'm doing!


I have received a letter from a company called Final Demand Limited, dated Thursday, 28 November 2013. The details of this company are:


Final Demand Limited

105/108 Queens Dock Commercial Centre

Norfolk Street


L1 0BG


Tel: 0151 283 6822

Fax: 0151 222 7252

Web: http://www.finaldemand.biz


Company Number: 6711249

OFT Licence Number: 622804

VAT Number: 945064028


The letter states:


Our Ref:

Our Client:

Original Balance: £4000.00

Costs & Interest: £ 960.00

Outstanding Bal: £ 4960.00


We refer to the above matter and have been instructed by our client to contact you regarding the above outstanding balance. As a result of your failure to pay this balance to our client, additional costs for the recovery of this debt have now been added and you are liable to pay the full outstanding amount immediately.


We appreciate that your failure to pay this balance may be an oversight on your part and you must now arrange to forward the total balance of £4960.00 directly to us within 7 days of the date of this letter if you wish to avoid Debt Collection Agents who may call at your home or further legal action being taken.


To arrange payment please contact us on 0151 283 6822. One of our experienced Litigation Executives will be able to help you settle your account via one of the many repayment options and we would recommend you make immediate payment by debit or credit card to avoid further costs and legal action which may occur due to lack of response from this letter.


Yours Sincerely,


Ms P Barratt

Litigation Department

Final Demand Ltd


This has came as a huge shock to me. I do not owe anybody any money. I am really careful with money, having been stung (my own fault) previously.


Their 'client' is my previous employer … I actually took my previous employer to an Employment Tribunal in October 2013 and won the case for unfair dismissal and for the fact that when I was dismissed my previous employer failed to pay me outstanding money (Wages, Holiday pay, Month in hand).


When I took my previous employer to court they issued a counter claim for costs relating to my training and their legal costs for having representation at the Employment Tribunal (The counter claim was for £4200.00). I represented myself.


As mentioned I won the case and the Judge awarded me the outstanding money, he also threw their counter claim out. Interestingly, My previous employer should have paid me by the 28 November otherwise a daily interest rate of 8% is accrued against the outstanding balance - It looks like I will need to pursue this also!


It now seems that the previous employers have instructed this company Final Demand Ltd to pursue me for the costs that she has already been told she can't have!


I have all the legal paperwork and the Judgement that was issued by the Judge.


I really need some direction as to what to do? I really don't owe this person anything and having received this letter has made me quite sick - I am due to have a Bone Marrow Transplant and the process starts next week - I just don't have any idea what to do and I certainly can't afford to pay this money! This situation has made me feel 100 x worse!


If anyone has any advice or template letters or anything that I can use or any advice I would really appreciate this. I cannot afford to have any CCJ or people showing up at my doorstep!


Thank you for taking the time to read this looooong post!



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Hi and welcome to CAG. Sorry your first post was missed.


This is way out of my league but my initial thoughts would be to write back and head the letter:-


"I acknowledge no debt to you nor any company you claim to represent."


Lay out the facts of the tribunal and inform them of the counterclaim and that should they wish to try this in a court, you will fully defend.


Now that I have posted, this thread will appear on todays posts. Hopefully, someone with the right knowledge will be able to assist

If you are asked to deal with any matter via private message, PLEASE report it.

Everything I say is opinion only. If you are unsure on any comment made, you should see a qualified solicitor

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Hi there,


Send a copy of the Judgment to Final Demand and tell them they have been misinformed by their client, they have no case whatsoever and you don't expect to hear from them again.


What a cheek!



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I think the only issue I may have is that the judgement states "For the Claimant" (me) and tells how much they have to pay me - It doesn't go into the detail about how the judge threw their counter claim out!

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Actually, I should apologize. I was rushing out when I saw your post this morning, and gave a brief answer which should see them off.


However, on reflection, I think you should refer to the counterclaim which was thrown out and finish by saying that you would appreciate it if they would remind your clients that their payment to you was due on 28th November, is incurring a daily interest rate, and you hope it won't be necessary for you to return to the Court and ask them to enforce judgment allowing you to instruct bailiffs.


I'm also sorry your health is not good at the moment and wish you luck with your transplant. You have the judgment and they lost their counterclaim so please don't let this add to your stress.


Big hug,



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If your health was better, I would suggest a tougher route, but given the circumstances I'd be inclined to send a copy of the judgment and just get them off your back so you can concentrate on getting back to full health. Health is more important than money. Best of luck with the transplant.


You may find this interesting:




I wonder if your previous employers will experience anything similar?

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