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    • You know what you're old username was and do you have access to that email address?
    • Can you explain a little bit more about the delivery please. Somebody sent them to you – was it a retailer who sold them to you? If you have to claim against Hermes then if you declared only a £300 value then this is probably what you will have to settle for. You pay £95 shipping costs – that is extraordinarily high for Hermes. Can you explain why it was so expensive.   Have you made a formal claim to Hermes? And have they responded?
    • I'm sorry there are a few typos in my post - a hangover from injuries I had at the time being discussed. I did try to tidy it up straight away but wasn't allowed to repost after editing it.
    • You posted in a solid block of text and it's rather difficult to read. Please will you make sure that your posts future are properly spaced and punctuated and that way people will find it easier to give you the help and support you need.
    • I arranged the delivery of a set of drum kit wood shells with hermes, I booked directly online. They have told me the item is lost 70x50x55 cm box???   They asked me to fill in a claim form which I have done i declared a value of £300 for the parts sent and paid for extra cover. I had recently purchased the whole drum kit for £650 and shipping costs of £95.00 to get them to me.    After investigating the cost of replacing the shells, not a direct equivalent but similar, it will cost around £450.00 with delivery.   I want to get compensation over the £300, is that possible, i have informed them of the total loss with delivery costs, prior to shipping with Hermes as £745.   I am more than happy to go to the small claims court for the difference but would it be dismissed,   Should I go for the full cost of the loss or the cost of replacement shells only I have all the receipts for the drums and shipping costs prior to hermes losing my items.   I still have the remaining parts that a pretty much worthless now, unless i get a new set of drum shells.   Its probably going to to take ages, I've written to CEO of Hermes about my complaint as well just to cover all bases. Next stop will be the small claims court as i read they pull delay tactics and low offers.   They really didnt care and also didn't seem surprised when i spoke to a service agent.
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Barclaycard not closing account - gambling problem

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I have a compulsive gambling problem. I took out a 8k loan in Sept to pay off two credit cards MBNA and Barclaycard.


After I cleared these two cards off, I took what I felt was responsible actions to close both of these credit lines and to remove temptation.


I contacted both MBNA and Barclaycard through their online messaging consoles.


MBNA cancelled and closed my account within 24 hours of contact.


Thank you for your message Mr. ******. I have closed your account today. Please destroy your credit card and PIN. If you've given your card details under this account (ending 8115) to any organization to make regular payments to them, such as annual or monthly subscriptions for magazines, Satellite TV or Insurances, please note that these may not be paid once your account is closed. We would suggest that you contact those organizations direct to confirm cancellation of these payment authorities and arrange to pay them another way. You may receive promotional material until 30 December 2013 as this is already prepared, please destroy any such mail. Your account may take up to a month to register with credit reference agencies as closed. I can assure you your account is now closed. You will see interest on your statements until the month after you make your first full balance payment, as interest is charged one month in arrears. I can assure you your account is now closed and cannot be re-opened. You will receive confirmation of this by letter to ******* Many thanks.


Fromhead.gif You

Hi there


Can you please cancel and close my Barclaycard account.


On receipt of e-mail confirmation of account closure I will destroy and discard of credit card.


Many thanks





I received this response about 30 mins later


Dear Mr *******


Thanks for your message regarding the closure of your account.


Your request has been forwarded on to the relevant department who will contact you shortly.


Should you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kind Regards,



Customer Service Advisor

Barclaycard Customer Services

However I never heard from Barclaycard as per my simple request to close down the account ASAP.


The account remained opened and about 12 days later I started to gamble using a card I had requested in writing to close.


I gambled about 4.6k on this card.


I take full responsablity for my compulsive problems/illness, however I feel that Barclaycard should have took action when I contacted them (like MBNA did), they were quick enough to respond, so why didn't they just close down the account? The balance was 0 is was an easy action surely.


If they looked at my previous statements they would see the problems I have.


I think I took reasonable steps to close the account, and would like an explanation as to why it was left open despite my request.


I have now lodged a complaint with them, because despite my admission to gambling problems, if the account had been closed on my instruction I would not have been in a position to **** away more funds.

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These are/were continuous payment authorities on debit/credit cards to the gambling sites?

Did you inform the sites you were closing your accounts as well as the card issuers?


In my opinion you should demand that BC reverses all the payment (charge back) made after the date you told BC to cease payments.

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Hi Gersnet,


Did you use the actual credit card to run up this credit of £4.6K.


If so, I do not see how anyone else is responsible. Surely the answer would have been to destroy the card yourself when BC said your request would be passed on to the relevant dep't.



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Hi there gers, as you are probably aware the best course of action would be to close the bookmaker/gambling site account.


If you can't stop, is it worth cancelling your internet connection/smart phone so you can't gamble online? Have you tried GA at all?


To be honest, although the credit card company have been lacking, I don't think they can't be held responsible for your actions. Call them and tell them to put an immediate stop on your card so no further damage can be done.


I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but wish you the best and hope you can recover from this.

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