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Friend suspended, manager is his girlfriends ex

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Hi all


If anyone can help id appreciate it.


I currently have a friend who works at a well known establishment, unfortunatly for him his manager just so happens to be his current girlfriends ex partner for which they have a son.



Now he has recently been suspended from work, for what reason i dont know but, my question is,


Could his manager been seen to be to persoanlly envolved? To make that suspension, or is him being manager irrelevent?

Would that have any affect? I hope that make sence.


Could he be seen to be victimising my friend on th bais h is dating his ex partner and mother of his child, is there anything my friend can do or say to anyone higher up?

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Bit difficult to say without knowing the reason for the suspension. What sort of personal relationship does your friend have with his manager? Does your friend know the reason for his suspension?

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how long is a piece of string?


Employment law works on fact, not speculation. Any evidence to suggest the manager has a grudge? And did your friend do what he is suspended for?


I'd get some facts and come back.

Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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Hi there thanks all


Well all I'm aware of is that he does give him hassle on a daily basis.

No personal relationship exists. Just a working one. I will try find out what reason was, he probably does have a grudge as he is a measly little man but its proving it i just wasn't sure if the fact that him being an ex partner had any baring.


Il get bk to you

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Does your friend have any proof of this hassle? The things is if your friends says this man has a grudge at a meeting the man will just say he doesn't and he is happy his ex has met someone who is a fine person outside of work etc. If there is proof this man is harrassing your friend, then again the reasons for the harrassment are irrelevant. It would be enough that it is happening.

So, you need proof of the harrassment, not proof that he dislikes your friend seeing his ex.

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