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Fraud accusations advice please

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Hi, I was pointed to the forums by a friend who suggested I might be able to get some useful advice, as I have nothing to lose, I may as well see what is to offer.


I do apologise as this will be lengthy, but to get the best advice I will need to post the bare bones.


November 2012 My partner at the time ad I split up, I was in receipt of income support under a joint claim. At the time I was terrified and suffering mental health complications (I still am) So I believed at the time not to update the claim because we were both living under the same roof. I eventually got round to filling in a change of cirumctances form, in february march time (and now I deeply regret leaving it so late). Due to lac of support from councils to assist me moving out, we are remaining under the same roof, he sleeping on the sofa, I and my daughter in the bedroom.


Middle of march my ex got his first job. Eventually I received another change of circumstances form, which confused as to why another filling of this form when I had sent one in previously (july). in late july/ early august, I receive a letter asing to attend an interview. It did not specify for what reasons. I attneded said interview, which was with a compliance officer, accusing me of fraud. During this "interview" I was ept in a secured room for 2 and a half hours, and offered what I would call a bribe.


a week prior to the itnerview I had recieved a bac payment, as whilst they were processing my form they had suspended my claim. During the interview I was told "Tell me now that you are lying and fraudulently claiming beefits and we will wrtite off this payment in error, and you will only be required to pay the over payments. If you keep lying we will take it to a decision maker and you will face going to court and lsoing your daughter."


I rejected the disgusting offer, and told him that I would not take his bribe. I suffered 2 anxiety/panic attacs during said "interview" to which I was told "calm down I am only talking to you". I honestly think that being ept in a locked room with no water, nor access to a toilet should I have needed it...and to be spoken to so disgracefully was uncalled for (and wondering if I should pursue this further with a complaint)


Not long ago I received judgement that I am claiming fraudulently. I have appealed but I am holding out little hope. I have sent in some evidence, but then it is only my word. I have asked for my social worker, mental health worker and ursery manager to also send in a letter confirming what I have said true all along.


It has taken a month + to receive information that they are only just reviewing my appeal, and asked me to send in further evidence.


I have survived upon the bac payment "in error" to provide for me and my daughter, but as I have now hit the last £50 available to me, the situation has gotten somewhat urgent.

What can I do about this situation, and what further evidence can I send to prove my case.

(I understand the stupidity of my actions from earlier this year and I am greatly regreting my actions for it, so i would lie a bit of refrain against comments)

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Let me try to get this right... you were claiming on a joint claim which you kept running because you were still living under the same roof until you told them in Feb/Mar this year. Did they then pay you as two separate people ? I am assuming that at this time you must have had a visit for a decision maker to accept that you were living separate lives under the same roof ?


When your ex got a job then your claim for just yourself continued?


And then you were called in for a compliance interview? What reason did they say that they wanted to speak to you about - you must have been told this at the compliance interview.


If, as you say, you were kept in a locked room for 2 and half hours, spoken to the way that you say then you must make a complaint to the manager without any delay.

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