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    • Spoke to my SIL a short while ago Andy and he had the following to say.....     No, he had left their employment by this time, in fact he left January of this year.     August 2013 up until January 2020     Yes, in fact he had a staff MORE card.     He laughed and said "Hell Yes" This even extended to the pubs deputy manageress whom he described as the worst offender and knew that my SIL was doing it as well as other staff members.   There is a story here....   He told me that after he had left, the company fraud guys came in to do an audit with her unofficially being the main target. He has an idea that she may well have been caught with her hand in the till and so she sang like a canary to save her own arse.
    • this is what shell have just sent me in email, confirming mistakes were made it the final response / deadlock letter, they are only telling me this now, 6 months after the deadlock letter was sent to me and long after court action started   please is the actual deadlock letter binding, or can they just noll and void it like this?   Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this evening regarding your account. As agreed, I am emailing you with the details of what was discussed during our phone call so you have a copy in writing. I advised that you previously had an account with Shell Energy (formerly First Utility) for property  and this has an outstanding debit balance of £187.24. However, due to the age of the account and when the invoice was produced on this account, this balance is being cleared. This balance will be cleared within 10 working days and the account will be closed at a zero balance. In regards to account  I advised that back billing credit of £630.45 that was applied in April 2020 was applied in error and was later withdrawn. I explained that the reason it was applied in error is because the back billing period this amount was calculated for, is the same period that the back billing was previously calculated for and a credit applied to the account in February 2017, with the amount of £1192.32 being applied to the energy account. I advised that at the time the deadlock letter was written, the information within this letter was accurate based on the account at that point. After receiving the deadlock letter, you then escalated your case to the Ombudsman. It was at this point, an agent investigated your case and realised that the back billing credit of £630.45 was applied in error. This was addressed within the Ombudsman's findings in writing and they confirmed that the £630.45 was an error and it is correct in being removed, leaving the account balance at £644.48 which is valid and liable to be paid. I appreciate that you have advised the Ombudsman case is null and void as you did not accept their decision and you are right in saying that the actual final decision that they issued was non-binding upon Shell Energy. However, this does not change the outcome of their findings or the fact that the back billing credit of £630.45 was not due to the account. You queried if our call was recorded as you would need it for a judge, to which I confirmed it was recorded. If you want me to raise a SAR for a copy of this call recording, please do not hesitate to reply directly to this email and let me know and I can arrange this for you. I advised that as your case has now been escalated to Shakespeare, legal fees have now been incurred. I advised of the breakdown of these fees: Legal representative cost £70 , Court fee £60 and interest £146.06. I also confirmed that these legal fees were on top of the account debit balance, resulting in an overall balance of £920.54. As discussed, due to the case now being with Shakespeare, I am unable to offer any settlement figure internally. However, I can arrange for Shakespeare to call you directly to discuss your account and options available. You queried if they would be able offer/discuss a settlement figure/payment plan, to which I confirmed that I could not comment on this as I do not know their process, however they will be able to discuss the options in more detail with you directly. As agreed, I will arrange for Shakespeare to call you tomorrow; Friday 27th November 2020. If they are unable to get hold of you, they should be able to leave a voicemail for you. During our call, you also queried who would appear in court to represent Shell, whether it would be a member of staff directly from Shell or whether it would be a representative from Shakespeare on our behalf. I have gone away and spoken to our legal team who have confirmed that it would be Shakespeare who would lead with a representative on behalf of Shell. I hope the information in this email clarifies our position. As advised within our phone call, I am genuinely sorry for the shortfalls you have experienced and I fully appreciate the frustration this has caused. As above, if you would like to request a copy of our call recoding from today, please not hesitate to let me know and I can raise a SAR for this. You can reply directly to this email or you can call on 0330 094 9158. Our lines are open Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 6:00pm. Please note that my working days are Wednesday to Friday each week. Yours sincerely,  
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    • Amigo has posted a statutory loss before tax of £62.6m, for the six-month period ending 30 September, after reporting a profit of £42.3m for the previous half-year View the full article
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Lendal Bridge £60 Fine PCN No Adequate Signs

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Has anybody successfully challenged the temporary PCN over Lendal Bridge? Have just requested Freedom of Information of exact nos. of PCN's issued both to visitors and to residents since 27.8.13, the no. of PCNs issued more than once to same person in a day and the no. of appeals. Copy of letter to York CC and York Tourist Board below. Have already received apology from the York Tourist Board by return!


£60 Day Visitor Tourist Levy


Like thousands of others, it would appear, I have been caught out by the temporary bus lane restriction on Lendal Bridge, York which started on 27.8.13. Never did I imagine that a pleasurable day out visiting York with 5 members of my family, some elderly, would levy the harsh YORK VISITOR TOURIST LEVY of £60 – and the threat of £90 if I dare to appeal and then lose. So little chance of the majority of people appealing the PCN when they will have to fork out even more funds to this unscrupulous Labour Council.


I am not a criminal; I pay my Road Tax and Insurance on time; I abide by the rules of the road in this country. Never did I imagine that taking my family for a meal in the city and spending money to support the local economy would result in a foul taste in my mouth after receiving a PNC, And what’s really funny, is that I am not the only one.


What a great [problem] for the Labour Council to attract funds to the city, in lieu of creating a real workable solution of the congestion issues there. I am sure that the 12,000+ – several of whom have ranted about the injustice of this temporary measure on the internet, several of them visitors to York who knew nothing of this local fiasco, are as equally p* off.


For your information:

1 I have never driven in York before.

2 I followed my SATNAV to a Public Car Park which took me this way – through a bus lane.

3 I followed other cars on to the bridge.

4 I followed a Car Park Sign to what was previously a Council Owned Car Park at ‘Esplanade’ which clearly the Council had not bothered to re-route.

5 The signs were ambiguous (as is pointed out on many an internet review of the bridge). The Council can not even be bothered to get planning permission for effective signs.

6 The road was too congested - yes, even with these bus lane measures in place - that the sign was not obvious.

7 There were too many road signs to digest at the same time.

8 Once directed towards Lendal Bridge, there was no alternative but to follow the road through – no easy way to turn or manoeuvre to move away from this restriction without earlier warning.


So my plan to return to York in December for Christmas Shopping? Well, what a dilemma I have! Why on earth would anyone choose to go to this city again – to be ripped off and threatened. Bad enough that the York residents are also being hit badly by this stupid decision of their elected Council. Never mind, plenty of other places of quality in this country to visit which do not victimise its visitors.

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Hello and welcome to CAG.


I'll move your thread to the appropriate parking forum, with a short term redirect for you to follow from here to the new forum.


The guys should be along over the course of the day. :)


My best, HB

Illegitimi non carborundum




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There is another thread running for this issue;




I have also heard about it through the coach driver's forums. In my opinion (from the information and images posted), the signage is non-compliant. They are un-clear and in some cases, contradictory.

Please Note


The advice I offer will be based on the information given by the person needing it. All my advice is based on my experiences and knowledge gained in working in the motor and passenger transport industries in various capacities. Although my advice will always be sincere, it should be used as guidence only.


I would always urge to seek face to face professional advice for clarification prior to taking any action.


Please click my reputation 'star' button at the bottom of my profile window on the left if you found my advice useful.

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Have put in FOI request: no. of visitors outside YO postcode and York Residents receiving PCN for Lendal Bridge and no. of successful appeals. Not sure how to link to thread above as new to site!

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Not popular with residents either (I'm not allowed to post links it seems !!!!) BBC Radio York Jonathan Cowap Fri 29th Nov listen again 2days remaining may give you an idea. Interview with the geniuses we have running our fair city - In the process of amending the signs - @ 41-40 The third time if I recall correctly? Surely an admission they're inadequate and may create an interesting situation should a wealthy individual decide to take it further! Also- facebook.com/saynotolendalbridgeclose.

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