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Hi. New to the forum - discovered while searching for clampers.


Leaving the house this morning i discovered my car was clamped with a sticker on drivers window, attached below [ATTACH=CONFIG]47466[/ATTACH]


It relates to a supposed unpaid parking ticket from westminster council. I believe I may have already paid this months ago but I am still looking for the paperwork and online receipt. The ticket is £202 and the bailiff fee is £240, total £442 being demanded in cash.


I have not received any paperwork through the letterbox nor did the bailiff make attempt to knock on my door.


Advice gratefully received!

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They are not supposed to just clamp and then leave without trying to make contact. How would they know whether you have any medical issue where you need the car.


Suggest that you contact Westmister Council to find out about any unpaid ticket. Don't be tempted to cut off the clamp, as this is only likely to cause you more hassle. The bailiff will probably report you to the Police for causing criminal damage.


If you know nothing about this ticket, then you can go down the route of making an application to the traffic enforcement centre. But speak to the council first.

We could do with some help from you.



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If filing an Out of Time application it will normally not be processed unless you are able to provide details of the amount paid....who payment was made to...and how payment was made. If you can get details to support the fact that payment had been made then make sure that you email the application form to the Traffic Enforcement Centre.

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Another way is to check your credit card statement or ring the C?C company-their number will be on your card.


If you can find the payment -great.


If not, then one would have to ask why you appear to have received no correspondence about it. Have you moved address since then or do DVLA have a different address for you? Check with Westminster

Council and confirm that it is that parking ticket that the bailiffs are chasingand what address they are using..


It seems as if Marstons are working from a Court Order which means that their costs will be higher than if they were acting as bailiffs. So you need to get them off your back asap. Therefore if you can pay them now, do so and reclaim any overpayment/ compensation after.


Is your car leased, on finance or a company car or even a motability one?

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thanks for the advice - car is privately owned / no lease or hp


i will pay the fee later today once i have funds in place (i will insist on paying via debit card, not cash as requested)


westminster council have confirmed the PCN and I do remember receiving it, I could have sworn i paid it. off to my office now where the paperwork is.

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