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    • well the only way now to get it removed is via a set aside cost £255.   even paying the CCJ and it being marked as satisfied will not sadly improve his credit file nor prevent it poss killing any credit for the 6yrs it will show on his file for regardless to payment.   TBH: there would have to be something seriously wrong for a set aside to succeed  location of the car park might help us at the least.    
    • I had  a 5yr fixed rate mortgage  with Norwich & Peterborough before they merged YB. I was to pay £585.27 Per month for 60 months fixed @ 5.85%. first year ok,  for the following three years as their SVR increased so did my mortgage; £589 1st increase 2nd increase £595, 3rd increase £599. Along with the increases I was also  charged late fees etc. from 2008 onwards. I did receive a letter due to the enquiry into their fees but that only refunded from 2009, where I had been incorrectly charged after one month in 2008, plus the charges wern’t  consistent with the £25 they allege to charge sometimes i was charges £32.50. I know the increases are not considerable however with them increasing the mortgage due to their SVR increases did they  1.    breach the terms & conditions of the mortgage contract. 2.    switched my mortgage to a SVR.   Any ideas appreciated.  
    • Thanks Dx, I’ll have to ask him if he wants to go any further and tbh I’m not sure he has anything kept, the claim form, etc. I’ll ask him tomorrow and see what he says or has.
    • opps no outside of the 33 days he had to pay it for it not too show sadly.   we are going to need far more info than what we have here now to even think of suggesting a set aside. this is compounded by the fact hat you say he totally ignored everything inc the claimform?   oh well time for you to get scanning. scan everything he has please  every letter, the lot.   one good point is we only need the front page of the claimform..not the complete pach from northants bulk.   please makes sure you redact things properly but leave times and dates etc. just remove his pers details, reg/pcn/ref numbers and any bar or QR code boxes. read upload  put everything in ONE MULTIPAGE PDF FILE ONLY please     the sad fact here is premier haven't ever won any CCJ's when cases are defended. they run away.
    • in their WS they state its a recon, [pages 1-10] urm something smells here for this to happen for an online 2012 signup.   pages 1+4+5 appear to be missing??   need to discover whats going on here  so scan up the pages 1-10 as clear non blurred uploads no good to us if we can see them   if you need to send them via the secure email then do so and i'll do it. but we need to see the text of all 10 pages very clearly to workout what they have done..   its better you look stupid infront of us than lose another case infront of a judge.  you only waste the forums time when you don't follow what has been already advised  esp when it runs the clock closer to a deadline - its 3 weeks we've been waiting for these docs now and what do we get..mostly blurred uploads we cant read...
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Circumstances have changed, is it possible to reduce monthly repayments?

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Hello all!


Looking for some advice please...


I moved to S.E. Asia 18 months ago, and to date have been managing to make the monthly repayments of approx £400 GBP on my debts.


My situation has now changed as I am 5 months pregnant, and health insurance will not cover any of the hospital expenses which I will have to pay in full. Plus the ongoing expense of raising the baby. As such, I would like to know if it is worth contacting the banks to see if they would let me reduce my repayments to something more manageable on an Asian income?


I have a credit card with HSBC approx £50 per month

A personal loan with Tesco approx £200 per month

Overdraft with HSBC approx £100 per month (will be complete in March)

Plus approx £50 per month misc interest, student loans etc


The credit card and Tesco loan are my main concerns, especially as over £40 per month is to pay interest on the credit card.


Please understand that I DO want to repay these debts, just at a more manageable rate.


Thank you in advance for any advice :)

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If you are not planning to return to the UK, then I would suggest that you write to all UK creditors with proof of your Asian address and advise them that you are unable to maintain payments. Advise them of your circumstances, so they can see why this is the case. I am not sure it is worth maintaining any payments, as by the time you have factored in exchange/transfer costs, it won't even cover any interest they are still adding to the accounts.


You may want to continue payments from a moral point of view, but you would have to ask yourself what benefit this would be to you. If you are planning on returning to the UK within the next few years, it may be worth it. But these banks will not really be bothered, as they will at some point sell the debts onto debt collection agencies, unless they are likely to be paid off within an acceptable period ( say 2 years). Banks don't like holding debts on their books for too long and will sell them on.


If you want further advice, perhaps you should speak to Stepchange the UK debt registered charity, who can chat through your current circumstances, what your plans are for the future and you could work out what to do that would be for the best.

We could do with some help from you.



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