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Advantis - Anglian Water question

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Hello All,


I have a debt with Anglian Water for £175.51 which has been handed to a debt collection company called Advantis who sent me a letter about it,




I initially just screwed the letter up and was about to bin it, when I stopped and thought I'd better deal with it and try to arrange a payment, so I e-mailed them.





I received a letter asking me to pay a debt I owe.





Balance: £175.51


Advantis Ref: xxxxxxx


Client Ref: xxxxxxxxxxxx



I'd like to offer payment of £15 per month starting on 08/11/2013, if this is ok with you, I'll use sort code: 54-10-17 account number: 10530398 and xxxxxxx as my reference to make transfers on the xth of each month.



Kind Regards


Jamie Taylor

After a few days, I got a response back saying that they reject my offer of £15 per month, and I should fill in a statement of means including all of my expenses, which I've done.




I sent them an e-mail back with the statement of means attached, saying that, no, all I can afford to pay them per month is the £15 I offered.


What are my rights here? will they come to my home and try to force entry to take my goods? will they take me to court, and if so, what will happen then?


Many thanks.



Edit: Images appear to be thumbnails, here's a link to both: dropbox[dot]com/sh/zhesvsae49n5fcp/j13bNxRSYv

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Hi welcome to CAG, they have no power to enter your home or state what you can afford to pay each month. So do not worry.


A lot of advisor's on the site have day jobs so a more definitive answer to your questions will be given to you later.


As you have made a reasonable offer it would be unlikely to go to court.

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First off, try not to worry yourself about this debt, it is highly unlikely that anyone is going near a court. Water companies can`t cut you off, water is a basic human requirement for survival . I would deal with Anglian water direct, do you have a payment card with them?, if not, i would ask for one. Do you have the facility to pay via standing order to Anglian water?, don`t go down the direct debit route.. You know how much you can afford each month, if £15 is your limit then that`s all they get. No one but a court can order you to fill out an means form, they [ Advantis] can ask, but you can tell them politely to eff off. You control your debt & how much you can pay, not them. Good luck, .... PS , stay off the phone to Advantis, in fact , don`t communicate with them any more ,they will lie to you , deal direct with Anglian water.

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