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    • Hi all, I hope someone can offer me advice regarding how my Landlord and the local council housing officer dealt with new tenancy agreement.   By chance on the 9th September while checking an email account I don't use much, I noticed a message from the council housing officer who deals with the tenancy agreement between myself and private Landlord, chasing up a new agreement from my LL Much to my shock and horror, the Landlord had first relayed the new tenancy agreement to her back in early February along with a section 13 notice of a rent increase of £159 per month from 1/3/2021.  She sent this to my email address on 4/2/21, again I did not see this and it then got lost among the hundreds of junk emails I get every day. I received no other forms of correspondence, no letters to my home address, not texts and no phone calls. She chased this up on 29/5/21 again by the same email address and nothing else, again this was missed by me. Finally on the 9/9/21 she chased it up again, asking if I wanted to sign the new agreement. I only noticed this by chance as I had been flagged to a school email so was checking my inbox. I was in total shock that for over 7 months this had been sitting there outstanding and never once, other than the times I've mentioned, did either the LL or housing officer bother to try and contact me by other means and that I was now in a very difficult situation indeed. I have lived in my home for 10 years 6 months and have often gone for long periods of time between the end of one tenancy agreement (assured shorthold) to the signing of another and what with all the carrying on with covid this year, I hadn't really given it a second thought that I'd not heard from the LL Sorry this is dragging on, please bare with me.....🙏 I receive LHA which has been paid at the three bedroom entitlement, which covered my rent. I have three kids 12 (girl) 15&17 both boys, so now entitled to the 4 bed rates, so the increase isn't a problem for it being paid - BUT as this has been left so long, I'm now according to the LL 7 months in arrears for the increased amount and owe them £1113!!! If they'd made me aware back in February I would have applied for the increase straightaway as it makes no difference to me  I've informed them that I will sign a new contract starting from the 16th of September as that is when the LHA has been increased from, but they are ignoring me.   Surely the poor means of correspondence and lack of communication by them isn't my fault so I shouldn't be held accountable for any arrears? As far as I'm concerned I've still been on a rolling contract all this time at the original rent, which has been paid on time every month?   Well done if you got this far and thanks for any advice 😊 Lisa  
    • Hi Its been over  2 months  since my last post  here and over 4 months since I bought car   and I dont know whats to do regarding   Car Dealer. BankFodder promised me help in writting letter of claim before taking court action but I havent heard from him since end of August.  I did everything BankFodder asked me for  ( paid 90 £ to  find out cause of car  wibration , preapared emails and text messages in pdf format , registered on MCOL , etc) . I value and appreciate advice from Bank Fodder.   I know I have chance in court and I want to take that risk .  Even If I loose at least I tried.   I would like to ask  you for help and  advice .  And sorry for my wording english is not my first language.
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    • the motor is less than 6mts in your possession, you should not be paying a penny under Consumer rights act!!   dx
    • Bought the car for my partner in April 2021. Driving home i heard a tappet like sound and i assumed it was just that , tappets , so nothing to worry about. after 3 months my parthner tells me the noise got worse, as i do not use the car due to having a van, i agree it has got worse and something must be wrong. i visit a few garages and just ask them to listen. and they advise needs furthur inspection and not to drive it.   Called car dealer and returned with car as he wanted to inspect it at there garage. There mechanic said something about oil and to do a complete fluch of system and change oil and filder and add addidtive . i did all this and then noise persists. Dealer says it would be cheaper to get a new engine. but he will deal with it to get it done cheapo as possible. left the car for 2 weeks and nothing had been done, he struggling to find an engine under 2k.   Basically in the end he has asked me to sort the issue out my self and refunded me £850 towards it.  Now an engine fitted i have sourced.   because of all the mssing about i agreed to fixing it myself but is it fair that i pay most of the money to get it fixed ?   Engine £1720 Fitting £600 Total £2320
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Home repossession 29th October Halifax bos


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Halifax bank issued me with court papers and I was due to be in court on 1st October. I got the dates wrong and thought the hearing was for the 2nd October.


At the hearing the judge granted full possession of my house on the 29th October.


I renegoited my mortgage loan in July 2012 and extended the term to 18 years. In May, June and July I shortpaid my mortage payments due to unemployment. I have since paid the contractual monthly payments for the extended term loan.


My monthly payment is £194 and I paid £ 634 in September to catch up.


I really don't know what to do now to get this back into court.


Any assistance would be greatful.

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How much are the arrears?

Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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They say that the arrears are in the region of £7/8k.


But I extended the term of my mortgage to 18 years in July 2012. It is a standard repayment mortgage. This reduced my monthly payment from about £400 to £194 per month.


This is my payment summary since the extention.


month due paid difference overpayment

Jul-12 184 269.87 -85.87 -85.87

Aug-12 184 192.38 -8.38 -94.25

Sep-12 184 184.92 -0.92 -95.17

Oct-12 191 203.93 -12.93 -108.10

Nov-12 191 189.07 1.93 -106.17

Dec-12 191 199.94 -8.94 -115.11

Jan-13 191 198.73 -7.73 -122.84

Feb-13 191 206.21 -15.21 -138.05

Mar-13 191 201.22 -10.22 -148.27

Apr-13 194 206.04 -12.04 -160.31

May-13 194 44.44 149.56 -10.75

Jun-13 194 0 194.00 183.25

Jul-13 194 108.88 85.12 268.37

Aug-13 194 208.88 -14.88 253.49

Sep-13 194 634.36 -440.36 -186.87

Oct-13 0 22.54 -22.54 -209.41

2862 3071.41 -209.41

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No, I haven't got a suspended posession order


Have you made the set aside application yet?


You only have 21 days from the hearing date to do so, you know.


If you don't get it done by Monday or Tuesday, the court won't entertain the application.

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Hi Lea.


I filed an n244 with the court on Monday 5th and paid the £80 fee.


With the n244 I gave a witness statement and enclosed the letter from the Halifax stating that the term was extended for 5 years 4 months to 18 years in July 2012.


I also attached a statement showing that I had met the contractual monthly payments for July 2012 to September 2013. Albeit May, June & July were paid in Septemer 2013.


Would it be sensible to prepare an income /. expenditure statement for the court?


I have not heard anything from the court since and was thinking about going to CAB to see what happens next.

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Yes, prepare an I&E for court. You'll also need to explain clearly and concisely the reasons for the missed payments and how you managed to get the money together to pay in September.


The court normally send out the time and date for a set aside hearing, so you should hear soon - but give them a call if you want to find out when the hearing is.


If you can get an appointment with CAB, then by all means go along to see them, they can be very useful.

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Will try to put together an I&E think that I had one a couple of years ago.


I am self employed and was unemployed in May, June and July since then work has picked up and I was able to catch up with my ayments in September. I worked most of the month of August without any time off and got paid for this work in September.


Will try the CAB on Monday as another option.


Many thanks for your assistance, so far.

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Rang the court today to see what was happening with my n244. They have set a new hearing date for the 12th November.


I presume that the bank cannot do anything untill after this date?


No, the bailiffs should have been informed that there is a hearing coming up and that the eviction is temporarily stayed until the judge says otherwise. Phone the bailiffs office at the court to double check they have that information if you are worried.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Court hearing tomorrow 12/11/2013.


I have filed to get judgement set aside.


I have completed a budget statement to take to court, don't know if it will be required by the judge.


I have hightlighted my bank statements with payments made for the last eight months.


I don't know if need to take anything else to court but will try to arrive in good time.

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At the hearing today, the young girl from Walker Morris approached me prior to seeing the judge. She had calculations on her papers and was willing to settle for contractual monthly payment plus £39 per month. I stated that Norgan rule did not apply. We could not meet agreement.


In front of the judge she explained her case and I explained mine.


I stated that if I continue to pay the cmp for the term of the mortgage then it shall be settled at the end of the period.


The judge asked how I was going to settle the arrears, and I stated that the arrears were included in the outstanding balance.


No conclusion was reached and the case was adjourned for 28 days, during which time no possession can be made.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Received a letter from the court today, with a new court date of 7th Jan 2014.


The judgements states :-

1. The Defendant's application to set aside the possession order aside be adjourned to 7th Jan, with an estimated time of 15 mins.

2. Both parties shall send to each other details of their position at least 3 days before the hearing and bring that information to the hearing.

3. Claimant not to enforce possession in the interim.


My question is, should I write first to the Halifax bank or wait for them to write to me. By the time the Jan court date comes around, I will have paid a further 3 months mortgage payments and can show this to the court.


Obviously, I would like to get this sorted out with the bank before we go back to court, as I'm sure that my mortgage account will get stung with a load of their legal fees.


Thanks in advance.

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There will be arrears charges added to the mortgage of around %40 a month, you should claim these back.




Please be aware of acting on advice given by PM .Anyone can make mistakes and if advice is given on the main forum people can see it to correct it ,if given privately then no one can see it to correct it. Please also be aware of giving your personal details to strangers

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Went through the SAR details that the Halifax have sent me. This is quite a big bunch of paperwork, it was sent by DHL and must be at least 600 to 700 hundred pages. I requested this in March 2013 and received this about September 2013.


I requested my SAR in about March but they lost my letter, etc, etc.


Having finally got round to have a look at this, I have noticed that they not sent the full information. They have only sent the first page of each letter that they have sent to me. ie. if they sent a copy of letter saying page 1 of 5 they have only sent page 1. How do I go about complaining about this?


I was going to try to reclaim my mortgage charges by letter and show this to the judge prior to going to court on 7th Jan 2014, but with incomplete information I find that ascertaining the true charge is very difficult.


Any advice would be helpful.

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Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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  • 3 weeks later...

Ready to go to court on Tuesday 7th, sent my information to Walker Morris.


Sent Non compliance letter

Sent unfair charges letter


Only part I am unsure about is getting the judge to order the charges not to be added to my mortgage.


Should I add a sentence similiar to " As the proceedings were not necessary, may it be ordered that no costs are added to the mortgage"


Thanks in advance.

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  • 1 month later...

Been back in court today.


The possession order was set aside generally.


I asked the judge not to let the Halifax put charges onto my account, as I felt that the case was not necessary and any litigation was not required.


The solicitor for Halifax asked the judge not to make a statement as to costs.


The judge then told the solicitor that if he did not make a statement then charges would be applied to my mortgage account. The judge ordered that the Halifax could only put charges for the court costs onto my account if they made an application to the court.


I shall post the exact wording when I get the order from the court.


Fantastic result for me and I thank everyone on this forum for assisting me to get to this position.


Next to chase them for are bank charges and failure to comply with Data protection act, but I'm had enough of the Halifax for the time being.


I re-iterate, many, many thanks.

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Good result - well done :)

Help us to keep on helping

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This site is run solely on donations


My advice is based on my opinion and experience only. It is not to be taken as legal advice - if you are unsure you should seek professional help.

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