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    • Reply from Marquis... I've googled Globalim and it looks like they are an insurance company, first I've heard of them. I'd probably accept the £421. But surely my claim is against Marquis not the insurance whoever they are.   Good afternoon Mr Desnos   I have discussed your case, we have contacted Global on your behalf to see if the cost as per your attachment can be claimed back. They have agreed to refund you but you will have to send the invoice direct to them to claim the £421.42. Please send the invoice to  <Claims.L@globalim.co.uk> on your e mail state that Jackie Ord has discussed the case on the 23/9 any problems let me know. We cannot do this for you it has to be between the customer and Global Mr Desnos.   During the course of our conversation you made the decision to take the van yourself to Truma, the offer was always there in relation to bringing the van back, at some point we would have probably taken the van to truma regardless. The warranty is a back to base and we do not offer fuel compensation so on this occasion we will not be refunding you the £80.00. In relation to the mobile technician again we cannot refund as all works have to be undertaken back at base.   You mention about the waste water pipe, off course we will rectify this at your convenience, please give one of my girls on the front desk a call to get this booked in.   With reference to the mileage issue, I have discussed this today and one of my colleagues will be in touch to discuss further.   I hope this helps   Kind regards
    • Hi and thanks for your reply. I ask myself this every day at the moment but it really is essentially due to not being able to find this spec or even close for the money.  I work in laptop/phone repairs and one thing I do know is even if I looked at another brand such as Lenovo which is the closest to this one, the Dell is made a lot better and with much more reparability options.  More Lenovos are written off vs Dells for instance due to logic board failures.  And that really is the bottom line that anything/where else I would be taking a serious drop in spec or a serious (£1000+ ) increase in cost.   Since the last update, he did get back to me with more bad news that apparently they are still receiving returns with the same issue and so it would be another month before they know whether the right parts are in stock to build a new one for me.  Or they have given me "as exception" an option for a refund.   I have once again given them the option of letting me buy another one of these and if this is good, they simply refund me the new price (much higher than I paid for at around £700 currently) and take the old one back.  If not, I can try one more purchase and by then, if its still bad, we are in their 1 month wait timeline and a final decision maybe for a refund can be made then.   As for consumer vs business - unsure.  But I have asked Dell live chat if a consumer can purchase a Precision for personal use and they said yes, they just put my name in the company field instead of a company and this is what was done looking at my invoice for the system.    The reason I push this is almost everyone I know who had the issue (via another forum) and this was around 30-40 threads maybe? have now got a replacement laptop with the revised part and less and less are now complaining about their new purchase being faulty which clearly suggests new sales seem to be good but technical keep going through the same delayed route.   Hopefully this answers your queries - I honestly think if there is an equal or better option, I would have taken it by now and I'm only loyal and patient to a point!      
    • Nor do I but it isn't something I would allow myself to get hung up about. If you don't mind me saying you do have quite a pronounced populist political view. It's not my thing at all, I don't give a damn about class.    
    • Browse: Benefits - GOV.UK View the full article
    • Hello Thank you DX,    that's the one I used mainly and posted what I think it should look like.   How does that read or is it complete rubbish and I need to try again? I know I have to submit ASAP now so getting anxious 
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    • I’m in desperate need of help
      I bought some clothes online in may through Evans and paid through PayPal
      returned them all seven days later
      I waited the 14days for my refund and no refund came
      I put in a dispute through PayPal but I didn’t get any emails to escalate the case - PayPal closed it. 
      evans said they couldn’t refund the money because PayPal have cancelled the refund because of the open dispute
      I contacted PayPal
      they said the dispute had been closed but Evans at no point had attempted a refund.
      fast forward to today
      I’ve got copies of numerous messages sent to and from twitter messages as it’s the only way I can contact them
      I’ve also contacted their customer service too
      all I get is PayPal have cancelled refund because dispute is still open.
      I have proved that the dispute is closed
      I have got an email saying that if Evans sent the refund they would accept it
      but up until the date I got the email they have not once attempted a refund .
       I have sent them a letter before court email
      I have even offered to have the full refund as a gift card just to get this sorted !
      I’m literally at the end of my tether and don’t know where to turn next !
      i suffer with mental health issues and this is affecting my health and I’d saved the money for a year to buy these clothes as I’m on a low income .
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Aviva claim issues please help

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hi I contacted Aviva two Weeks ago as a client if theirs knocked me off my motorbike but they have not contacted me since I've sent some emails but they still ignoring me. I can't claim in my insurance as third part fire and theft only and their client is totally at fault...she drive off her drive into the side of me as I passed. what do I do now???

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hi I contacted Aviva two Weeks ago as a client if theirs knocked me off my motorbike but they have not contacted me since I've sent some emails but they still ignoring me. I can't claim in my insurance as third part fire and theft only and their client is totally at fault...she drive off her drive into the side of me as I passed. what do I do now???


Contact no win no fee solicitors that handle accident claims and they should take this on for you.

We could do with some help from you.



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If you are with Aviva, their lowest insurance policies normally include a legal aid charge within the premium. Unless you have refused this when starting the policy you should contact them first.


As for 'no-win-no-fee' ambulance chasers, if you have to go down that route then make sure you get one that specialises in motorcycle claims.

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I'm not with Aviva that's who the other drivers insurance is with. contacted my insurer Hastings who have put me in contact with Albany assistance to pursue repairing or replacing my bike through Aviva. contacted injury lawyers for you regarding personal injury and expenses. googles Aviva third party claims and seems they are pushing dealing with them direct..what a joke they have just ignored me!

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I think that your insurance company's third party cover perhaps should be chasing this? This is one of the reasons why it is always better to have fully comp which costs only a few pounds more.

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Just be careful if taking a bike on credit hire if you are offered. Have a look at some horror stories on here and the net.


Best of luck and keep us updated

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As for 'no-win-no-fee' ambulance chasers, if you have to go down that route then make sure you get one that specialises in motorcycle claims.


Firstly, before you start slagging off no win no fee law firms, be very careful about referring to Ambulance chasers, that usually applies to claims management firms, and a Conditional Fee Agreement (Proper name for no win no fee) is the best way for someone to get proper legal representation after a crash in which they have been injured (A CFA is not available for damage on;y claims).


In damage only claims, a solicitor can only represent someone if the value of the claim is worth over £5,000 because under this amount law firms cannot claim back their costs and therefore the client becomes liable for their fees which could be quite substantial and more than the value of the claim.


That said, if the OP was not injured, then contact someone like Bikers Legal Defence and they will be able to assist you.


A letter of claim needs to be sent to the third party who should then in turn pass it onto their insurance companies. Someone like BLD have their own legal department and have ways in being able to provide legal representation without it costing you anything, and they will be able to provide a replacement bike which is not on a hire credit agreement and so the risk to you is minimal (but they can explain all this to you, and No, I do not work for them).


If you did suffer injuries, then depending on the type of injuries, you should be able to find a local personal injury law firm who will take on your case for you.


If your injuries are valued at less than £25,000 then you would go onto what is called the fast track portal scheme where solicitors are paid a fixed fee to handle the claim, but if the injuries are more substantial and therefore worth more than £25,000 then you would go onto what is called the multi track scheme where fees are uncapped.


The claim is then divided into 2 categories.


General damages which covers your actual injuries along with a payment for pain and suffering.


Special damages which covers all your damage, out of pocket expenses, loss of earnings and so on.


The highest value award is only around £275,000 (I think it has gone up a few thousand since I last looked at the figures) for a serious brain injury or paraplegia, and at the opposite end of the scale, about £600 for a broken tooth. Each injury is assessed on its severity with a lower, moderate and severe category and valued accordingly, and then both general damages and special damages are added together to provide the value of the overall award.


But the first thing is to get some legal representation in place, get off the letter of claim and see what the response by the third party is.

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If there is notice somewhere that the o/p is uninjured it should be on the forum for all to see.



Not quite sure what you mean, Kiki ! Please clarify your statement.

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Not quite sure what you mean, Kiki ! Please clarify your statement.


I cannot see anywhere where confirmation is given that the o/p is claiming only for the damage to the motorcycle, helmet, garments, other accessories and possible loss of earnings. His second post on this thread alludes to an injury of some sort.

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