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Faulty LG TV

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Hello people :)


I'm new to the site, and can do with some help.


I bought an LG LCD TV from Comet around 16 months ago. In a nutshell, around 3 months ago, I came home to find something very wrong with the screen. After the usual things (on/off, factory reset) it was apparent that the TV was broke. No worries I thought, its still under warranty...Ohhhhh dear. The TV was 13 months old (only a years warranty)

I rung LG and told them the problem, and as I thought, they said there warranty has expired, so I left it.

I rung a few local repair companies, and they said the problem sounds like the screen needs replacing (around £400)

There is no way I am paying that.

If the TV was 4 years old, I would have thrown it in the bin. If I had paid £200, I would have thrown it in the bin.

I paid £750 for it and it lasted 13 months...its been bugging me every day and was just wondering if there was anything I can do as Comet are now gone. I did mention the SOGA but the LG guy said that was between me and Comet (which makes sense). I did hear of another law about faulty goods going wrong under 2 years. Could I use this?

Basically I'm asking what my next step should be...Write a letter to someone, or just thrown it away?


Thanks for reading



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Hi Steve82,


I had a problem with a top of the range Washing machine,

It was out of it's 12 months warranty, and from a catalogue.

As I was not the agent or had contact with the agent, I first rang LG customer services.

I was given the run around by them so did this:





This is the email of the CEO.


I wrote to him, explained that I had a report which said the machine was faulty.

It needed a new part, which was sent to a repair shop who fitted it and I was given any expenses that I had occurred, returned to me by a cheque.

Don't take no for an answer, quote SOGA and tell the ceo that you will not drop this matter and as the company head, he should be aware that you are not getting good customer service, which they pride themselves on!

It worked for me, let us know what happens


Best Wishes


Blueboy x

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dont think quoting soga would work, because that is against retailer isnt it?

lg is not thhe retailer, comet are or were.

i would try contacting lg as above, if no help then seek advise from CAB/TS.

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The warranty that any item comes with generally is not worth the paper it's written on. That is to say that for example a TV that comes with a 12 month warranty that goes wrong after that period should still be repaired, the length of time after purchase of course is up for debate. As luck would have it Trading Standards have put together a document on this quoting the expected life of many items, a TV I think is five years (but don't quote me) so this would make the extra cover they like you to take out at the shop is just money in the bank to them. But a TV only one month over the warranty that was refused repair would defiantly get Trading Standards interest, depending on fault of course, tiddles the cat doing his thing on it might not get their interest in the same way as it just going bang with no outside help.

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      However, you should ensure that you receive a proper rate of interest and this means that you should be seeking at least restitutionary damages - which would be much higher than the statutory 8%.
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      You should consult others on these forums when considering any offer.
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      You must make your complaint through the County Court for a rapid and effective remedy.

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