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How to Cancel Bannatynes membership.

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can anyone tell me how i go about cancelling bannatynes membership.

who do i email or write to, i was given an email address which is for my gym, or they said i could either write a letter and bring it to them, i thought maybe i had to write to head office or email head office.


Dont really trust those workers at the gym might not do what they say they will. Or am i doomed and have to go through the gym im joined too.


Im aware of the 9 month thing and will have to still pay for another 3 months and by reading some posts. I actually wanna get the letter in before the end of the 9 month cause i read a post where he was told he didnt give them a full 30 days notice, some weird thing like that. :madgrin:

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Hi Kpops and welcome to CAG


Your post was hidden for some reason which is why you may not have been able to find it. Site Gremlins perhaps. :???:


Despite what the gym or the head office staff may tell you, you can cancel a gym membership or give notice to do so, by email, by letter, in person or by phone. This was part of a High Court ruling made in 2011.


If it was me, I would write a letter giving them notice to cancel at the end of your 12 month agreement. If possible, do this in month 9 so you are giving them the 3 months notice that they like to have.


The letter needs nothing fancy and no reasons for the ending of the agreement. Just confirm the date the m/ship will end and confirm the DD mandate will be cancelled after the last payment is made on xxdate.


I would print 2 copies of the letter. One to give to them and the other to be signed by a staff member on the desk confirming receipt by the gym. Make a space for them to sign, print their name and date the receipt letter.


Let us know how they respond.



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Hi slick132


thanks for reply my post actually went into pending mode it said had to be approved first so i was just checking it every now and again when it got posted.


Yeah bookmarking my thread will update if i cancel ok or if i in deed continue


i actually just need to cancel membership for one person as im paying for 6 people, so i hope they cancel one and not all lol.

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