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NRAM due in court Wed 18th

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Can I just say what a fantastic site this is and the way people go out of their way to help others is very admirable. I only wish I had found this site before tonight and there may have been a chance for me :(


I have been reading a lot of threads regarding repossession and see that others go to court hearings having done loads of preparation beforehand. Unfortunately I havent and now fear I am going to lose my house on Wednesday 18th Sep.


To cut a long story short, and of fear of boring everyone, myself and my husband (although mortgage only in husbands name) have mortgage arrears of £3785, well I have paid £1000 in the past week so now £2785 with NRAM and have a court date on Wednesday so very soon. We are also in Scotland so from what I read things are done differently here?


We had arrears from Dec 2010 that we set a payment plan up to pay back. We stuck to this arrangement but NRAM continued with court action. They issued a calling up notice and we received a court date after but this didnt reach court as the arrears were cleared before then (March 2012).


Things were fine from then and all payments made until Dec/Jan this year. Myself and my husband split up for 6 months and during this time my husband didnt really pay much at all ( not sure if this is because he has never paid a bill in the 15yrs we have been together or head in sand). He made a few part payments but the arrears are now £2785 having paid £1000 recently.


We are now due in court on Wednesday and im making myself ill worrying that I am going to lose my home. My husband cant make the court case due to an interview at work for a higher paid position, so I will have to attend for him (im assuming this will be ok?).


Im just really looking for any advice on whether I should have done something before now to prepare better for this as the paperwork from the court did not have anything to fill in, so I assumed I just had to turn up, explain why we were in arrears etc and hope we can keep our home, or god forbid, not.


Im sorry this is so long and thank you for reading



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hi, i too am in scotland much same circumstances as you, just waiting on date for court hearing. not much of an expert but my advice would be to have accurate income and expenditure showing what you can realistically afford to pay monthly in addition to your normal mortgage payment to clear arrears. reasons for arrears and how u have now resolved what caused them. evidence for sheriff that u can clear arrears in a reasonable time. would be worth phoning shelter Scotland for advice they have been brilliant with me. know u not got much time before court but they can probably still give advice at this stage. don't know if u can request court date to b postponed but worth a try....good luck

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Hello and Welcome Kerry,


I've asked Ell-enn to have a look at this thread and help if possible.






Any advice I give is honest and in good faith.:)

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Thank you so much onlymemyself and Scott for the replies, i really appreciate it.


Can anyone advise on good forms to fill in online and print off to take with me? I will need to try and get to a library or something today as i dont have ink in my printer at home.


Feel really sick now, cant wait for this to be over tomorrow :-(.

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