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    • Thanks Guys, I'll ask the questions and come back
    • It's always a good idea to check out the current posts since even though they might be totally different from your own case the arguments against their charge may be relevant to your own. And the more reasons you can come up with why the original PCN was wrongly issued, the more reason why they will not take you to Court never mind them getting a thrashing in Court.  
    • Get the opinions in writing. I suggest that you write to the seller and tell them that you are not accepting the position and that you are now obtaining quotes and also medical assessments – and if these incur fees then you will be looking to them, the seller, to reimburse you as well as the cost of the dental treatment. I suggest you write to the sender immediately and give them a couple of days to respond because they may cave in and agreed to pay the cost of the dental treatment to save themselves any further expense. You won't want to have incurred costs of quotations et cetera and then suddenly find that the seller is going to put their hands up – leaving you out of pocket for the cost of the reports. Make sure the seller realises that you are only giving them 48 hours to respond after which you will go ahead and get the reports. Then get the reports and quotations for the work. Give the seller notice that you are putting the work in hand with such and such a person for such and such a price. Provide the seller with the two quotations and the letter of claim at the same time.
    • Thanks to all, and especially Bankfodder. I had seen your replies to the lady that had a similar issue with her cat and really hoped you'd comment on post. I'm really grateful. I intend to follow this through to its conclusion and I'll keep the board updated for the benefit of future users.   On the question of Vets4Pets, I'm taking advice as to whether this is something they should have detected. From my own research, however, puppy teeth are fully grown in at 6 weeks. His health check was 8 week. The defect can't have reasonably occurred within the intervening two weeks. I'm going to ask a vet to confirm this.   In terms of your point, Ethel Street, I had the same concern. The Consumer Rights Act 2015, however, seems to suggest that if a return presents 'significant inconvenience' then a tier two process can take place in which the buyer can apply for a partial refund.   I can prove that we've spent in excess of £600 on various expenses in preparation for our dog that would be lost if we returned him. I can also detail the time spent caring for and investing in our dog - not to mention the time etc of having to find a replacement. This is before we take into account the main reason, which is our emotional attachment to him.
    • No I don't think that affects the rights at all. I don't think that a trader can relieve themselves of their contractual responsibilities simply by offering to take an item back. It's absolutely up to the OP/customer whether they want to treat the contract is terminated by the seller's breach or whether they simply want it to be treated as a minor breach which can be remedied by suitable reparation.
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      I was in Sainsbury’s today and did scan and shop.
      I arrived in after a busy day at work and immediately got distracted by the clothes.
      I put a few things in my trolley and then did a shop.
      I paid and was about to get into my car when the security guard stopped me and asked me to come back in.
      I did and they took me upstairs.
      I was mortified and said I forgot to scan the clothes and a conditioner, 5 items.
      I know its unacceptable but I was distracted and Initially hadn’t really planned to use scan and shop.
      No excuse.
      I offered to pay for the goods but the manager said it was too late.
      He looked at the CCTV and because I didn’t try to scan the items he was phoning the police.
      The cost of the items was about £40.
      I was crying at this point and told them I was a nurse, just coming from work and I could get struck off.
      They rang the police anyway and they came and issued me with a community resolution notice, which goes off my record in a year.
      I feel terrible. I have to declare this to my employer and NMC.
      They kept me in a room on my own with 4 staff and have banned me from all stores.
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NPOWER>non-existant warrant to force entry

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I have written to npower again to point out Data Protection Acts Section 10 and 28.

My last warning/request regarding newly created debts, Incomplete SAR papers and resolution of dispute.


Npower recently replied.

They claim they are not receiving money from me!! what money? what for?


They now threaten me with collection action if I do not set up a regular plan with them.

I have a monthly standing order for £150.00. In addition, I have been paying every bill received in cash and right away.

Yet, they have the audacity to make such shameful claims.



For the past few months, they have ignored my meter readings and requests for up to date bills.

They wrote around two months ago I quote "we have incorporated your recent meter readings in your bill", but they never send that bill!!

Yet they claimed that I owed them around £890.00!


They have lodged the new debt with other organisations which is a breach of Section 10.


They have also lodged disputed debt with those and the court which is breach of Section 28.


Indeed, I do not know where above figure comes from. My guess is that, just like before, by not sending bills they create a debt which, from accounting point of view is correct and can be represented to courts and others as unsettled debt - never mind that they have not specified the amount or demanded payments.


It is very possible that npower would like to repeat their ambush of last year with yet another bogus or non-exisitant warrant.


I am concerned because despite having had fresh meter readings, they have started to ring (many times over) my home asking for meter readings. They have written once, and I guess my bell has been rung once or twice.



I do shout and scream and threat in my letters, nevertheless who is going to hear me out? Nobody did last time.

The Ombudsman told me on the day of last ambush that " you have used energy and have not paid for it, tough!".


Regarding Incomplete SAR, I have pointed out the above Data Protection Act once more.

They have not even confirmed receipt of my letter! This would be my last attempt to get the documents; if I don't hear from them, there would be no other way but to take legal action.


I wonder if any of my fellow Caggers have come across the following debt collection agencies used by npower over me:

Credit Solutions, Secus ltd, Richburns, Collections Ltd

Have you come across these companies? what can you tell me about them?



I have not received a replY from the Energy Ombudsman to my re. their Appeal Procedures - only if I decide to ever deal with them again, I don't think so. Has any one appealed to them?



Edited by Mrsshe


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There is some proof that Npower are guessing the amount of usage for late bills. If you read a couple of other Npower threads you will find where this information is.

Dont let the parasite dca's prosper

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Hi Mrsshe,

I've just scanned through your thread & it sounds like Npower have treated you very badly...


It does appear that you are trying every avenue open to you, in trying to get this awful situation sorted.


I can only offer you the following that may or may not be helpful to you.


This is Npower CEO contact details;








01793 877777


Head Office;


Windmill Hill Business Park Whitehill Way, Swindon,




Npower Complaints contact details;








Complaints Team,

PO Box 97,

Peterlee SR8 9AP


We can't recommend Solicitors on CAG.


As your complaint spreads over a number of years & as you have loads of paperwork detailing everything, it's easy to end up with too much information.


So I would suggest (that's if you haven't already) simplifying your Complaint to a time line of events. For example:


02/03/12 Meter readings taken (state what they were)


01/05/12 Estimated bill received


17/05/12 payment made


03/06/12 Meter readings taken


07/07/12 Letter received


Etc etc,


So this then gives a brief outline of events & makes your complaint easier to read. As it's very easy to get bogged down in the details & you end up with pages & pages of paper, that noone wants to struggle through.


I do hope you get the resolution you are looking for & wish you all the best.

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every single minute of it!!

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Dear Rainbow Tears

I am soooo grateful for your suggestions. At last someone has given me some thoughts which I value.


Indeed it is a good idea. I did this for the Ombudsman, produced some tables, and gave them the main folder for reference. There are loads of papers, mainly due to lack of proper response from npower. They have messed me around, back and forth, for more than 3 years.


Nevertheless it would indeed help if I have a fresh go. It could also become handy as the first document I could hand over to lawyers. Many thanks again



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Your very welcome indeed Mrsshe!


I'm glad I was able to help you out.


As I stated previously, when you have a complaint that spans years, then it's all too easy to get bogged down with too much information & reams of paperwork.


So I would still suggest simplifying events into a time line with a brief outline of said event. (Example as in my previous post).


This then gives a complete concise chain of events that anyone who ends up receiving your complaint, will find it easier to understand & hopefully help you resolve your complaint!! (Finally!)


So I'd do the following;


1. Grab a cuppa (most important)

2. Spend a little time in sorting out all your paperwork into an orderly timeline

3. Go through phone records & jot down calls made & received to/from Npower

4. If you also made notes as you went along, sort into time order as well

5. Chart your timeline from start date, record each event with date, brief outline & If a phone call was made/received, add persons name if you have them. Also add the readings you did on what date etc & any bills received as well as any payments you made.


So once your done, you will have a clear concise historical background for your complaint without it being buried under mounds of paperwork!


Hopefully, It should also save you £xx.xx on a Lawyer trying to sort events out!


Good luck!

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every single minute of it!!

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Dear Rainbow Tears and Batman1956

You can not possibly imagine how glad I am to be receiving your comments.




The case is big and complicated.

Opponents are one of the most powerful in the world.

From every angle one looks at this case, Point of law or Code of Practice, I am in the right. BUT everyone is now scared of making a comment or come near me, as if I have become a disease! it really feels like that.


I don't write here half the things they are doing to me.

There is no doubt in my mind that they are working on building up another false debt, and working towards yet another "nonexistent Warrant to enter" saga.


Every step they take is a repeat of their past atrocities.

They are inundating me with phone calls, again, whilst ignoring every meter reading I provide (recorded delivery!!).


Denying meter readings means "customer refused to provide readings or allow access".


Refusing to issue bills means "customer in debt, has not paid for current usage, Collections/Solutions dept to take action" and so forth.


There are so many other actions they are taking....AND I clearly see what they are up to because of past experience and through reading the limited papers they provided as the result of my request for SAR.


Their devious conduct is putting me under enormous pressure to the extent that I do not dare answer my door bell.


Recently my computer has been abruptly exiting the search engine I use when I access CAG, and in addition, on completion of my notes/replies, it re-directs them to another site...My writing vanishes! I have now found a way around it.

It may well be just coincidental nevertheless the thoughts that cross my mind, whether illogical or imaginary, are sign of the kind of mental pressure I am enduring.


As you suggested, in addition to working on my reply to their various current allegations, I "have" to prepare a table as a matter of urgency.


I have now found some firms of lawyers who have handled cases against energy companies, and am considering taking legal action against npower and other organisations involved - npower is "telling" me to do it. I will be saving millions of livelihoods IF I WIN.


It would be helpful if anyone, who has taken similar actions against energy companies, would drop a line here--only IF!!

It seems that a large number of people are interested as readers in my plight but don't feel like leaving comments, thoughts or simple advice. I do not demand or expect it...perhaps I should SET UP AN ACTION GROUP. AM I ALLOWED TO DO IT ON CAG? CAN ANYONE TELL ME AS HOW TO DO IT? WOULD IT BE A GOOD IDEA OR WASTE OF TIME?


Thank you again to those kind people who have left replIES, It feels great to hear from you...



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Dont let the parasite dca's prosper

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Morning Mrsshe,


Glad to hear the cuppa tea idea worked!


So grab another!


Most times when you are taking on a big Company such as Npower, you can feel daunted by the task ahead. As all you are to them is a Customer (aka a little fish in a big pond).


So your voice can struggle to be heard!


As you are passed from pillar to post & back again, several times over. You end up getting no where, as noone wants to take responsibility & you find yourself listening to the dial tone!! (Don't you just hate CS reps who do this!)


It's also very easy to loose yourself under the shear amount of paperwork esp it it's built up over a few years. (such as yours)


Which all leads to you becoming very frustrated & stressed out & no nearer to a resolution for your complaint/on going issues.


So as I'm here to help you; Have you sorted out every piece of paperwork you have, to separate what's relevant to "your" complaint. Disregard & put to one side anything else. (But don't bin it)


How are you getting on with the simplified version of your complaint? (as I suggested earlier)


Do try keeping to the facts & maybe a couple lines on how this whole ongoing issue affecting you.


Stay off the phone with Npower, once you have your complaint all wrapped up, address it to the CEO (details on earlier post).


Await their response before employing Solicitors, as no sense paying someone else to do something you can do.


You are not alone, we are here to help you as & when, where possible. Not all CAGers who read your thread will respond.


No idea with regard to setting up an Action Group. (CAG Admin will be able to help you out there)


As an aside, try clearing out your cookies on Web browser, see if that helps.


Now take a deep breath, relax & grab another cuppa before getting on with your complaint!


You can do this! Good luck!! *Hug*

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every single minute of it!!

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Dear RainbowTears

So much have happened since I wrote last time.

I am going to write them here soon.


Just one of the funniest latest news:

Npower sent an estimated bill, despite my new readings, on an email to my husband!!!!

It's a good job my husband and I still talk to each other!!!! it is huge and is missing all my £150.00/month extras I have been paying via standing orders but ONE installment! Amount is around £1,500!!!


They still refuse to talk to me, claiming that the Ombudsman has not completed the case!! (4th Feb was finalised).

I shall write shortly


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Hello my fellow Caggers, and THANK YOU!

The case is big indeed! and I am working on a "short story" to describe it to lawyers...it's very hard. I need to do that before starting legal action.


Meanwhile I have received another bill for 74 days, the gas section shows usage of of 12540kwh, and electricity is 1554kwh. This is usage for April - July ( virtually just for hot water) - isn't that ridiculous?


I give them reading figure of '7' and it appears as '9' on the bill!


The bill shows an outstanding previous balance of hundreds of pounds which is fabricated again as I routinely paid my bills fully.


It also omits hundreds of pounds that I have additionally paid through Standing Orders.

I maintain the Standing Orders as Dispute is still on-going as far as I am concerned.


I have found a big firm of lawyers who have dealt with this kind of case. I have to brave it and be ready for a huge consulting fee once my short story is done....... THANK YOU AGAIN YOU KIND PEOPLE..

I am exhausted physically and mentally, and I welcome your thoughts, suggestions, anything really!


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Have a look at the Npower Boycott Facebook page.

There is someone on there whose story mirrors yours. It would seem that it may be a more common occurrence than you think

Dont let the parasite dca's prosper

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hi there.

While I was preparing my papers, husband ended up paying the latest bill which was emailed to him directly!

Obviously, the bill was based on estimated figures as my husband had not sent any meter readings.

"I" had been sending photos of readings regularly which did not reflect on the bill.


The bill was for over £1500.00 with £700.00 as "previous outstanding balance".

This did not tally up with all payments and calculations I had been handling- What a mess, ehhh???!!


Only yesterday evening, I received a visitor from National Grid who said he was asked by npower to read meters!

I was taken aback and ambushed.

I Could not argue, and ended up letting him read the gas meter.

I had sent them readings recently! so what was that about?


The man refused to read the electricity meter claiming that as he needed to go up the ladder by two steps to read i.

He said, by law he could not do that! This is the first in 26 years! does anybody guess what they are up to?


Are they planning to make yet another ambush?

Was this visit to just locate the electricity meter for the purpose of debt collectors' next ambush?


After one year, I finally succeeded to get a copy of so called warrant from the magistrates.

All several attempts in past year had been unsuccessful. And the court kept saying that they could not find any indications or papers.

Some kind person felt sorry for me and sent me a copy. Now I know how it happened:


Npower had incorrectly claimed that they had tried to read the meters on several occasions, and I had refused access.

They also had fabricated some notices, supposedly, requesting access or for my own meter readings.

Debt collectors also fabricated notices regarding unpaid bills/debts for both gas and electricity!


I keep every record of communications, and I am positively sure that those are fabricated.

Nevertheless this is how they got A WARRANT!

I do have a huge case on my hand in court......

I welcome your thoughts please....


Just last week, I received a letter from the Ombudsman informing me that the case has finalised! Can they do that?

It was finalised by my refusal to accept their nonsense of a verdict on Feb 2014. We exchanged a number of emails and letters in this regard.

so there is no doubt in my mind that the case ended back then.


However meanwhile, I asked npower to resume investigation into my case based on unsatisfactory results from the Ombudsman.

Their excuse has been "as the case is still with the Ombudsman, we can not reply to your queries"!

it is quite tempting to note the harmony between the two statements.


I wonder if, for the sake of records, I should reply to the Ombudsman accordingly; if I don't, then npower would use this point to support their refusal??


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You should keep the Ombudsman fully informed.

Dont let the parasite dca's prosper

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Guess who pays the Ombudsman salaries.

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Absolutely right!


I just wrote to the Ombudsman, a good idea thank you very much.


I listed at least 10 instances where they said I would loose "benefits of their decisions"!

if I did not complete their form by 4th of March 2014 and again 3rd of June.



And many more where I had replied that I was unhappy with their lack of investigation and therefore I would not put my signature down on their form.



I clearly rejected their verdict.


I had asked them if I could make an appeal to which they refused to reply.


I have now asked them to correct their mistake, lets see.....


I received a letter from npower (not a bill) asking for outstanding amount of £88.00! this time they wrote to me!

and not in an email to my husband! He is going to pay it because he is afraid that excessive pressure might be a risk to my health- truly!


I also received a notice letter from them claiming their many attempts to get meter readings have failed!


What about all those readings I supplied?



What about their man visiting the other week?



And they HAVE NOT sent any requests to read meters anyway....what are they up to now?


Also at the same time as I received the letter from the Ombudsman, I received a letter from npower, giving notice that as the Ombudsman's case was finalised, I had a few days to respond to them otherwise my dispute case would be closed....I missed that deadline...didn't see the letter then....what shall I do?


Thank you ever so much for the two responses, it really makes a difference and I could do with some support if I am to carry on....thanks


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It is indeed a long story!

I have been ex-communicated for the past many months. No bill, no letter, no request for meter reading and no reply from the Ombudsman!!!



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I still have not heard from them.

It has been a long time.



I have no contact with the husband in this regard.

I have found out that husband had been paying online for "an account".



What that account is? I do not know.



He is under impression that he registered with them online for a different account that he was in charge of.



he does not think it is for this address.



Meanwhile my standing order is still active, I do not receive bills nor visits to read meters.


I am now working on the case....


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I am still struggling after so many years, it has become confusing.



They seem to have found a way to get whatever they want and I am actively working on this.



I will update my story when I get some results. Meanwhile I have to wait...


I would still be curoius if any one benefitted from recent court winnings against this company.


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Mrsshe, is this still ongoing? I have a similar issue with Npower and you can read my thread.





A few thoughts,

Why don't you switch to another supplier and sort out whatever billing dispute you have with Npower after that? Why are you still with them. You can write a complaint and get a complaint number and switch to a smaller provider. They won't be able to block you if you go through that process.


What kind of contract are you on? Fixed term or standard variable or deemed ? What are the rates?


What is the consumption (you will be able to track this from your own records or paperwork or photos)


Is it still dual fuel ?


I'm due in court with them soon and not at all worried, neither should you be. They are bullies and you should stand up to them. I'll point you towards some legal case law in due course.

Edited by citizenB

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Indeed, I am still with them and as dual. I have not changed anything since I do nit want them to close my account. This had been going on since 2010/2011- too long. And I am concerned that once the account is closed and I go to another company, it would be more difficult to deal with them officially.

I shall read the case that won right away.


Meanwhile in past few months they have ocassionally been sending me paper bills with huge amounts and I have been paying them, as usual ignoring our and their own meter readings.


They also have been sending email bills to some place!!! and my monthly £150.00 standing order to them is still on.

A real mess indeed. I am now told that from now on I need to be careful with what I write here

I am exhausted now, and others whom I have asked to manage this case are taking their time....as expected.


The Ombudsman kept on ignoring me regarding the case still being open, and I have given up on them now. They certainly proved to be on their side in my case.

I would appreciate if you could point more legal cases out to me as it seems I have to get more involved in the fight, thanks


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Well I really don't understand your point about sticking with them when they have done so much wrong. Especially if they have incorrect readings and high rates. Infact I know from my SAR documents that if I had stayed with them they would have had the power to employ any debt collector and obtain whatever warrants they wanted to justify their actions. This is a massive own goal.


Anyhow, I think you should switch immediately and then it's simply a disputed bill. They will enforce debt collection which will eventually require them to out the whole case before a judge. To do this all their inaccurate bills will get scrutinised and any other documents. If you've been paying you have nothing to worry about. If they've made a mistake, even if it's small they have everything to fear.

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