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Right Cars Glasgow - no deposit refund

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I recently hired a car through Right Cars (right-cars . com) through a broker (Argus Car Hire) for a few days in Glasgow. When I payed for my car hire, there was a £350 deposit added. Now, normally when I've hired a car, they do not add the deposit to the hire bill but treat it as a separate 'holding deposit' transaction (i.e. hold the balance on the card but do not immediately claim the funds).


I have returned the car, at which point I was informed that everything was fine and that my deposit refund will be credited to my account the next working day (which was also what I was told when I hired the car initially). However, a week has passed and there is no sign of the money.


At which point I discovered this website: www . complaintsboard . com /complaints/right-cars-rental-cars-at-glasgow-airport-no-refund-deposit-gbp350-c671730 .html


It seems that a lot of people have been caught out by this. I contacted Right Cars (whilst recording the conversation) and they assured me that I have had the full deposit refunded the next working day after the car was returned, and provided me with a 10-digit reference number (which is not recognised by the bank). They also confirmed that I should receive the full amount. The staff member said it can take up to 14 working days! for the deposit to reach my account. She verbally confirmed the credit card number with me, so there are no mistakes there. I also asked for the authorisation code, so I could trace the transaction with my card company but I was informed that there was none as the refund transactions were processed in bulk.


Now, at this point I contacted my card company. They said that they had no records for any pending refunds, and normally they would know about pending transactions almost immediately after they were processed. It is normal for refunds to take a few days to appear on an account, but 14 working days (3 weeks) is ridiculous! I really hope I do get my money as I really need it. They also advised me on the chargeback process if it were to come to that.


Worryingly, a few people have had threats of being sued for libel by right cars for posting bad reviews of them online. I know that these claims shouldn't amount to anything, but it is worrying all the same.



There's also an online portal which acknowledges the credit card refund delay and provides a not-so-helpful wikihow entry on why credit card delays can take a while.


Screenshot at postimg . org / image / jo3asfwpp/


The link goes to this page: www . ehow . co.uk / info_8511456_do-credit-cards-long-refund . html

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Did either of you get your money back? I'm in the same situation - 3 months later and still no refund. I've just sent my credit card company a Section 25 letter (Consumer Credit Act 1974) so I'm hoping to get reimbursed by them as Right Cars are in breach of contract. Will post back any results.

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I also have a problem getting my refund back and would be pleased to hear from any others who are in a similar situation. I am making enquiries as to how to take this to the Scottish Courts using the small claims procedure.


Visa tell me that if the company had credited my card account on the date they have stated then this would have been in the account soon after. I have now been waiting eighteen days and emails to the company have gone unanswered so far.


I will not allow the matter to lie and will also refer the situation to the various broadcast consumer programmes if I do not have satisfaction soon.

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Any Small Claims need to be done through the English courts ( East Sussex Small Claims Court) as the company has been registered through a firm of accountants in Hove, East Sussex. One of the registered directors is a Richard John Little, presumably the same one that keeps cropping up in the complaints. I saw one complainant got his money back when he mentioned that he had friends near Lennoxtown.

Probably the best course of action is to involve the Credit Card company, Renfrewshire Trading Standards and the Police (Fraud). The local MP Jim Sheridan may also be interested as the Commonwealth Games will start shortly and I'm sure he'll be interested in his area not getting a bad reputation. His website also has the local police contact information.

Other lines to follow-up would be consumer programmes like Watchdog and Rogue Traders.

You could also have a look at complaintsboard website (then search Right Cars) and see that there are pages of other complainants from the last couple of years to the present day. They try every trick to keep the money and even resort to demanding vast sums of interest on stupid fake invoices.

Sorry I can't include the web addresses but they are easy to google.

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I sent my credit card company a letter disputing the money Right Cars had charged to my account and quoting Section 25 (Consumer Credit Act 1974). I gave full details and they immediately credited my account with the whole amount (deposit plus rental fee). So now we wait for their bank to justify the debit. I'm happy (not) for them to invoice me with the rental cost, about £57. If for some reason this fails I will download the forms for the local Small Claims court and for £50 procedures will be set in motion - the opportunity for moderation first and if that fails, a hearing before a magistrate. You add the £50 to the amount you're claiming (which can include interest - at 8%!).


I have written to CAB asking that my complaint be passed on to the Office of Fair Trading, lodged a complaint with the rental company that brokered the contract and logged the issue with MoneyBox, Radio 4's consumer watchdog programme. And I'm not done yet.


I'd advise involving the credit card company first, they do not like negative publicity. Write to the OFT, newspapers, you name it. But be very careful with phrasing. Just the facts. No accusations. Also, write to Right Cars at their Paisley address stating the facts, send recorded, so they can't claim ignorance.


The more people who broadcast their complaints, referencing similar problems, the more likely someone is to take notice.

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Best of luck. If you paid by credit card you really should dispute the charge on your account because of a breach of contract (failure to return deposit in the time agreed). I finally got my refund - almost 3 months to the day after I should have. I have registered a complaint with Renfrewshire Trading Standards and strongly recommend you do the same.

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How and when did you pay your deposit?


I was informed today that this story will be published in a Tourism student Handbook at a top london university.


So Mr Little and Mr Taylor.... read the above carefully.


I believe your an international company, pack your bags not for much longer.

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I hired a car for the Ryder Cup from Right Cars paid in £172, on arrival in Glasgow Airport i rang the contact number to be told calls to that number were no longer being forwarded, I asked at other car hire companies and was told Right Cars had ceased trading from Glasgow Airport earlier this year.

It cost me another £410 to hire another car, I have lodge a dispute with my credit card company.

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