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    • Hello guys how are you. I have just got off the phone to the mediator. The garage who initially changed the turbo are saying that I haven't suffered a loss of £480. (Cost of labour to renew turbo) The only loss I have suffered is the £185.01 I had to pay the independent garage to repair the turbo. They said a gasket can go at any time. ( In this case almost immediately after I drove away after the repair) and that I didn't follow the complaints procedure.   Mediator says if it goes to court I have to prove a loss.   And the £185.01 is the only loss...   The initial garage said they would pay the 185.01 and my court fee, I'm not sure what to do, this is what I wanted in the first place but I've had to come here to get it.
    • https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/labour-jeremy-corbyn-suspension-court-b1793627.html Labour attacks Jeremy Corbyn for ‘wasting time and money’ after court defeat over suspension from party "Party to seek to recover legal costs from its former leader – in new deterioration in relationship"   Hopefully Carbuncle will now just *** off. Fat chance Perhaps the Labour party should just take a leaf from Corbyns own book and deselect him and force a by-election?
    • Piers aint that bad (recently amended opinion)  
    • It looks as if you have been completely ripped off. I'm sorry about that but frankly I don't think there is much you can do – and believe me, it is not often that I say that on this forum. I think it's fairly clear that there has been a deception here and although it won't help massively, I would suggest that you report the crime to the police. They will try to say that is a civil matter and you will have to stick to your guns and say that no there's been a deception, that this man is selling cars in an unroadworthy condition and probably he is committing tax fraud offences as well. I'm afraid that there doesn't even evidence that you have the correct name. It seems entirely possible that such a person simply doesn't exist. I don't see any point in beginning a legal action because if you don't even have the correct name for this dealer, then a judgement recorded against his credit file will make absently no difference at all and you will simply incur the costs of bringing the claim. I doubt very much whether he would bother to respond to a claim or to put in a defence. If he did put in a defence then if you wanted to move on to the hearing stage you would have to pay another fee and this would simply put you even more out of pocket – probably to the tune of about £250 or so – and as it seems very unlikely that you could ever enforce the judgement, you would never get any of this money back. I'm sure you feel very bad and very upset. The only other thing you should do is start going around the review sites and putting up negative reviews about this person and his business – and business names. At least it will put other people on guard and you never know, you might stumble across other people who know more about him and actually know who he is. If you do decide to inform the police then you should tell the police that he is trading under a false name. In terms of your car, I'm afraid that the only way I can suggest to cut your losses is to have the work done. It means that you are £1000 down on the deal – but at least you will have a driving car. However, before doing that I would have the car thoroughly checked over to make sure that there aren't any other defects which are about to materialise which might eventually make the car is simply not economical to repair. You said that there was an MOT certificate in the glove box. Is it a recent MOT certificate? Are you able to speak with the previous owner at all?  Cagger @Daniel Hanson who has also bought a vehicle from the same person may be able to help you in this respect. It seems that he has been lucky enough not to have any problem so far with the car that he bought. I think at the very least, the lessons to be drawn from this are: Don't purchase a used car – or any car from a dealer who is far away from you make sure you check the car yourself make sure that the dealer is well established and do some research on forums and review sites for negative reviews and positive reviews. However, be suspicious of positive reviews. Don't pay cash/bank transfer. You lose all control of your money. Insist on paying by credit card or debit card and if the dealer won't accept it then walk away. Ignore warranties. They are meaningless and they are simply a red herring intended to distract you from your statutory rights. However, as you are discovering, even your statutory rights are meaningless if you are unable to identify the dealer and if you are able to identify any assets belonging to the dealer against which you could enforce judgement. Please do let us know how this develops and if you are able to track anybody down. As I say, I think you should certainly inform the police – but it will be a hard job to get them to take notice because they will simply try to say that it's a civil matter and there is no evidence of a crime. You will have to push hard.
    • That is one mean spirited individual, looks like what a Dickensian female Workhouse Beadle would look like.
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    • I sent in the bailiffs to the BBC. They collected £350. It made me smile.
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    • Hi @BankFodder
      Sorry for only updating you now, but after your guidance with submitting the claim it was pretty straight forward and I didn't want to unnecessarily waste your time. Especially with this guide you wrote here, so many thanks for that
      So I issued the claim on day 15 and they requested more time to respond.
      They took until the last day to respond and denied the claim, unsurprisingly saying my contract was with Packlink and not with them.
      I opted for mediation, and it played out very similarly to other people's experiences.
      In the first call I outlined my case, and I referred to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 as the reason to why I do in fact have a contract with them. 
      In the second call the mediator came back with an offer of the full amount of the phone and postage £146.93, but not the court costs. I said I was not willing to accept this and the mediator came across as a bit irritated that I would not accept this and said I should be flexible. I insisted that the law was on my side and I was willing to take them to court. The mediator went back to Hermes with what I said.
      In the third call the mediator said that they would offer the full amount. However, he said that Hermes still thought that I should have taken the case against Packlink instead, and that they would try to recover the court costs themselves from Packlink.
      To be fair to them, if Packlink wasn't based in Spain I would've made the claim against them instead. But since they are overseas and the law lets me take action against Hermes directly, it's the best way of trying to recover the money.
      So this is a great win. Thank you so much for your help and all of the resources available on this site. It has helped me so much especially as someone who does not know anything about making money claims.
      Many thanks, stay safe and have a good Christmas!
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    • Hermes and mediation hints. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/428981-hermes-and-mediation-hints/&do=findComment&comment=5080003
      • 1 reply
    • Natwest Bank Transfer Fraud Call HMRC Please help. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/428951-natwest-bank-transfer-fraud-call-hmrc-please-help/&do=findComment&comment=5079786
      • 31 replies

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Wow, Jonathon,thanks for that information.

Jonathon,thanks,needs checking of course.But has given me a few ideas,for sure if proves the case.

Busy at the moment,but once again my ears have pricked up.The third time in a month.


Now one more thing i would like to know from any wise ones anywhere.

I remember back in the Sub Prime Mortgage Days-i was slightly naffed off,to put it mildly.

Started rooting about a touch,and found a Mortgage Company who had bought a brokers.

Now people were paying this broker a couple of grand a time for finding them the best deal,that usually ended up with the company that owned them.


Does anyone know if a broker that offers this payday loan service owns a payday lender.

Just wondering,that is all,as i do at times.

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tawnyowl, there is a broker who I believe may own PDLs, haven't had time to research them much. Link is here




Somebody posted it on this site and said they were dealing with them in relation to a payday loan debt.


This whole market is becoming very 'closed shop'.


As I keep saying, one licence per trading name - would stop the proliferation of companies changing amongst themselves and providing different options for different levels of customers.

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Hi, just an update on MerryWood, phoned on 17/9/2013 was advised that I am currently in a que and that I will be paid either by the end of this week or the end of next.


I now have the feeling that this is going to be the run around line for the remainder of the time I chase them up as the woman didnt even ask my details. I have sent an email to customerservice@merrywoodloans to ask for clarification on my refund as Im concerned how the advisor (same woman) knew the status of my refund if she didnt know who I was. It is plausible that they have a back log I guess, just I have read posts of this reponse dating back to 2011.

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Hi, just an update on MerryWood, phoned on 17/9/2013 was advised that I am currently in a que and that I will be paid either by the end of this week or the end of next.


I now have the feeling that this is going to be the run around line for the remainder of the time I chase them up as the woman didnt even ask my details. I have sent an email to customerservice@merrywoodloans to ask for clarification on my refund as Im concerned how the advisor (same woman) knew the status of my refund if she didnt know who I was. It is plausible that they have a back log I guess, just I have read posts of this reponse dating back to 2011.


Did not ask for details-terrible.Yet said you will get your refund this week or next.How did she know.,is she telepathic.

Will be interesting to see any reply they give you.

Keep the email,do not delete.A good question to ask.

If you do not get a reply tomorrow,could you phone again and see what she says.Perhaps have your mobile phone and record the answer.Or some device.

And send the email again each day till answered..And keep those as well.Dates,etc,could be useful.

Each day they delay is more for them.I would love to know how many people just give up.

Over the last few years,how much have they made this way.

Why do they not,as many do flick the switch and transfer back to you.The same day.Could it be a tactic.To delay.

Things need looking into.




Quote silly girl1

tawnyowl, there is a broker who I believe may own PDLs, haven't had time to research them much. Link is here


vxxxs End Quote.


If this is so,it would be interesting to find out,as people paid them money then may have been passed to their own company.A good laugh for them,if this is so.A double hit.


We have to find their weaknesses,there is something not right.

If somehow we do,we will pass on to the relevant authority.

Even though really we feel like striking back like a Cobra

If there is nothing,we have satisfied our curiosity.But to many complaints to think there is nothing amiss.

Broker problems are appearing all over the forum

How long has this been going on.


Let us not forget what some unscrupulous lenders have been upto.



Just saying to people be careful





What is also concerning is that customers often report that they are bombarded with a wealth of other ‘credit providers’ contacting them, and where they have provided all their personal details in the application they are often found to be victims of identity fraud too

How can you protect yourself?


The best advice is to be on your guard and be suspicious if they offer quick and easy cash regardless of credit history. Avoid loan companies who cold call you and do some homework on the Company before agreeing to anything; unfortunately credit fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated and quote other lenders real Consumer Credit Licence numbers and Company Registration numbers, and genuine addresses and contact details. These are all aimed at giving false assurances to you so make sure you do your homework and if the details don’t add up don’t provide them your banks details or pay any money upfront.

To report a loan fraud contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit their website here.

If you require advice contact Trading Standards.



Forget the Brokers,they are not worth it.

If you are in debt or struggling ask someone for advice.

And maybe join your local Credit Union.Plan for your future.You can trust them


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I think these payday loan "broker" sites need to be shut down or made to make themselves a lot clearer that they are a broker and that they will charge you up to £69.99. Its usually very hard to tell unless you read all the smal print at the bottom of the page before you sign up.


All they are is very good at is designing websites and using really good SEO techinques so that when you type in "payday loan" or "£300 loan" their page comes to the top of the list, usually above the actual payday lenders 'genuine' sites. From then on, a lot of people are caught in the trap.


Its a real disgrace in my opinion.

247moneybox: £418.04

1monthloan: £260

WageDayAdvance: £462

MicroCredit: £156

Amigo: £427.44

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Hi all,

At last I have the time to update my situation.

Firstly thank you for all the replies and help, without this I wouldn't have known where to begin.

So I have very good news.

REFUNDS as follows:

4/9 Money warehouse £27.31

4/9 Smile £26.34

5/9 Go Cheap Loans £64.99

5/9 Loans Direct £69.75

11/9 Enhance Finance £69.99

12/9 Loans Plus More £69.99

The one that still hasn't issued a refund is Merrywood, I rang them today and the girl was strangely very polite, having told me last week that I would get it last Friday, (I didn't) she told me today, that she was sorry and to expect it later on this week as there is a long queue, so I will give them until Wednesday and ring if it doesn't turn up, I have to say I don't hold out much hope for this one though.

Finally( I am doing a drum-roll ) 17th September refund of £360 from Shopper Discounts and rewards, wow I did not think I would get the full amount and cant believe this went unnoticed, although the reason for this is before I fell into this debt situation, because I had money I stupidly didn't take a great deal of notice as to what was being taken from my account. Johnathon I told each company that I had contacted the FOS, I am more than sure this helped with faster refunds (excluding Merrywood) maybe its worth while ringing My Loans back and saying this to them and add that D/D have gone unpaid due to this, you may get it sooner that 10/10, good luck and let us no how things have turned out for you and like myself, lets make sure 100% that we don't fall into this trap again and ALWAYS read the small print

Thank you all once again for all the input and replies, I will update on the Merrywood saga soon

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Well done tricia44

For not giving up.Many people must give up.How much are the firms making out of this situation.

How much over the years have they been making.Holding money back like this.

For months at a time.Maybe as Jonathon said at the end of 6 months they do not automatically pay back.

But keep it,as they say we do not know whether you took a loan or not.

We will find out things soon i am sure.

Could there be a case brought in the future,making them pay back people,something is not right.Something has been going on for years.

Many questions and thought about these Brokers.Just warming up.

We must take the brokers on.Find out things..

Nice to know there is a long Queue at Merrywood.:lol:

As you say,give them till Wednesday if they do not refund by Friday,i am sure you will fire :mad2: something off to them.

Still feel they need looking into.

In fact all the payday loans brokers,some if not all seem a shady lot.

People who go to them with perhaps bad credit,they must know the people they are talking to,have no chance or a slim chance of getting a loan.

They just by the sound of it ,send a list to you.

I will go even further now,there is no need for them.Time to finish them.

They as many more,sound like predators,targeting people who some anyway need advice and help on debt.

Not a loan,or suggesting you will get one.

What is the percentage that do get loans through them.How do we find out.


Perhaps a MP i know will start things,look into them.I will ask.


Why has my computer started shaking.

Is it the Brokers out there shaking,in what may be coming their way soon.



Good news on Shoppers Direct as well,possibly a record breaker.

How many others are there out there that could be given refunds.

Shoppers direct must know this is going on.Why not write to people,customers,they must know about the situation.

So many thoughts there to.So many questions need answering.

Goodness me,i am so suspicious..

I will stay that way too

Well done again for bringing your story to the CAG .

Until we hear about these things,they just carry on regardless.

Brokers here, there, everywhere,setting up in many locations around Great Britain,fleecing people really.

It is obvious now.Suspicious,very suspicious reviews,some coming at the rate of 6 or seven in a ten minute period.

On different days.On different sites

.It does not add up.

Enough for now.I had better stop now.Before i fill the page up.

Best wishes tricia 44,keep us updated,i feel you will,you are that kind of person,sees things through.

He or she,who dares may win and help others who may find themselves in this situation,now or in the future

I feel like dancing and singing and spinning around at this news.Doing a jig even

I will resist putting a tune on.Try to anyway

Bye for now.Well done.



One more thing.My tip for the future.

To anyone-join your credit union.Reasons below.And they will not rip you off.


#London #CreditUnion takes the #legalloansharks #paydaylenders on- So happy i could sing may even dance- spin around http://www.creditunion.co.uk/Loans.htm



#Glasgow aint waiting for the #govt to tackle the #paydayloans The #council and #mikedailly #govanlawcentre are http://www.theguardian.com/money/2013/sep/22/glasgow-credit-unions-payday-lenders#comment-27216996 …


3-- Do not all rush at once after reading the above links.Join here



This Merrywood company is still bothering me.Something is not right.As is Loanspotter.

Just got a feeling.

You have to follow when you get these feelings.Will post more tomorrow when i have had more time to think.


Edited by tawnyowl
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This should make people's hair curl (if it isn't already - sorry for slang, been reading old boarding school stories and come up with some lovely phrases).


Win £200 Cash This Week


735499img23725rand1379874989.jpg QuickQuid's Fan Appreciation Week begins's today. Just 'Like' their Facebook page for 2 chances to win £200! Plus, they give away £100 cash to one lucky fan every Wednesday, so well worth signing up!

Go to offer

I think if anyone did Like their FB page they would be bombarded with emails and texts from this shabby lot, and FB themselves should stop this kind of promotion. I've already reported it to FB but don't expect they will do anything about it.


You can go onto somebody's FB page and report it as 'uninteresting, etc or other, and type in the reason, I typed in the reason that they were not a good company to deal with and put the link to CAG on there too!.

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Thanks silllygirl1-

It will not make my hair curl-i have none-copied of the great Eric Delaney one of the best drummers in the world-10 years at the top back in the 50s 60s.Filled the Albert Hall,the London Palladium,many places across the world.

A man i knew away from his music.Another story there but kept for another day.

Why should we.

Let us break up this thread with some entertainment.

We deserve that.

Ladies and gentlemen.I present to you- Direct From London.

My friend-The great Eric Delaney-introduced By Morecambe and Wise.



Back to it.


Quick Quid story.

Just another ploy to trap people on the cycle of debt.

Predators targeting people and communities in Great Britain,America,Australia and Canada.


Back to it.

This Merrywood company is still bothering me.Something is not right.As is Loanspotter.

Just got a feeling.

You have to follow when you get these feelings.Will post more tomorrow when i have had more time to think.


Jonathon said in post-28


Hi, just an update on MerryWood, phoned on 17/9/2013 was advised that I am currently in a que and that I will be paid either by the end of this week or the end of next.

It is plausible that they have a back log I guess, just I have read posts of this reponse dating back to 2011.

and as Im concerned how the advisor (same woman) knew the status of my refund if she didnt know who I was.

End Quote.


Yes they seem to be saying the same things now,as they did in 2011.

Yes how did they know status of refund if name etc had not been given

The queue must. as many must now think be a long one

But to a company or companies like them- it seems, is their way of doing business.


The reviews they have-well something is not right there.

How do i know this

I had a company,ranked number one in Great Britain at one time.

I will if needs be show one or two.Of the reviews.

You will then understand.Some 10 years ago.That can still be checked on ,and looked at today..

You do not get 10 reviews issued in the time of 10 or 20 minutes possibly from the same computer.

All saying how fantastic they are.Even the site flags them up as suspicious.A red triangle.


The only reviews not flagged was the ones saying,we have been ripped off.


Just hope one of them does not go bust.

As i feel there is more to come yet.

Thoughts of looking into things,going back years.

Hoping for perhaps recompense for many,hoping.I will leave it there for now.

But to a company or companies like them- it is their way it seems of doing business.

Holding on to peoples money.For as long as possible.

Hoping that in the end they will forget about it.Give up,go away.

Forgotten about in the mists of time.

Edited by tawnyowl
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Hi all, Just updating on my staus. Today MyLoans refunded the whole £69.99 as promised. However MerryWood has become very nasty, 2 weeks ago I was told a manager was overseeing the refund and then I contacted them last Thursday I was told your scheduled to be refunded tomorrow, yet still no refund today so I phoned up as they are now over the 30 days time frame in the terms an conditions. When I reminded the same woman of this (same woman everytime) she said "well there'e nothing we can do if you are in a queue." to which I re iterated the 30 days has now passed she retorted "Doesn't matter we have 6 months" So I said that the T&C's that we both entered in to overrule the guideline and she replied "Sir, you are going around in circles, I have nothing more to say" then hung up the phone on me. I am livid, I contacted the consumer advice group who are now telling me my only option is a small claims dispute before a court, is there any other course of action I can take?


Thanks all.

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Thanks for the fast reply, the oft game me an email address to report the company too and the Ombudsman have sent a letter of complaint on my behalf to Merrwood Loans and said usually when they get ivolved they stop giving people the run around although I have to give them 8 weeks from today so we shall see how that goes.

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Hi Jonathon,

I am getting as many are increasingly annoyed at these companies.

I understand the Ombudsman getting fast results when getting involved.

But why should this be so.

How many weeks ,months years has this been going on.

How many people have been getting ripped off,there is no other way to describe it.

They should as many other rip offs be investigated and made to pay back people going back years.

On another thread i have been in touch with 2 MPS.

Now i am compiling evidence,false reviews they have and maybe within the next few days send it to them.

And some of these threads as well.They need looking into,powerful people asking questions,perhaps going back years.

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Hi all

A final update, last Friday I once again contacted Merrywood and like Jonathon, spoke to the same girl, who informed me that I was in a queue, I asked " how long is the Queue ? She responded that I wasn't the only person waiting on a refund, I then told her that I was contacting the FOS and this was the response , go ahead it gives us more time 8 weeks and you will end up waiting a lot longer. Here's what I did rang my bank and told them I wanted a charge back, I explained the situation plus added that I had had advice from FOS 5 minutes later I was told the money would be returned to my account before 6.00 pm that day and it was. But strangely enough today merrywood refunded the money also what do I do ?? Any advice would be welcome. Jonathon please do as I did Merrywood are hoping you will get fed up of there b---l s--t 💩 keep at them.

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Latest news.One of the MPs has got back to me.There may be hope.Gordon Marsden a MP who does care about people in his community.

I have witnessed this personally.I will send him the clear evidence and info tonight.It is time for the Brokers to be asked questions.Or looked into carefully.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi, sorry for not replying sooner, Tricia I'm glad that you managed to get a refund I may attempt to chase them up today. I contacted the fos and they sent a complaint on my behalf. I'v been told to give them 8 weeks which will be up on the 10/12. I was hoping to wait and reply once I had positive news on the Merryood front but that may not happen. Thanks for all the hard work you have been doing tawnowl and thanks everyone on here that has helped.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi there I hope people are still reading this, final update for merrywoods. Phoned them last Friday as they had continued giving me the run around over last 3 weeks I was due to be paid that Friday, never was what a shocker lol then it was with a manager and then last friday I phoned and I asked as I was due to be paid for some time now. The same woman said that they had just received my complaint from the ombudsman on the 4/12 and so my refund was delayed as they had to deal with the complaint. I told them theres no way they could have just gotten it as I got my copy back in October about 2 days after contacting the ombudsman. She then replied this is strange but we just got it so we have to deal with the two (refund and complaint together.) I then told her well the ombudsman told me that if I hadn't heard anything or been refunded by the 8/12 to contact them and they would do an investigation into the company. She was silent for about 30 secs and replied okay I have a manager here and I am issuing a refund to your account right now. The refund can take a few days to show. 11/12 and the full £69.95 was refunded :D.


I can't thank you all enough for your help especially Tricia for helping me as knowing you were going through the same and won really helped, and to TawnyOwl who has went above and beyond anything I could have imagagined. Thank you all so much.

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Hi Johnathon.

I have been following your and Tricia44s thread.

Glad you got a full refund.

I wonder how many people give up after a certain amount of trying.They need investigating.

Many have dodgy reviews.Who or how can you tell about this.After all a dodgy review on a financial website is one step to far for me.

I can not at the moment find much about the brokers on the net.They seem to flow along with no one asking questions.

Coining it in.Worthy if you ask me of a newspaper or journalist having a dig.,mmm there is a idea.

Many people must have lost money to them.Going back years.

Many complaints about them on review sites but that is all.

I have tried but things take time i suppose.Getting in touch with someone today but where this will go takes time.And may lead to nothing.

But i have noticed this thread on the net,so warns people about the brokers.

And in Derbyshire at the moment there is a police warning about a [problem] operating similar to what a broker would do.

I had better put it on as a warning.

Warning over rise in pay day loan [problem]s


Derbyshire detectives are urging the public to remain vigilant to s-1-6307561#"]payday loan [problem]s where criminals use a false company identity.

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) have released a report stating how fraudsters are targeting potential victims claiming to be from a genuine loan company.

The con artist will offer the victim a high interest loan and mirror the demands from loan brokers for an advance fee, adding to the legitimacy of the [problem].





Best wishes Johnathon and to others out there be careful and if you have any broker issues let us know.


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Hi there,



I am new to the forums, but need some support and advice regarding loan-finding/brokerage charges that have recently affected both myself and my partner.



My partner was charged three amounts of £35.45 within the past two weeks and has now had to replace his Visa Debit card with the bank so that they can't take any more unauthorized money. We stumbled across the company called Smile Finance who had taken the fees - we were 'duped' into paying one amount of £36.34 during an online application for a short-term one month loan that never materialized, so ended

up paying this money as a subscription type of fee.



When you make an application - even with a direct lender as we had in our case, not just pay-day ones; the loan application form automatically processes; directs you to a fee agreement page (often not) made

entirely visible the fee charge, so your debit card gets charged regardless of whether you sign the agreement or not if already provided Visa debit details on the loan application form itself. Smile Finance had promised to repay the amounts after making calls to them from his bank, but have twice failed to repay on agreed dates set by themselves.



We have reported the matter to Consumer Action via the Citizens Advice website that now deals with all consumer-related affairs; yet still awaiting responses from them. We also reported it to online Fraud team because the other payments they had taken were certainly not authorized, and my partner is £100 out of pocket just as Christmas has arrived, and Smile Finance does not respond to emails whenever you email them. The FSA have also been contacted yet are of no real help in this matter as it is apparently the Office of Fair Trading that regulates Loan company bodies of all shape and size - I once wrote to them regarding a similar matter a few years ago, and I know from experiences that they do not do anything in consumer-related affairs and merely pass you onto Citizens Advice consumer Action.



I have also had a fee of £39.99 from a company called LM loans I had filled in an application for a refund request that can take 30 days, but they do not respond to my emails either and, although reported it to the Citizens Advice; no progress been made regarding response or action.



Is there anything anyone who reads my post advise me, about what else I can do to get our monies back from the above mentioned Loan services?. We have both definitely learnt our lesson about applying for loans online, and never will again.

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