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Morning all,

I did start writing out an earlier post but its disappeared on me phone!! So apologies if this appears twice!


I've been with Sky for years & I have my landline, broadband & Tv etc with them @ £105 a month (it recently went up again). The broadband connection sucked but due to where I live options at the time were limited to Sky or BT & they said no to us as 5 houses already had the infinity service (something to do with the box?)


So we just put up with Sky's broadband until beginning of August, when during an upgrade call with EE the agent asked me about my broadband service. I told him it sucked etc & before you know it I'm agreeing for them to take it over! The call was recorded by myself & I've got to say the EE agent is very good at his job as I was totally drawn in by the service they offered & the speeds I would get (I get just under 2mgs with Sky & he offered 12mgs on EE at a great price)


Anyways he told me I didn't have to do a thing as EE do it all from getting in touch with Sky & taking the line over & so forth, all I had to do was just say yes. He also said I had 14 days in which I could cancel the broadband takeover.


So I told my son's about this great offer from EE & my eldest told me to cancel it. As we are due to move shortly & new house can have fibre optic & with 4 PS3, laptops, tablets, phones etc the fibre optic would be better for us.


Next morning I received a letter from Sky saying sorry your leaving us & that the broadband & land line would cease on 22 August unless I cancelled the take over.


So I called EE & spent over 20 mins on phone trying to cancel the broadband takeover, the EE agent tried everything possible to convince me not to cancel. I admit I was wavering but stuck to saying no. Some of what he did say was unbelievable as he told me I wouldn't have any broadband service at all if I cancelled! I was like why as you haven't taken the line over as yet & I'm just 4 days into the 14 day cancellation period. He then back tracked saying he thought my service was up & running. So I asked will you be letting Sky know I'm cancelling the takeover & for them to carry on until I move house. Yes he says, its now cancelled & he seemed a bit abrupt.


I did receive an email confirming the cancellation of the broadband takeover. That was it over & done with so I thought.


Until 2 weeks later on the 22 August I find my broadband was not working. So I called Sky & asked them what the issue was. I'm sure you know what's coming but it took me by surprise. My broadband & land line were cancelled due to EE taking them over. So I've now no broadband or land line what so ever as EE did not inform Sky that I had cancelled the EE takeover. All Sky could do was offer me a new 12mth contract, which I wasn't willing to do as we move very shortly, so I've ended up with no Broadband or land line service!! I'm not very happy about it nor are my sons! So just be warned don't get caught out as I have been as I believed EE when they said they take care of everything, unless you cancel it seems!!


But it has made me question what went wrong? As if I had say changed my Gas & Electric service from BG to ANON & then cancelled the takeover within the 14 day cooling off period would that mean I would end up with no gas or electric just because I changed my mind to stay with BG??

I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every single minute of it!!

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