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    • So today was my mediation date between the hours of 14:00 - 16:00    The mediator called me around 14:20 and introduced herself and asked if I had been expecting the call to which I replied yes and then had to confirm who I was myself and that I had read the mediation email that I had been sent.    I was then asked by the mediator the claim amount to which I made her aware of the error I had made on my behalf of putting the interest figure amount into the total claim. Therefore meaning the form read as I if I was claiming only £1.44. She did then advise that she thought that was the case but could clearly see from the claim particulars my claim should read £200.00 with the interest being £1.44 and the £35.00 small claims fee.   Before the call from the mediator and booking half a day off to be on hand between 14:00 - 16:00 I did a bit of prep work and just wrote out some bullet points as per below, these were read back to the mediator to give her a true understanding of the events that have led to my call this afternoon.    22nd November 2021 - Item sold via eBay and posted same day with EVRi Group (Now Evri) Full insurance paid for the item 29th November 2021 - Chased parcel and tracking appeared to be stuck \ Not updating  1st December 2021 - EVRi admitted they couldn't locate the parcel \ Lost claims form submitted  9th December 2021 - Chased EVRi for update \ None provided  23rd December 2021 - Decision made by EVRi to not pay out for item as 'Prohibited Item' \ Refunded postage costs \ Closed case \ No further responses to messages sent from this point from EVRi (Evri)  12th January 2022 - Letter of Claim sent to EVRi (Evri) HQ 26th January 2022 - No reply to Letter of Claim \ Open Small Claims via MCOL website  3rd February 2022 - Letter from Money Claim Online advising my claim had be filed  3rd March 2022 - EVRi (Evri) filed a defence  April 2022 - Received a letter advising of Mediation service \ Filled out and returned  13th May 2022 - Received a email from SCMReferrals advising of today being my mediation date between 14:00 - 16:00     After making her aware of my points above, she touched on a few of them, the main one being of taking out insurance and the site allowing me to. To which I then went into detail and advised her that should you input 'Laptop, Diamond Ring' etc into the parcel contents box it automatically stops you from being able to take out insurance. However I sold an Aquarium Light and this was input and still allowed me to proceed with taking out the full insurance cover.   After this she advised she would now go away and discuss this with EVRi (Evri).   I wait a matter of minutes before she came back advising that EVRi (Evri) were willing to settle this today and pay me back my £200.00.   For the amount of time this has gone on and the fact I clearly made an error on the MCOL form when submitting it and being on edge thinking the case would go nowhere and I'd just be paid out £36.44, I've agreed to accept this amount. I see it as a win - All be it I've had to spend £35.00 to get it to this point but I'm happy with the outcome.    As for the whole Mediation process - It was very straight forward, extremely easy and I didn't feel at all under pressure by the mediator at any point, she was extremely polite and understanding. Yes it's a lengthy wait process and the whole telephone calls from mediator to myself, to EVRi (Evri) and back took all of 15-20 minutes, but I'd certainly do it all again should I need to. 
    • For some years I have been a registered carer and received carers allowance. Will that contribute to my pension contributions 
    • just click your username   threads merged now go read from post 1 the answer is posted numerous times.   dx  
    • Well it's snotty letter time once again.  If your son still has the original PCN could you please post it up here and if you have a copy of the appeal and the rejection that could be help too.  At least you are not fighting a CCJ this time and you know that these crooks can be beaten.   Could you please complete the questions below  and the PCN would be a great help.       Have you received a Parking Ticket?
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