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Council Tax Benefit - will I end up paying?

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Hi All


Would be very grateful if someone can advise on the following:


I share a flat with one other tenant who works full-time and receives no benefits - I receive WTC and in 2012/13 was awarded 50% Council Tax Benefit (Both our names are on the Council Tax bill). In July 2012 I received a letter telling me I would be receiving 100% CTB for the rest of the year. "Great!" I thought...


Come May of this year I received a letter from CT saying I owed them backdated CT for 2012/13 to the tune of £600!! When I asked why they said someone had reviewed my claim in February and had consequently reduced my CTB to 50%. I had received nothing to tell me of this and immediately contacted my local benefits office by email to ask why they had changed the award and why they hadn't notified me.


After 4 weeks with no reply I went down in person to speak to a benefits officer - after scrolling through the history he seemed unable to explain why they had readjusted the benefit but put a note on their system for the officer dealing with my claim to contact me. Again, I have heard nothing. Whilst he was going through the notes I noticed that at the time they sent the letter saying I was entitled to 100% benefit I was actually only receiving 50%.


I have since spoken to the CT division again who have put a hold on the account for 2 weeks, and advised me to make an appeal against the benefits department.


It seems someone has made an error, either by awarding me the wrong amount in the first place, or by sending a letter with the wrong amount. They also seem to be at fault for not letting me know in February when the claim was reviewed. I am not in a position to pay the bill and do not wish to receive a court summons.


If anyone can advise me of my rights and/or how to proceed I would be very grateful.


Many Thanks

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If you are both working then you are both responsible for the council tax but the council do not get involved in how it is split between the two of you, they will simply chase the one in correspondence with them for the full amount.


Is the other person making a contribution to the council tax bill?

When you say you were receiving 50% CT benefit is this of the full CT for the year?

How does the £600 relate to the total CT bill for the year? Is it 50% so equivalent to the additional benefit to the award made?


The answers to the above questions will help others (more knowledgeable than I) to help you unravel what's going on.



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Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for - they have clearly made an error which lead me to believe I was entitled to the full award for the year (and I have the letter to prove it!)


Thanks again = )

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