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Stop The Sharks-Back The Bill On 6th Sept Ask your mp to turn up.

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Back the bill to curb legal loan sharks


stop%20the%20sharks%20-%20back%20the%20bill11-11600.JPGIt’s time to regulate the payday loan industry


It’s time to stop the excess profits on the backs of ordinary working people and it’s time to cap the interest payday lenders can charge.



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And if you do ask your MP could you let us know if they are going to be there

It would be interesting to know.

Especially from the opposition. MPs

If you get my drift.

But any will do.

If we could just keep those MPs that oppose away for the day .

Any ideas.

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Just in case someone wonders what it is all about here is the second reading of the bill.

Which i had the honour of listening to From beginning to end..

Some say time wasting was involved.

The debate on my High Cost Credit Bill By Paul Blomfield MP for Sheffield Central.


Watch From Start


12th July 2013 Some very interesting stories of the hell these sharks are causing.

Hear how the legal loan sharks break their promises.

That target communities and people.

Maybe your MP was there speaking.Telling how it was affecting their community.


I can only hope the Credit Unions and the Post Office and the Church link up and drive them

back to the depths whence they came.Or even ban them.It may be the only way.


Here endeth my rambling.For now.


13.27 for the history lesson.

Henry the 8th is even mentioned,along with Jesus,temples etc.


MP--Jacob Rees Mogg

Thought this kind of character was extinct, along with plus fours and the passenger pigeon.

Gave us a history lesson going back to the beginning of time..

On Usury.

I thought i had gone far enough back to Roman times.

A likeable chap,and a good speaker.

Just wrong in my view to oppose.

So we can safely expect Jacob Rees Mogg MP to be there who opposes.

And obviously Paul Blomfield MP who is for.



It is vital your MP turns up on this day.

Ask them.The issue is spreading through the country and affecting so many.

I have just read a thread today and linked up take a look..By Wintry.


Citizens Advice Bureau exposes Horrifying’ payday loan debt problems - June/July 2013






Ask your MP to be there.

Vote with their hearts -not policy. Do not be scared of the whip.Do what is right.






1-The businesses continue not only to exploit the urban poor but also to socio-economically subjugate them by trapping many into a virtually ceaseless debt cycle. In the end, a blanket proscription of these businesses might be the only way to drive them from the center-city and prevent them from perpetuating poverty.


2-Some practices so fundamentally affront our shared values that they should quite simply be prohibited. It is one thing to exploit the urban poor, but it is another thing to systematically worsen their socio-economic condition and to thereby subject them to greater control and subservience. Exploitation, in other words, might be tolerable in our market economy, but subjugation should not be. You can take people’s money and the value of their labor, but you not should be able to yoke them permanently or even semi-permanently to subordination. By actively making the urban poor even poorer, the rent-to-own, payday lending, and title pawn businesses do just that and should be banned.


Big thoughts.From America,From A professor of law and a Consumer Attorney.I will name them later.

But a big problem now on both sides of the pond.

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Latest on The High Cost Credit Bill 2013-14/


See if your MP was there.Speaking about the problem.

Easy readable pages showing what has happened so far.

And explanations of what will,or may happen.

High Cost Credit Bill 2013-14


Type of Bill:Private Members' Bill (Ballot Bill)Sponsor:Paul Blomfield





Please email your MP - use the quick link below and add some text - ask them to help end the scandal of sky high interest rates and back the bill to end the bad practices in the industry by turning up at the House of Commons to back the bill on Friday 6 September.

It’s time for a cap on credit - end bad practices by payday lenders

Pay day loans - the urgent case for reform question and answer briefing. Download the document here.


Find your MP




Why we need to regulate the payday loan industry


The last 20 years have seen a rapid rise in payday lenders marketing their loans with excessive interest rates to those most in need of emergency funds. As the impact of the cuts continues to hit, research conducted by Unite has uncovered that people struggling to make ends meet are sliding deeper in to debt. And that research has found that every month tens of thousands of people are borrowing the equivalent of a week’s wages. This isn’t for new cars, holidays or expensive TVs - this is money for transport, childcare, the basics. This is money to put food on the table and keep a roof over their head. People are borrowing to pay the mortgage or their rent.



Please email your MP and get them to back Paul Blomfield’s bill to curb legal loan sharks As wages have stalled the cost of living keeps rising. Wages have stood still since 2002 but food, energy, housing and transport costs continue to rise. Austerity Britain has set ordinary people on a path to poverty. The human consequences are painful and the payday lenders are exploiting people’s desperation and profiting on the back of poverty.



And Britain’s payday industry is among the least regulated in the world. Payday lenders can charge as much as they want – recently Wonga hiked its interest rate to a savage 5,600 per cent, an astronomical figure in contrast to other countries. In many states in the US, the amount of interest that a payday lender can charge you is capped at 36 per cent. In the majority of states in Australia it is 48 per cent and in Canada it is 60 per cent, but the UK, being the exception, has no limit to how much a lender can charge.

And what this means for ordinary people is a fast track to debt. And people who struggle to repay loans on time can be hit with extortionate charges and interest rates. One recent example highlights how a £150 loan from a payday lender soared to £15,500 in two years. That’s an increase of 10,000 per cent. The Office of Fair Trading published a damning report last March that slammed “widespread irresponsible lending” with examples of payday loan form lending at sky-high rates to under-18s, the mentally ill, and people who are drunk. It’s time for a cap on credit - end bad practices by payday lenders.

Please email your MP and get them to back Paul Blomfield’s bill to curb legal loan sharks

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And if you do ask your MP could you let us know if they are going to be there

It would be interesting to know.

Especially from the opposition. MPs

If you get my drift.

But any will do.

If we could just keep those MPs that oppose away for the day .

Any ideas.


Couldn't we just get ATOS to judge their ability not to attend?! ;)

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Mr Atos :mad2::fencing::target:


Not for those of delicate imposition .Mr Atos.





Mark for those that do not know perhaps is a London Taxi Driver

A Artist,a activist, who has done many unusual protests.

Such as pushing a peanut through the streets of London.For seven miles.With his nose.

And is being treated for cancer.In London.


And also pushed a plastic pig through the streets of London to protest at the NHS being sold off.

Here he is arriving at Ten Downing Street






It is now Friday morning and a friend of mine has just arrived.

With strangely enough a letter from MR ATOS.

Some of the questions.

Can you pick up and move a large empty cardboard box.

Can you lift one arm above your head.

Can you pick up and move a half litre (one pint) carton full of liquid.

He is worried,has cancer,and has had two strokes and many other problems.

He is really stressing at filling out this horrific form.

That must scare vulnerable people.


This is the first time i have come across MR ATOS.

You could not write this stuff.

Like a nightmare i bet for many.


I had better move back to the high cost credit bill


Before i throw another thing through the window.

This MR ATOS raises my blood pressure.


Thanks for the post Mr Grotesque

Made me look at Mr Atos.:-)

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My Bill to tackle rip-off payday lenders - an update


Paul_solo_photo_27fce2b.jpg This pop-up 'Doomsday Loans' shop came to Parliament last month to help promote my Bill Payday lenders have been getting a lot of attention in the last few weeks, and my Bill to regulate these rip-off money lenders was the main focus of my work last month. Disappointingly the Government opposed the Bill when it was debated in Parliament on July 12th, despite the support I won from Tory and Lib Dem backbench MPs (you can watch my speech here -16 minutes in- or read it here). This makes it harder for the Bill to progress, but the issue is too important to stop now. Until there is regulation, desperate cash-strapped people will continue to get sucked into spiralling debt. We need to keep up the pressure to force the Government to act and I’ll announce my next steps soon - so watch this space.

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Just whipped a bit of info of Paul Blomfield MP for Sheffield Central.

Trying to find news about his High Cost Credit Bill..


My campaign to regulate payday lenders remains a big focus for me this week. On Thursday, I'll be speaking in a debate on High Cost Credit, which a number of us secured from the Backbench Business Committee. During the week, I've meetings with the charity Centrepoint to hear about their experiences around high cost credit and homeless young people, the Personal Finance Education Group which campaigns for compulsory financial education, the Community Investment Coalition which aims to increase access to affordable finance, and the Campaign for Fairer Gambling who are concerned that Fixed Odd Betting Terminals in betting shops are getting people into increasing debt.

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Just whipped a bit more info from Paul Blomfield MP for Sheffield Central website.

Some talk of payday lending.

Hit the links if you are interested.

Building up soon to the second reading in the House Of Commons on 25th October.

The 'Gagging Bill', Payday Lending, Local economic Growth and SilenceBreakers - all part of my week ahead


This week in Parliament is dominated by debate on the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill, or the 'gagging bill' as its been dubbed. I'm pleased to say that a huge number of constituents have contacted me about the Bill, about which I'm deeply concerned. It fails to tackle the real issues, but uses public concern about lobbying as an excuse to launch a deeply partisan attack on organisations that they believe may be critical of their Government in the run-up to the next General Election. Anger at the proposals has come from a wide range of charities, from Oxfam to the Royal British Legion. The Government are trying to amend the proposals, but I think the Bill should be scrapped and will be in the Chamber on Tuesday to say so.



Payday Loans.


I've a number of meetings as part of my campaign to regulate payday money lenders, for which I got strong support in the House of Commons last week (see my speech here). I've arranged with Citizen's Advice, Stepchange, Which?, the Centre for Responsible Credit, Church Action on Poverty and Lambeth Palace, as well as parliamentary colleagues from all parties, to discuss the next steps in our efforts to secure effective regulation. I'll also be meeting with Veritec, a company that has developed real-time databases to support regulation of payday lenders in the US.








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