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Being denied access to my private parking space by public car parkers

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I live in N.London (Haringey Council) on top of a 3 floor apartment block. There are 3 car parking spaces allocated - 1 to each flat - and comprise 1 at the front which is accessible via dropped kerb from the main road and 2 at the rear in a side-by-side configuration that form part of what was the garden. The property is Freehold and all the spaces are marked on the deeds


Access to these rear spaces can only be achieved via a single lane access road that runs down the side of our block. The road extends further down and links into a private road. Our part of this road is unadopted by the council up to where our rear parking spaces end with the rest being private as it provides access to some cottages. The owners of the private part of the road have posted notices stating they have employed private contractors to ensure only those with a valid parking tag displayed can park on their road with fines for non-compliance which now has effectively "pushed" all those wanting to avoid paying any parking charge onto our access road.


A row of shops (with upstairs accommodation) have rear exits that also back onto our access road so any trades or employees of those shop businesses who drive and don't want to / cant afford to pay for parking have cottoned onto the fact that our access road is unadopted so park (and effectively block) the single lane road. At times - if our spaces are free - they are used by these same people so a free-for-all develops at least daily.


The only way I can access my space is to drive down this access road but in order to travel the 30 feet can sometimes take 30 minutes as I have to find out who the blocking car(s) belong to & get them moved. They allow me access but then return to the same blocking positions as before so if I have to go out again, I have to do everything again.


My view is that I should be allowed unrestricted access to my parking space. I understand shops need deliveries but a loading bay is available on the main road some 40 feet away. As the road is unadopted, there are no signs, no road markings and the council is not thinking about adoption anytime soon after I made a recent phone call.


What - legally - am I allowed to do? I can easily beef up securing our spaces (chain & padlock) but all people then do is park in front of our spaces (occupied or not) or park in the access lane. It seems like everyone involved is getting what they want and seem to care less at the hassle they cause but it frustrates me deeply. Also, some tend to use their horn as a way of telling people to move their cars so the noise level can grate!


Thanks for any/all advice


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Sounds like a nightmare situation. Are there regular offenders? I know this is not going to help but when someone blocked me in I took our other car and blocked them in. Petty but satisfying.


Can you put up signs?


Really hope it gets sorted!

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Hi Seqiuenci


There are regular offenders and today we had 3 cars nose-to-tail blocking almost the length of the access road because if one does it, others follow. Every offending car driver I try & reason with has the attitude of "So what? You can't do anything about it" or "My business is here, I have a right to park here". Some of this is definitely historical insofar as until a refurb last year, our entire block was unoccupied & one leading offender sometimes uses the single space out front until I pointed out "How would you like it if I came & parked on your drive?" & he replied "Well no-one was using it & I didn't want I get a ticket!".


I'm thinking signs for the private spaces but the access road will remain an issue unless I can figure out if any obstruction laws can be used in any claim that - as a freeholder - my right of access is being denied. Not sure (legally) about that though...



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If the road is unadopted, do you have the right to block it ?

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You might be able to take action if there is no other way out, it is likely to be expensive and long-winded. I hope you find a solution - saidly the sort of things I would do are far, far too infantile to post up on CAG - especially as a member of the site team!

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Your place sounds like a bit of a built up area to me, unfortunately, because......


I live in a rural area, and was born in another one, and I have known just one pass by a local farmer, with one tractor, and one fully loaded muckspreader, to work surprisingly well!


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Sameagle - a tractor full of muck would be my absolute dream resolution but there's barely room to swing the proverbial cat down this lane so at best I could only get the first & last cars & if a job is worth doing, its worth doing fully!

Sequenci & Honeybee13 - insurance / legal recourse looks like my only real way forward unless I cunningly (and quickly) install ground-based lockable collapsible bollards at either end of the access road and only distribute the keys to those who should have them!

CitizenB - This is part of my problem in knowing precisely what "unadopted" entails. I thought that it only meant the local council don't upkeep the road, provide any markings or signage. But blocking an access road should be classed as obstruction under the Road Traffic Act which (I think?) doesn't distinguish between unadopted or adopted roads...


Maybe I should just buy a old banger and be a little less considerate when trying to get out/in of my spaces!

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hmm know anyone with a truck?


my personal opinion and this is just an opinion


park your car and the car for the other bay somewhere else


wait until all the cars are parked down the road in bays etc


reverse the truck (ford luton or something like that) down the road and block the end, leave it there with a notice in the window saying "appologies for any inconveniance however my truck has broken down, i have permision from the flat owners to leave it here until the parts have arrived, this should be in 2-3 days until the truck cannot be moved, my appologies" then make up a name to sign at the bottom


might be petty but it might just make them think twice

Please note:


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  • i am not legal trained in any form.
  • I have many experiences in life and do often use these in my posts

if ive been helpful kick my scales, if ive been unhelpful kick the scales of the person more helpful :eek:

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You need to look at the deeds of your property and others that are accessed by the lane to see if anyone actually owns it outright or if there is a right of way detailed over it. If neither is the case then try speaking to the other property owners who have curtilege on the lane what they would like for the best. A simple barrier or one of those lockable posts would put an end to the problem of casual parking but beware of any right of way by custom (cannot easily create a vehicular right of way for a leased shop but anone proving enjoyment for over a peroid of time can claim). If there is objection to your suggestions it will cost about £8k to shove it through the courts and that doesnt include surveyors costs so make sure that you have the consent of all properly interested parties before embarking n that course.

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