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    • The time to sue / ask for rent reduction started when you became aware of the issue (that is 10 years ago). You are absolutely unable to claim for anything for more than 6 years ago, as it is 'statute barred'.   As for claiming anything within the last 6 years, if you have left it this long, expect the LL to claim that you accepted the error. If you wished to claim, you should have done so well before now. Expect them to claim that you accepted it, and are onl;y now claiming different as a result of their claim. You'd then have to persuade a judge otherwise.
    • @Bean192 may be worth leaving an honest review once this is all sorted;   https://www.allagents.co.uk/coolcribscouk/
    • Update. The ASB team have categorically said they want to send a letter to the idiot saying... you are upsetting your neighbor, please come in to talk about this, we need to tell you we have no power to do anything about this though... WTAF?   They also said my only option to stop idiot parking and obstructing our kerb is to park our other car outside idiots property 🤔 because the car is now not obstructing enough to get a ticket and not breaking any law! Even though it's obviously being done to cause annoyance.   Just seems beyond belief!
    • Ok, quick update on this.  Mediation didn't happen - mainly because I missed the deadline for agreeing to the date - I didn't realise the deadline was quite so tight - and I had been away for the weekend and not reading my emails - anyway - although it was bad to not formally respond, it didn't really make too much difference because due to the lack of viable evidence provided by the claimant, mediation would have been pointless.   So I've been waiting to head what court date has been allocated to my case. However, instead I received a "General Directions or Order" letter.    Sorry - I meant to bring it in (to where I'm writing this).....but basically the gist of it was that the claimant had 14 days to respond providing evidence e.g. signed credit agreement etc. - and then I had 14 days after that to respond stating whether I accepted that evidence and whether I wanted to withdraw defence.    The letter was sent around the beginning of the month - therefore their 14 days are more or less up - I haven't heard anything - albeit, I need to factor in postage times - but surely this means my 14 days are not really 14 days....but more a case of the time left before the end of October and when or if I get anything from the court of the claimant with their evidence.   My question really is:    Is it a stupid question - but I cannot really do anything until I receive anything - at the moment, the court won't know what they've sent me (in response to my CCA request) - i.e. the poorly presented application form - meaningless statements - no clear signed credit agreement etc. - so this step is basically the court asking whether there is enough evidence in order to allocate a court date?   I'm assuming I should get a copy of whatever the claimant provides to the court?   Many thanks  
    • hello again, do you think this witness statement better suits my needs witness 2.pdf
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Triton Showers Rip Off

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I am fuming ..


Three years ago I had a Triton Safeguard t100 care shower fitted into my disabled sons wet room ..


With the recent hot weather he came to turn the temperature handle, and it did not work .. I got an electrician to remove the front cover and check why ... a very small ( about as big as a five pence) plastic splined 'D' shaped plastic part had split .. he said contact Triton .. get the part and he will fit it..


So .. I have just phoned Triton .. "Oh sorry we cannot supply that part .. you will have to buy the complete valve for ........................ £109 ..!! ... or, you can book an engineer who will come out and fix the shower for £98 ...!!


To me this diddy plastic part is a separate 'consumer' part .. it is not part of .. or physically fitted to the control lever .. or the valve ..


Just a typical greedy supplier who think they have us consumers 'over a barrel'

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might be a long shot


do you know anyone with a 3d printer or can you ask around who might have access to one?


they should be able to make one fairly easly

Please note:


  • I am employed in the IT sector of a high street retail chain but am not posting in any official capacity,so therefore any comments,suggestions or opinions are expressly personal ones and should not be viewed as an endorsement or with agreement of any company.
  • i am not legal trained in any form.
  • I have many experiences in life and do often use these in my posts

if ive been helpful kick my scales, if ive been unhelpful kick the scales of the person more helpful :eek:

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Just an update to Tritons response ...


I posted a 'customers review' on two Webb sites .. one for a supplier .. one on Tritons own .. both where quickly deleted ..


So I posted another on Tritons Webb site mentioning the previous post was deleted .. within 30 minutes i had a long email from 'customers relations' explaining the relevant costs of manufacturing ..transport ..storage .. admin. etc: -etc:-


I replied within minutes with an attached picture of the thimble sized worn plastic part .. asking how they could justify an £109 price for a small bit of plastic and added my my phone number..


Within minutes my phone rang .. it was a Triton guy who said they took customer 'feed back' seriously and went on about the diddy sized part being part of the temp. valve and should not be messed with by any one but Triton ..


I referred him to the insulation / spares manual and said the 'diddy bit' was only a link between the temp. control lever on the front panel and the temp. valve and it was a 50p bit of plastic that I had expected to pay £5 for delivered in a diddy Jiffy bag with a first class stamp on ..!!


After some discussion and about there offer of £98 to come and fit the diddy bit he said that 'diddy bit' was actually part of the front cover which he could let me have for £29 plus P&P when i said that that was still a 'rip off' price when I only wanted the 'diddy bit' .. he said that the part cannot be supplied separately .. but as sign of 'goodwill' he would arrange to have get an engineer out .. the shower fixed and serviced .. with a 12 months guarantee, for £49 .. which I (reluctantly) excepted ..


I mentioned this saga to the electrician who initially found the problem and was going to fit the new part .. his reaction .. make sure they fit .. all .. the new cover .. if they just try to fit the 'diddy bit' politely ask why .. ?? ... when according to Triton .. that part is not available separately ..!!

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are you sure this 'bit' is not on ebay [not uk site]


I know the bit you mean


I got one for my [other make] shower


all it is is a geared wheel basically that fitsover the spindle.





please do not post jpg images directly to a topic..USE PDF ....READ UPLOAD.



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I looked on eBay.. Amazon and eMailed 'normal' sellers with no joy ..


This part is tiny maybe less than a sewing thimble..[ATTACH=CONFIG]45123[/ATTACH]

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Triton guy came today .. nice fella who quickly removed the front cover to change for a brand new one ...


Only to find the 'diddy' bit was not actually part of the front cover .. he believes it's part of the temperature valve .. so the Triton office have booked a new appointment for Friday .. but .. they don't know if it will be AM or PM ..


Talk about planning your life around a shower (Pun intended)..!!

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