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Argos refusing to resolved 5 day old non-working laptop issue.

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i was wondering if anyone could help me with some advise


i bought a laptop from a store which didnt work


when i took it back they said there was evidence of water damage and parts were missing

this is an impossible fact because it was never near water or opened up all i wanted was a computer which worked


i asked for the same one to replace mine


i was spoken to horribly

was lied too by changing the facts of who served me

they said it needed sent off for 2months to check


i believe they might do something themselves


after buying a laptop 5 days ago i am now left with no money or laptop what do i do?


im at my wits end


i rang head office they say the same thing as the store who do i contact now please help

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After 5 days I'd say you're well within your rights to reject the laptop under the SOGA.


If they're going to say it's water damaged or missing parts,

then they have to prove it wasn't like that at the point of sale.


Don't call them on the phone or go into the store.


Get a letter headed "Letter before Action" to the head office,


giving them 14 days to provide either a new replacement product or a full refund of all monies paid.


If neither is forthcoming then you will take them to court for a refund plus costs.


Only make this threat if you intend to follow through however.


Don't be afraid of taking them to court. It's easy to do through Money Claim Online

and the cost of doing so can be claimed back from the retailer.


Just who is the retailer as well?

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hi thanks for reply wasnt sure if it was ok to put the store


it is argos


the thing is it started up created a win8 acount but when i went to turn on day after it froze on sreen

then power button flashed red

then it wouldn't turn on again


i sent a email to argos


they sent one back with a reference number but never replied


i took it to store


my mother was with me and was treated terrible

there was no evidence of water damage at all


the manager started to say people witnessed it when it was opened

when there wasnt and changed the person who served me with another.


all this would be on there cctv but they refuse to check


now they say some rom is missing at it wouldn't off worked without it

but all of the cds are there and i didnt use one


when i started the computer what stops him from taking the cd

and saying it wasnt there i think im not gonna get anywhere with them to be honest


how can you fight a big store like that they have all the rights


i have nothing now money laptop or any evidence of how the laptop was thanks maxx

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It isn't up to you to prove you didn't do anything, it's up to them to prove you did!

Also, I don't think Argos staff should be opening up the laptop themselves. I doubt any of them are qualified for that, not to mention they likely have no kind of environment where it's safe to be opening a laptop. For all we know their guy who was opening it up spilled his tea inside.

From the symptoms you describe it sounds to me like the Motherboard is at fault. Repairable, but after only 5 days I would say you have an excellent case for pushing for a refund/replacement. Given how you've been treated, I would push the refund angle.


As I said, get a letter in to Argos. Don't just roll over and take this or they'll just give you the runaround for months.


Also, how did you pay for the laptop? Cash? Credit Card? Debit Card?

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yes how did you pay


got to admit, very unlike argos

they are usually super consumer friendly







please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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hi thanks again max


i paid cash

it was from my pennies jar


i had been saving so changed it at bank paid with notes lol


whilst i was in the store i have several witnesses when i said whats to stop you from damaging it yourself to the manager


he said he could but thats not how they do things


it is probably this and the fact he kept changing who served me or who saw what which has made me the most uncomfortable

but i mean im now left with i laptop that doesnt work and 300 pound shy


i know its not a lot of money but it is to me i will take your advice max


and write a letter because phoning head office got me no where thanks again

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Read our small claims FAQ

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Hi Max,


This is a duplicate of a reply that I wrote in another thread, but it applies equally here, it seems this is now a very common occurrence.


I'm sorry to read that this has happened to you, but you are not alone. I can't post links because this is my first post, but if you google: 'moneysavingexpert sony water damage', my case is the top of the list.


Still yet to be resolved 4 months after breaking down. Unfortunately this seems to be a ploy by companies to avoid repairing works under warranty. Like you I treated my laptop with great care, but am now being treated as a liar.


If you google you will find at least another half a dozen similar cases, I think it's criminal that we are the ones that are immediately presumed guilty and have to prove otherwise, but of course, we can't. How can we prove that the laptop wasn't water damaged while in our care?


Maybe if we get enough people together we can collectively do something, I don't know, I have no legal expertise, and really who has the time? This has been stressful enough as it is. I hope you have a better resolution than me.


Best wishes,



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