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Note the times on the Parking Eye and Debt Recovery Plus Ltd papers

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This post is just a reminder to read the timing on your Parking Eye ‘Parking Charge Notice’


Our tale of these companies in this regard is one of amazement!:-D


According to Parking Eye data, my daughter arrived at Morrisons carpark (Stratford) at 22:25:09, didn’t pay for the appropriate parking time etc etc and has now started to receive the automated paperwork as discussed on this forum



So far from Parking Eye:


Paper 1

Parking Charge Notice for £85 demand with £50 discount if paid within 14days


Paper 2

Duplicate of £85 demand with £50 discount if paid within 14 days


Paper 3

Reminder 29days have passed and £85 now due



From DebtRecoveryPlusLtd:


Paper 1

Demand for £135


Paper 2

Notice of intended court action for £135 AND if goes to court additional £15 court fee, £50 solicitor cost and 8% interest per annum



Now here’s my reason for this post title...



Should any of you ConsumerActionGroup members/readers get the above said paperwork from Parking Eye, check the timing!



Look at this Parking Eye sign:


In particular the wording: For use only whilst shopping in store


Ignoring the argument of you could state in your defence: "you weren’t shopping" or "parked car to run across the road to another shop" etc etc



this will be a very, very, very interesting court case




I am looking forward to going to court with my daughter on this one because Morrison’s in Stratford closes 22:00hrs! (On the day in question, it opened 07:00 and closed 22:00)


This means, (and I’m sure the judge will agree) that Parking Eye has broken their alleged contract with my daughter for issuing her with a charge that they had no right to issue!


They state their parking tariff applys 24hours 7days a week






How can my daughter spend £5+ to get back a parking fee refund upon production of the refund portion of ticket when Morrison was closed AND their sign implies that drivers only need to Pay&Display if shopping in Morrisons Stratford?


Makes me chuckle again and again :-D


So, if you, or anyone you know has been issued with a pretend Parking Charge Notice, check the timing on the paperwork and the time when the store closed because you just may have a case like ours where the timing part of the alleged parking contract is contradictory making it impossible for the alleged contract to be fulfilled by either party!




PS Couldn't get the sign image to display any bigger Just trust me that the wording is there OR do a double take when next see a similar Parking Eye sign

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They wont take you to court. They would be VERY stupid to do so.



Any advice i give is my own and is based solely on personal experience. If in any doubt about a situation , please contact a certified legal representative or debt counsellor..



If my advice helps you, click the star icon at the bottom of my post and feel free to say thanks


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They wont take you to court.



Even if I said "pretty please??"




They would be VERY stupid to do so.


That's why I had the dinner smiley at end of the court case sentence: Chew them up and spit them out!


Must say that Nutsville website link you posted had me in stitches :biggrin:


Thanks for letting me know about it!


Will be referring others to have a read too...



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Haha... It's just like the stuff they're sending to me, lol:lol:

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Haha... It's just like the stuff they're sending to me, lol:lol:


This has been suggested as a response to an LBA from Parking Eye on Pepipoo



Dear Parking Eye


[Parking Charge Ref.]


I have just received your letter before action dated [DATE]. Please note that I have receipts to prove that the driver and passengers of the relevant vehicle were genuine customers when using the parking facilities related to this case.


As you are aware, it is necessary for both parties in any dispute to exhaust all possibilities of resolution prior to the commencement of court proceedings . Therefore, I suggest that you issue me with a POPLA verification code for me to refer the matter for independent adjudication - I understand that ParkingEye Ltd. does not recognise the 35 day rule stipulated by the BPA Ltd Code of Practice (version 1 and 2), therefore issuing POPLA verification code now should not pose any procedural problem for your company.

In addition I require:

1. The name and address of the party who contracted with Parking Eye for the provision of their services

2. The name and address of the landowner if different from 1

3. An itemised breakdown of your losses as a result of this parking incident

4. An itemised breakdown of the landowner's losses as a result of this incident

5. An explanation of how the requirements of schedule 4 of POFA giving you the conditional right to pursue the keeper have been satisfied.

Alternatively you could simply cancel the charge.


Kind regards

[PRINT YOUR NAME HERE - no need to sign]

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