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Fredrickson Int Ltd / Lowell / Bryan Carter

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Hi all,


Not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not please can a mod move it to the correct area.


I've received two letters from Bryan Carter Sols for two accounts that Lowell are chasing.

the first one has the correct account number and the second one has two digits missing from the end. Both accounts had been placed in dispute (2009).

Bryan Carters' letters states that he will recommend proceeding to be issued after 14 days.


I wrote back, telling him one account was placed in dispute in 2009, and I do not recognise the other account number apart from being similar to an account that was also placed in dispute in 2009.

My letter also stated, if their client feels they have the right and valid reasons to go to litigation then they should contact me

with any supporting documentation and their legal rights to the accounts. I also made it clear that I would defend any claim.


Response letter fro BC Sols: Account on hold, and awaiting clients instructions.



Received two letters the day after from Fredrickson International Ltd (one for each account) Saying that neither their client nor the OC have any records of a dispute on the account, and I should forward and correspondence evidencing a dispute or contact them with payment proposals.


I've copies of the letters sent in 2009 of the s.77/78 request and of the in dispute letters both with proof of postage.

the question is should I send them or just wait for there next move?


thank you,

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Hi appo07,


Carter and Freds are linked and Carter does tend to issue claims unless he is headed off. You can defend if there is a claim and usually he'll back down then, but I think it's better not to have that hassle in the first place. :-)


Who were the accounts with and when were they opened?



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One is an Adams store card and the other a Barclay card.

I have correspondence from both OCs regarding my s77/78 requests and dispute letters, so it's clear that Fredrickson asn't contacted either of them.


Both accounts are pre 2006, and have been passed around several DCA before Lowell. I't looks like they have bought the accounts without any info.

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When was the last payment made to either account.



You have made them aware there is a dispute, it is for them to discuss this with the companies they have purchased from.

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Thanks for the reply,


Last payments was in 2009.

Should I just leave it and see what they do next or send them a letter telling them that I don't need to prove anything?

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You don't need to tell them that you don't need to prove it unless you want to dance to their tune.

FI churn out the Carter letter themselves and do not litigate on cases passed from FI's ultimate owners Lowell which have already done the DCA circuit without result.

The BC wrong account no. happened to loads of accounts they sold to Lowell. I'd be interested to see how they respond to a CCA request with a 13 digit credit card account no..

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My husband is having the same issue with Fredrickson - they, too, have quoted a thirteen digit account number as did Lowell before them. Scotcall (the DCA before that) didn't even bother quoting anything like a recognisable account number.


Both Hamptons Financial and Red also quoted only thirteen digit account numbers. The only DCA who appeared to have got it right was NCO way back in June 2010. That's the last record we have of correct details.

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Barclaycard, presumably? If so, ignore. When Lowell are serious - that's if they see you have assets - they don't mess around with Fredrickson (whom they own) but go straight for the jugular, often a statutory demand via BW Legal.

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Sorry, Oleg, I've only just noticed your response to my post of the 7th October! Yes, the account of my husband's to which I was referring was, indeed, a Barclaycard account. I've started a thread on it as I'm about to post the CCA request to Lowells.

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